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Avatar n tn m asthmatic and have never smoked. Over the past six weeks I have been coughing up grey phlegm with black specks in it. I went to see my gp who sent me for an X ray and was clear.
Avatar f tn When I normally smoke a lot during the evening when I wake up I remove clear phlegm with a bit black or something. The reality is, that whatever rubish it is that is coming out of our lungs means that our lungs are not very clean and we should take this seriously. I understand and also suffer from smoking addiction but we need to use this as motivation to make us quit before its too late. On the other hand, you could only benefit if you ask your doctor about it.
Avatar n tn Ok i am 15 years old i have had i think bronchitus or a cold near the end of december 2007 its now july 17 2008 and i have just at the begining of july starting to cough up brownish greyish specs in my clear spit i do smoke ciggaretes and canabis for about 2 years i did go to the doctor they said i had a sinus congestion and gave me sinus cogestion pills i have been takeing them and i have been coughing it up allot less i have quit everything for about 3 days now and i am still coughing it up pl
Avatar m tn Anyways I thought the phelgm coughing up mighta been caused by some resin I was smoking, but they said that was black phlegm, not clearish yellow... So a few days pass of coughing up phlegm, and now I'm sitting here.. irritated... i had the chills last night, I woke up several times.. coughing and sweating just about everytime. My throat is killing me.. I don't cough up phlegm as often, its more of a dry cough now with some phlegm every now and then.
Avatar n tn Syncope is the medical term for "passing out" and fainting or passing out with harsh coughing is not uncommon, whatever the cause of the cough. The cough may be due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but you should not assume that. If you smoke cigarettes or marijuana, that could be the cause. But, you should check out the cough with your doctor on this and, at least, have a chest x-ray. Most chronic coughs can at least be controlled, if not totally eliminated.
Avatar m tn I smoked crack everyday for a year, almost $800$1000 a day habit. It's been over two years now since my last hit. About a year ago I started coughing up black phlegm, it's dark,not brown or red but black in clear phlegm. I can feel it comes deep from in my lungs, I had a chest X-ray and it showed some inflammation in one area but no growth.
Avatar n tn For about five years now when I cough really hard I black really scared the heck out of myself because I was on my motorcycle and while stopped at a red light I started coughing. Before I knew what was happening I started coughing and blacked out. As I was sitting on my bike I just fell over and the bike landed on top of me...a gentleman was behind me in his truck and immediately came to my assistance....when I came to...about 6 - 8 seconds I freaked out...
Avatar n tn Has anyone experienced a really bad cough.I'm not sick and I don't smoke or anything.I am 21 weeks now,but I've been having this deep smokers cough every scene I've been pregnant.can anyone relate?
Avatar f tn The black stuff is tar. It takes several months to get the tar out your lungs. And when you smoke, you stay sick much longer. I used to be a ciggarette smoker. I would stay sick for weeks and coughed up black stuff for about 3 or 4 months, even when I wasn't sick. My advice to you is to switch to electronic ciggarettes. The only chemical is nicotene. With the electronics, you can breath and function, and you don't smell bad. But you are fine.
Avatar f tn Doc found 2 nodules 4mm in size each i can't breathe good always coughing. Cough up black dark flem daily. On nebuluzer treatments. Doc says Bottom of both my lungs is scar tissue Wat does that mean?
Avatar f tn It is common to black out whilst coughing and nothing really to worry about. It is scary, but not a big problem. You see when we cough hard and long our blood pressure changes and we go into a forced faint. Our brains are starved for a short time of oxygen and we pass out. When I was in hospital they taught me to cough from my tummy not my throat and it worked wonders.
Avatar f tn Like i dont want this to effect my baby. Aint second hand smoke suppose to be worse?? Idk it gets me so mad. How could this effect my baby is the question? Am i over reacting. anybody else have the same problem? Iv been trying so hard to make sure my baby is going to be healthy & then people be smoking around me & i have no say once so ever . Its not like i can get out the car & be like imma walk from here. Im sorry im just mad right now.
Avatar m tn i have had coughing fits for past 2 months. some of the fits have led to black outs for a few seconds. have visited doctors and the tests conducted and chest x-ray has been normal. have already taken 3 courses of anti-biotic but the cough has continued.
Avatar f tn I cough until I almost black out sometimes. In the past month it has gotten really thick, lotta phlegm! So I went back to the doctor and she treated me for asthma. Shocker, that treatment hasn't helped either. My brother and dad also had a bad cough when they were younger but I seem to have it the worst. So could this be something genetic? Any ideas? I'm going crazy here. Nothing helps.
Avatar f tn and now sum times small specs of blood are getting coughed up only occasionally. an some times black flecks. Is this normal. and what is causing it? the nurse just sed it will clear itself up but it hasnt and its normal to cough in morning but this really doesnt feel or seem normal. any ideas on possible solutions to?
1373852 tn?1307843048 I wake up at night wheezy,coughing up white or clear phlem . I also have chest heaviness and itchiness in the chest area. I feel like there is phlem stuck in my throat and my nose feels stuffed.When it is hot out I get these same symptoms.could this be asthmatic bronchitis or something else. I took antibiotics and they didn't help so the doctor gave me avelox(a stronger antibiotic)I am afraid to take it because there are so many dangerous side effects.
Avatar f tn I have been coughing up black mucus for about 1 year or so now. I smoke cigarettes and I have had a puncutered lung about 20 years ago. Heart disease, and chronic bronchitis are on my mothers side of the family. and my mother has emphezema. I breath fine and feel fine. If I stop smoking will this clear up?
Avatar m tn Same thing happened to me but it took about 3 months before my cough was loose and productive! I smoked for 38 years so maybe thats why? It will happen, trust me : ) Congrats on your quit and keep up the great work!
Avatar n tn As I dont cough, I notice it the most right after a meal when the sputum comes up more (dont know why that is). I used to smoke heavily for 15 years but have currently quit and it is worse now than before. (I think nicotine keeps toxins in your lungs, so when you quit it comes up more however: Apparently it is not tar, this was confirmed by a doctor. You couldnt possibly cough up that much tar.
Avatar m tn There is also black pepper in many different sauces and seasonings.You would be very hard pressed to eat out and not get black pepper in some degree.Even if you go to a hamburger joint most will have some black pepper mixed into their meat to season it.
363426 tn?1200881391 if they don't smoke cigs or pot...sounds like they are smoking something. good luck....