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Avatar n tn I cough to a point where I vomit a thick mucus......Seems I only vomit from my throat, if there is such a thing, as its not the same as when I'm burning in my throat. I have not had a cold, so don't think its post nasal drip........The cough seems to come outta nowhere and nothing brings it on. Not worse at nite or when laying down. I've had this cough for 6 months and have mentioned it to my dr. several times. I wanted to get tested for asthma, but he said my chest is clear...
Avatar f tn My 3 year old son coughing since beginning of june. Then around july he cough more usualy in the morning time when we home. But when we go to the store he didnt cough at all. I got allregies medison but he still coughing. I dont know qhat to do now. We took him the docter and she tell us to get allragies medison too. Please help me solve this problem. Thank you!
Avatar n tn driving me bonkers had it for over a year now..been prescribed with omeprazole and gaviscon ...lets see how it goes ..
Avatar m tn Has anyone tried using a netipot to relieve these symptoms? I have had the same problem for exactly a year now and it's really become unbearable. I feel a constant tightness in my throat and every time I swallow, I have coughing fits.Throughout the day I will have to clear my throat and i always have clear mucus to clear. It's made it to the point where I don't looking forward to meals anymore b/c I know what to expect. I'm a big foodie and eating out in public is not enjoyable at this point.
Avatar n tn For the last 4 years I have been coughing up mucus after every meal. It doesn't matter what I eat. And I often clear my throat throughout the day. I got my gallbladder out 2 yrs ago, no effect (not sure if there would be). I have had an upper endoscopy and a barium swallow which none showed any abnormalities. I have been taking Ranitidine (300mg) for over a year and now they added Aciphex 20mg..... no relief. Symptoms are still there. What could be wrong?
Avatar m tn My respiratory consultant says he is not looking at anything sinister and that the most likely cause is a blood vessel ruptured by coughing. It just seems too simple, that after a year of coughing, I suddenly produce blood and it is explained away so easily. Should I ask for further tests? I am 65 and have not smoked for 17 years. I am at my wits' end and don't know where to turn. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have been coughing up black mucus for about 1 year or so now. I smoke cigarettes and I have had a puncutered lung about 20 years ago. Heart disease, and chronic bronchitis are on my mothers side of the family. and my mother has emphezema. I breath fine and feel fine. If I stop smoking will this clear up?
Avatar m tn when he cough it seems like a wet cough and he had mucus in his throat. I wanted to know how I can help him flush the mucus. Do I continue to give him xopenex please help.
Avatar f tn I have suffered from coughing and mucus after eating for over a year. No matter what I eat, when, or how much after I eat or during I begin excessively coughing and gagging. It gets so bad sometimes that it hurts my shoulders, back, and arms. I don't have any acid reflux or heartburn symptoms and I don't have any food allergies. I noticed that when I went on a low carb diet it got a little better but did not stop. It doesn't seem to be a food allergies because it is with any type of food.
1061329 tn?1261717514 I have a nebulizer and it helps a bunch with coughing up mucus, but too much makes me dizzy. I don't have health insurance, so I go to county hospital usually. But all they do is give me breathing treatments and a shot of prednisone and send me home. Now, I have a few prednisone pills left over from last time I was sick. Can taking these help? Some cold medicines that I've tried in the past (Nyquil, Sudifed, Robitussen, etc) seem to make my asthma worse.
Avatar n tn I had no realize how terrible lung problems were! Now I'm still sick and don't know how to make this mucus stop! I don't know how to stop this coughing! Tomorrow morning is my last dose of medicine and the 7 days are up. But I'm still SICK with all this coughing and mucus. Please help! What is wrong? Will this stop soon?
Avatar m tn Now, when my throat isn't covered in mucus and I'm not coughing and clearing my voice still is not normal. Sometimes during the day it feels hoarse, other times it feels weak, and most of the time it feels "muddled" or "cloudy" for lack of a better term. Like I can't speak clearly. And then there are rare times when I have no issues with the throat clearing or voice. Things I've tried: -- Drinking tons of water -- Elimination of caffeine.
Avatar f tn what could be causing my 16 year old mixed breed female to suddenly start coughing almost non-stop and spit up clear mucus.
Avatar f tn I have a very precocious 4 year old daughter. She started coughing about a month ago. We have a pet rabbit that all 4 of us are allergic to but haven't had the heart to get rid of. Because of the allergies, we keep the rabbit outside most of the year, but once it got cold, we brought her inside. We all immediately started having trouble with our allergies, including my daughter who developed a mild, shallow sounding cough.
Avatar m tn i started getting a sore throat and then stuffy nose, cough you know the drill, then about week after that i got diarrhoea which lasted for 4 days. After that i started getting joint pain and consist coughing up mucus. Ive also had slightly swollen lymph nodes but non tender and i dont know if it was just anxiety driven. Also been itchy all over but also unknown if anxiety driven. I told my partnee to get tested and he said he came back negative, i didnt get tested.
Avatar m tn My name is Michael Johnson and I have a history of asthma and allergies, since I was a little kid. Every year I've suffered from a serious bout of coughing which has lasted anywhere from a week to a few months. I keep coughing up mucus throughout the day. If I resist the, for example when I'm in class it gets worse and builds up until I can't hold it back any more. Lately it's come back again in full force, and I was wondering how I could make it stop.
390388 tn?1279639813 I have issues with BP and HR, Hypothyroidism, edema, cholesterol (cyst in breast, uterus, ovaries, and throat), IBS, TMJ, Type ll Diabetic (pre), massive muscle pains in the winter months, lymph nodes under arms swell off and on, along with throat and pea sized bump by esophagus, heaviness in legs and arms, lightheadedness, shaky at times, and hair has been thinning out. This coughing mainly started one year after I worked real hard in the yard. BP and HR where very high.
Avatar m tn mucus in my throat (it might last many months) and combined with a coughing (it will last again 3 months?). How hard my life is? I hate Mucus and/or coughing. Could you give me some ideas or encouragement? Kind regards.
Avatar m tn and I cough, mostly at night, I get this a couple of times a year, late fall and mid spring. medicines did help, but in the last year, it has become more serious in that to not cough I have to take mucinex regularly. My breathing is fine, my coughing, I think is to clear my throat of mucus build up, and at night my nose and sinus' drain more actively. Any sluggestions would help.
Avatar f tn my three year old daughter has chronic coughing at night and during the morning and someine all day long to the point of throwing up regularly.She wieghs 23 pounds and hard for her to gain weught.She also has gerd and is on meds for this.The meds arent helping the cough(on meds since 3mo old,failure to thrive)and the cough is getting worse.
Avatar f tn I didn't think that I was because I don't experience bloating or discomfort when I eat dairy, but I do get the mucus /phlegm in my throat and I was constantly coughing up stuff -worse at night. Apparently as we age, many of us lose the enzyme that breaks this stuff down. Try this. Go to the drug store - Buy some lactaid. Take it anytime you eat something remotely dairy. You'll find there is more dairy in foods than you realize. OR take it whenever you feel the sensation in your throat.
Avatar n tn go to nature sunshine on the net and look up colloidal silver order this and take this for pneumonia as you would antibiotic (a teaspoon in a very small amount of juice 1/2 ounce) every eight hours for three to seven days until the mucus that you cough up is clear (not yellow,green or brown) when the mucus clears this lets you know that the infection is gone. Stop taking the colloidal silver even though the cough may still be there and you may be coughing up clear mucus.
Avatar n tn I have had a heavy cough since May of this year. It happens several times a day and its very dry cough that hasn't seemed to have gone away. I went in July to get it checked out and he told me it was just allergies although I have never had allergies consisting of coughing. It has gotten soo bad that when I do cough, I usually cough up clear saliva mixed with a clear mucus.