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Avatar n tn iam just geting over pneumonia and i have started getting joint pain.
Avatar n tn It showed pneumonia in the bottom of both lungs.. I took cipiro for 2 weeks...Felt better now Im coughing bad and coughing up yellow phelghm. New xrays showed nothing.Whats going on? And what kind of pneumiona lives in the bottom of the lungs? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/283416'>Multiple Lung Nodules, Pneumonia, Sweats, Minor Atelectasis</a>.
1618318 tn?1318199883 I have swallowing disorders that put me at risk for aspiration pneumonia. Are there any tests that can be done to differentiate the type of pneumonia? I have had several xrays done on my chest and was put on antibiotics.
Avatar n tn I was feeling pretty bad coughing wheezing, bad chest pain. My friend and I diagnosed it as brochitis or pneumonia so I took 7 Levaquin, one a day for 7 days (had it in the house). Still felt bad after a week or so and went to my doctor who prescribed same Levaquin 500 mg for 7 days. My doctor ordered chest xrays and blood work. Blood work was just a little off she said not sure what was high or low as this was told to me over the phone.
Avatar n tn I've been getting bronchial asthma past 10 years (from chronic sinusitis/allergies) and this past week, I have been ready to pass out from all the coughing I've been doing. If I laugh hard at something, I have a one-hour coughing jag (think I even pulled a muscle in my stomach from coughing). I'm at Week 13, so I'm not sure if the tx is making it worse -- definitely can't be making it better. My wbc has been at about 1.
Avatar n tn I have an issue with that. Be carefull with use of blood pressure medications. High blood pressure in such a case is compensatory, and many make the decision to endure the high blood pressure while you have the infection. You will be under tremdous physician's pressure to continue to take the blood pressure meds. but limiting heartrate in your case is very dangerous. Get a BP cuff. Keep your progress posted.
5591624 tn?1370498236 I am almost a week into a bad chest cold ...lots of coughing, productive but yellowish/green and tinged with blood in the a.m. Now my chest is hurting. Not sure if it's really just a cold or if could be pneumonia. I don't think I'm feverish but it's hard to tell because I spent a lot of time outside today and got a bit of a sunburn. Emotionally I feel disgusted by the fact I am even still alive.
Avatar m tn went to the er and they said it was pneumonia, But i dont have any other Symptoms just coughing blood thats can you have pneumonia with nothing else like fever chills ?the thing other then coughing blood is i have like a lump on my neck that has been sore for months .It feels been i a stiff neck ,and like blood isnt getting passed through the veins there.could that be a blood clot or something else i should be concerned about?can one thing have anything to do with the other?
250701 tn?1320978365 But, FWIW, the first 3 months I couldn't talk for more than a couple of minutes without coughing and the talking made it worse. The coughing is often caused by post nasal drip and there's a common sx called riba-cough. that's one reason I went out on medical leave. I (was) a teacher, too, and a vocal music teacher to boot. The coughing did go away after a couple of months but I think it's more coz I don't use the voice much than anything else.
Avatar f tn My Mom is 72 she was coughing up blood and Blowing out her nose.
Avatar n tn irritation of the throat from violent coughing, blood clot in the lung, bronchiectasis, bronchitis, cancer, cystic fibrosis, inflammation of the blood vessels in the lung, nosebleeds, pneumonia, tuberculosis or inhaling blood into the lungs. Are there any other signs or symptoms present? Chest x-ray, complete blood count and complete medical and physical examination is needed to help with the diagnosis.
Avatar f tn if you have viral pneumonia x1month and now are coughing up blood and have not gotten better what other diseases would a doctor look for
Avatar f tn he told me that this morning he was coughing really hard and spit out blood which was almost about half a cup..he is not an alcoholic and he doesn't smoke either.he has coughed up blood for the first time and i am really worried.can you please tell me what this might mean? also there was no phlegm in the blood,it was just blood.please help. P.S: he is a heart patient and has had 2 heart attacks in the past 15 years..
Avatar n tn Hello, About 2 weeks ago I picked up a common cold from my husband, just a couple of days ago, I've noticed that in the mornings when I wake up, I've been coughing up blood. It doesn't last all day, it's only immediately after waking and I start coughing. The rest of the day my phlegm is clear with maybe a tiny speck of blood occasionally. I feel an irritation and fullness in my throat, although my chest feels clear, and there is wheezing (in my throat).
962492 tn?1247458219 The other possibility is that you are coughing up blood. This can be due to bronchitis or pneumonia, lung cancers (especially in smokers), tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, pulmonary embolism, or fungal and other infections. Discuss these possibilities with your doctor. A comprehensive investigation is required keeping all the points in mind. Take care!
Avatar n tn I looked up some causes for coughing up blood. The ones that I put a dash next to are the ones I think that you should be concerned about. I also wrote down some diagnostic tests you should consider. If you haven't done ALL of them, then GO and get them done. Okay I promise to leave you alone now..hehe Good luck!!
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with pneumonia three weeks ago and treated with zithromax, doxycycline, and prednisone. I have finished the drugs, but still feel wheezing in my chest and severe pain in my back, light headed and weak at times . I have been to the Dr. at least three times to follow up and feel like I have worn out my welcome, as he keeps telling me go to the ER to be re-evaluated if I feel bad, and tells me that I should feel better already.
Avatar m tn Symptoms began Nov.
Avatar m tn When he does, the coughing is prolonged and intense, then it stops. This morning he was coughing again and some mucus came up with a trace of what appeared to be blood in it. He is a little slower than usual and he still has an appetite, but not the same as before. Any ideas?
175861 tn?1428186013 I was looking around the internet about persistent coughing post-pneumonia. My energy level is good and by all other signs, my pneumonia is pretty much subsided. Just this darn dry cough that gets me day and night.
884528 tn?1240762205 Tags: pneumonia, lung, blood, mucus My husband was admitted to the ICU with pneumonia. He hadn't been coughing at all, however, he had blood in the mucus that he spat out, but never told me about it. He had been complaining of breathlessness, dizziness, sweating at night and pain in the midriff area. He went cycling and ended up with an enlarged heart beating at 175 a minute. His lungs are both affected and the has been in the ICU now for ten days. There doesn't seem to be any improvement.
Avatar n tn I would think that it is related to pneumonia or something similar for you to be coughing blood, but then again I could be wrong. Good luck with it.
Avatar f tn This may not be a case of simple pneumonia and you should have further evaluation with a chest x-ray, complete blood count (CBC) and laboratory examination of your sputum. The seeming improvement in the sputum is encouraging but this has been going on too long for you to continue to wait for all your symptoms to go away. You should probably try to not cough around your kids and not breathe directly on them as long as you feel sick and your phlegm is discolored.
Avatar n tn Recently had dosage upped to 1600 riba daily, from 1200, as apparently HGB count wasn't going down much. Now I've got coughing fits, coughing from the heels, coughing till dizzy. Occasional streak of blood in phlegm, occasional nosebleeds now too. I think I'm going to have to cut back on the riba. I can't keep coughing like this, and I can't stand any more dextromethorphan, which doesn't seem to touch this cough. What to do? Anybody?
Avatar f tn For the first week or so it was just a small cough, then it developed into coughing fits. For the past week the cough has led to nosebleeds, at least once a day, and vomiting, but only the once. The cough produces white-ish phlegm and a lot of spit. It is hard to breathe whilst getting rid of the spit. During the night I wake up once or twice to cough and this often leaves me dry heaving. I went to the doctors last week but they could not find a cause. What is causing this and what can help?
Avatar m tn Hello yes you need to be checked it is possible to break your ribs if coughing is forceful enough. When coughing you can place a pillow up against the abdomen and chest area to help lessen the force the cough places on those areas. You most likely need some antibiotics and possibly a chest x-ray, and breathing treatments to help break the phlegm up so you can get all the infection and mucus out of you body once and for all.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you may have pneumonia and coughing up red blood is a cardinal sign of strep penumonia, this is the strain that can kill you and is the one you get vaccinated against every 5 years. Given your age, if the dr. makes a diagnosis of pneumonia you will be hospitalized for treatment (its standard protocol for anyone over 60), your also going to need to get a chest xray. In the mean time it's a good idea to take a break from smoking pot. Don't play games here, if you really do have s.
Avatar n tn i am very worried about her and the coughing has kept her from sleep and i am afraid it is going to affect her education...she has circles under her eyes that look like ours...from lack of sleep. we have had her tested for all allergies and she has none.. she has no fever and the drs say it is nothing to worry about, and we use chertussin, which is not helping anymore at all! at least it would help for an hour or so.. but not is a million times worse when she is sick with a cold..
Avatar n tn I was on 30 GEN-Amoxicillin (500mg)for 10 days and where the blood ceased. Once I finished the medication the blood in the mucus returned. My mouth every morning is dry and when I clear my throat the mucus comes up followed by blood. Now is January caught a cold, same pattern mucus & blood the only thing different today rather this evening is I brought up mucus followed by blood, the reason I say different is because the blood would only occur in the morning.