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Avatar n tn Toprol XL is the timed released version of Metoprolol. I use to take Toprol XL, until I discovered the far cheaper Metoprolo. The primary difference is that I must take it twice a day instead of only once. I've taken a double dose on many occasions to aid conversion of SVT episodes. You could feel a little woozy if you stand up quickly or perhaps bend over, but I doubt you'll notice much of a difference.
Avatar n tn In each case I went through a period of trying to gain conversion on medications. 1. Found I had AFib, continuous at about age 60. Went on Toprol XL 50 mg, did not convert 2. I had an elctro cardio and was converted, continued to take Toprol and Aspirin. About three months later I was back in AFib. 3. Changed cardiologist, and went on Propafenone 225 mg three times a day.
Avatar f tn Metoprolol helped greatly in making it easier to convert. Also, there are 2 types of Metoprolol, Metoprolol Tartrate, and Metoprolol Succinate. The latter is a time release version called Toprol XL. This is nice because you only need to take 1 tablet a day. The downside is it's a high tier drug for insurance companies its price is really up there. I get a Metoprolol Tartrate for about 25% of the price. I found the drug easy to tolerate, and experience limited side effects.
363243 tn?1331037450 ) or lower my dosage of levo and increase it slowly and increase the dosage of metoprolol or change to another beta blocker? LOL...sorry for all of the questions but I need to get where you are :). Forgot to mention that I had an ultrasound of my thyroid on 4/28 so I'm waiting for those results also.
Avatar m tn Sounds like you are on your way. From my perspective you are "lucky" to be able to get a conversion on just medication. I have never used Multaq or Sotalol or any of the strong stuff, my cardiologist no longer believes any of them will convert me. I had a history of betting converted with the shock treatment, then that too would not put me in NSR for more than a week, and that was with taking a strong dose of Rythmol. Anyway, seems you are safely off of Sotalol.
Avatar n tn Karen, somethat I wanted to mention to you with regards to your Toprol dosage. I'm almost positive that Toprol XL dosage is the same as Metoprolol. Toprol XL is merely a time release version. (BTW, you could save a lot of p;rescription cost by taking Metoprolol) If your dosage is 25mg per day, this is a teeny weeny dose, the smallest available. By contrast, 400mg. has been administered to other patients. I was on 200mg. at one point, and at 200 pounds, I was a zombie at that level.
116881 tn?1189759423 After I dumped the Toprol, I gained my heart strength back over about 3-4 months, and now I can hike again without massive chest pain and have no breathing or heartbeat issues during any level of exercise. The Toprol actually increased my PVB's. I was able to do what the Toprol was supposed to do by: 1. no artificial sweeteners. 2. Very little salt -most canned goods and cheese...yikes. 3. No NSAIDS, including aspirin. 4.
Avatar m tn At first it was regular 50mg Metropolol twice a day, and then he changed that to 100 mg of the XL version of Metropolol once a day, which I began doing yesterday. I am in excellent health, and I have quit drinking wine (that's all had drunk) and caffeine. I exercise quite a bit, every day.
Avatar m tn Then in 2008 after moving to Russia I had a definite episode that was very uncomfortable. I took 25 MG of the Metoprolol which seemed to have no effect. Fortunately, I knew of a US Family practice doctor who was in Moscow at the time. I contacted him and he told me to take 50 more MG. After an hour or so my heart rhythm returned to normal.
11849443 tn?1441306441 I think I explained the entire echo stress test to you in detail in a previous post. I'm confident of its accuracy, so I won't repeat myself. Just to say though that you're misinterpreting the nature of the test. The whole idea of the test is to bring your heart up to a "stressful situation". This test is administered to people of all ages; children to seniors in their 80's. The Bruce Protocol is nothing more than a standardized approach to the test.
Avatar f tn I too sometimes feel like only a shell of what I used to be remains. It's so hard not to be able to do all the little things that everybody else takes for granted. My biggest regret is that I didn't get a second opinion for so many years until the situation got so bad that I had no other choice. I wish I hadn't waited so long. I'm now 58 and looking back on all I've missed because of SVT......and because I didn't challenge my PCP sooner.
Avatar f tn Absolutely nothing out of the ordinary happened (that I'm aware of) prior to this incident, except for insertion of Mirena IUD one week prior - I do still have it but now think I'll have it removed. Thus began months of seemingly random 'attacks' during which I'd get varying combinations of tachycardia, high BP, tremors esp in left leg, lightheadedness, inability to fully inhale, feeling of not getting enough oxygen even if I could breathe properly, and the list goes on.
Avatar n tn It took me many yrs/decades before I lost most of the fear of it, but I still get anxiety. Just this Xmas. We had a bunch of people over like a family re-union. I was waiting for an important phone call. All the cooking and entertaining plus worrying about that phone call caused my heart again to skip almost every beat. It was horrible. Knowing I just can't tell these people to leave. I left the room, went outside hoping they would stop but the more I worried the stronger they came.