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Avatar n tn Toprol XL is the timed released version of Metoprolol. I use to take Toprol XL, until I discovered the far cheaper Metoprolo. The primary difference is that I must take it twice a day instead of only once. I've taken a double dose on many occasions to aid conversion of SVT episodes. You could feel a little woozy if you stand up quickly or perhaps bend over, but I doubt you'll notice much of a difference.
Avatar n tn My doctor is recommending cardiac conversion. I do not want to do an invasive procedure if possible. Is there a non invasive option for me?
Avatar f tn Metoprolol helped greatly in making it easier to convert. Also, there are 2 types of Metoprolol, Metoprolol Tartrate, and Metoprolol Succinate. The latter is a time release version called Toprol XL. This is nice because you only need to take 1 tablet a day. The downside is it's a high tier drug for insurance companies its price is really up there. I get a Metoprolol Tartrate for about 25% of the price. I found the drug easy to tolerate, and experience limited side effects.
363243 tn?1331037450 What do you do if you have a sensitivity to synthetic thyroid hormone, when a small dose is taken you also have to take a beta blocker to counteract the tachycardia, you're a poor T4 to T3 converter and you're endocrinologist doesn't want to prescribe a T3 medication because of "cardiac contraindications" so you continue feeling like crap?
Avatar m tn Sounds like you are on your way. From my perspective you are "lucky" to be able to get a conversion on just medication. I have never used Multaq or Sotalol or any of the strong stuff, my cardiologist no longer believes any of them will convert me. I had a history of betting converted with the shock treatment, then that too would not put me in NSR for more than a week, and that was with taking a strong dose of Rythmol. Anyway, seems you are safely off of Sotalol.
Avatar n tn Karen, somethat I wanted to mention to you with regards to your Toprol dosage. I'm almost positive that Toprol XL dosage is the same as Metoprolol. Toprol XL is merely a time release version. (BTW, you could save a lot of p;rescription cost by taking Metoprolol) If your dosage is 25mg per day, this is a teeny weeny dose, the smallest available. By contrast, 400mg. has been administered to other patients. I was on 200mg. at one point, and at 200 pounds, I was a zombie at that level.
116881 tn?1189759423 So can i just go along with my life and my Toprol XL and live as usual? I dont know how to move forward. Some stuff I read makes it sound serious and others make it sound like just something that is bothersome. I dont know how to approach it or if I should be considering an EP study or what?
Avatar m tn By the way, the reason he switched me from the non-XL to the XL version is because I asked him if I could have less medication (since he would not let me off completely) than the 2X 50mg Metropolol. He was reluctant and then said okay, and prescribed the 1x 100mg XL version instead. Then, he had to rush out to the hospital. leaving me with the question I could only ask myself, "Hey, isn't this really the same dosage?" I have the feeling he tricked me, to get me to shut up.
Avatar m tn I was put on toprol xl. Metroprolol is the generic for toprol xl. I stayed on it for years. I usually took 50 mgs twice daily or 100mgs daily. It is a very mild arrythmia medication. It slows the heart rate and helps keep you from going into afib. I could not take the generic metroprolol... It gave me flu like symptoms... bronchittis, chest congestion etc... but the toprol was fine... It worked about like you are saying it works for you..not perfect but helped. I took it for years...
11849443 tn?1441306441 I also had to stop taking my beta blocker for this test, I been taking it for about a week now 25mg toprol xl, will I have withdrawal and will my SVT come back with vengeance? This $hit has been to much to take in all at once....
Avatar f tn I have the same deal, 200 beats per and no self conversion except once. Still tryin to get the finances togethre to see the EP but still chicken about ablation!
Avatar f tn I went to my cadio who told me to cut the Toprol in half and take that twice a day along with the same Norpace dosage. Everything went along well for about a year and it started again. The Toprol was then cut to 1/4 a day and taken twice a day. That went along fine for quite a while when it started again. The Toprol was stopped and I was on only the Norpace 150 twice a day. That was OK for quite awhile until my heart started slowing down again last month.
Avatar n tn While Ativan is a short-term fix, it is extremely addictive and the withdrawals are a nightmare even at small doses (they gave me Ativan in the ED and only 1/2 a mg once a day brought a torturous withdrawal because the anxiety symptoms came back full force for about three weeks until my system adapted to normal again). Do see your doctor as soon as possible to discuss a better anxiety remedy for the long term.