Difference between toprol xl and metoprolol

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Avatar f tn To anyone who has suffered serious side effects of Metoprolol Succinate ER (Generic form of Toprol XL), please take 5 minutes and fill out an FDA medwatch form. The web site is: https://www.accessdata.fda.
Avatar m tn I have taken 50 mgs of toprol XL for 12-13 years. It is a very safe and a good medication in my opinion. The XL means that it has an Extended Life .. in other words one pill is supposed work for at least 24 hours i think... but anyway... I dont know why the doc would say just use it when your rate is fast.. if you took one a day ....your heart rate should stay pretty regular Id think.. but Im not a doctor... I dont really know about taking it occassionally... doesnt make alot of sense to me..
Avatar f tn 5 in the evening of Toprol XL, and now I am taking 25 of Lopressor in the am and pm, is this equivalent, or will my body have to adjust to a change in dosage, and might I experience side effects? Thank you.
687614 tn?1244201579 00 am and the same 50 mg at bed time 9:00 pm. A riddle in of itself!!! I have approached my doctor's about this. One says that it is okay to still take my Toprol XL 50 mg. even though my BP is 99/56 and my pulse is 58. Another says that if I don't I will have breakthrough SVT's that are even tough for ER to get down sometimes (though it is not deadly so they say!). Who's right and who's wrong!!!
Avatar f tn I recently wore a 14 day monitor and today my cardiologist said I have STV. I assume he can tell the difference between STV and sinus tachycardia but to me they feel the same. I already take 50mg Toprol XL twice a day. He wants me to take a half pill extra when I take my regular pill. I really don't want to because a beta blocker wipes me totally out. I can barely get through the day.
Avatar n tn if you feel as though the generic Toprol (metoprolol) is not working for you, don't let anyone convince you that it's all in your head and that there is absolutely no difference between brand-name and generic Toprol XL. Obviously, there IS a difference.
Avatar n tn Many people report an increase in heart palpitations after switching from Toprol XL to its generic version, Metoprolol. My guess is that the generic version is ****, which is the case with many generics, despite what the FDA tells consumers.
Avatar n tn Are those of you with fatigue talking about Toprol or Toprol XL? Toprol is the same as lopressor and metoprolol. The XL type is a long-release version.
Avatar f tn I know they are supposed to be one in the same, but my dad found that they actually have different release mechanisms! I was able to tolerate Toprol better and my dreams and depression and confusion is way better on Toprol. One problem, its way more expensive...but I'm going to try to afford it no matter what just because of how much better it is.
343006 tn?1314450071 I did some reserch on these two meds toprol xl and diovan - I found that indeed, they do cause gas and trapped gas! bloating belly and can also cause excessive gas pains to go into cramping. as if you cant release the gas out ? I also take zentac 150 as it helps, and gasX as well 2 or 4 pills at time due to the gas build up I get after taking the meds. I was told my doctor (Dr.Quack! ) who said it was me sleeping with my mouth open , and I talk too much when eatting !
Avatar n tn The symptoms I have been having include a dull achy chest pain that seems to stick around for a few days at a time, mild swelling at times, a hard adrenaline/fluttering feeling in my chest/upper body, and small fluctuations in heart rate and blood pressure. In the past few years I have been on and off Metoprolol XL, lasix, and 2 different ACE inhibitors.
Avatar n tn I was going to be put on a month long Holter, but was not. I am on Toprol XL and Diovan. I am told I have COPD and ashtma. Could this be why my heartrate goes so high?
Avatar n tn If I hadn't been switched to verapamil, I would have insisted on Toprol XL. I don't know if atenolol is available in extended release, or if you've considered metoprolol or any of the nonselective blockers (nadolol has a >18 hour half life).
Avatar n tn Dear friend, I am on toprol xl 25mg for pvc. Been on it for 1 yr and it has done wonders for me. However it took a little over a yr before my pvc were drastically diminished. It does have some effect on me as it causes a little sluggish feeling, however with my workout that feeling goes away for the day. I do have very vivid dreams since starting it. But well worth it. Not sure if the pvc would have gone away without the toprol but since i had borderline hbp i continued it.
Avatar n tn I take a small dose of the generic version of toprol xl, (half of 25mg tablet) and yesterday I had a NOTICEABLY long sinus pause or compensatory pause. It felt like my heart stopped for seconds (not sure how long) so I ended up in the er. Same song and dance, everything looks normal. What I experienced was not normal by any means. Can anyone tell me about this and how it happens. I am scared that this will happen again.
687079 tn?1230952212 Hi, I just wanted to say that I get awful palpitations and have done for a year whilst swinging between normal and hypo. But I am also undergoing a premature menopause too which can cause palpls, so I'm not sure how old you are, but you might want to look into that side too. But in any case, I was told by the experienced people here when I first joined that a lot of the symptoms of hyper and hypo overlap, and they don't always fit in with the traditional picture, ie.
Avatar n tn I am 31 years old now, take toprol xl, and xanax. I gave up on wasting my short life on trying to get rid of something that isnt going to go away, and isnt going to kill me. So I live life to the fullest, before its over, and before I realize all Ive done was waste the whole thing worrying about pvcs. If youve had all the tests (ekg, echo, ect.......
Avatar n tn I went into a severe anxiety attacks daily if not hourly. I went to my GP and he gave me Xanax and Toprol for the palpitations. Toprol wasn't bad at first (so I thought), it was masked by the xanax I was taking.
687614 tn?1244201579 Hi, saw your email too. My experience with BB is limited to Toprol XL and Metoprolol SL (SL, XL, SR...all the same, slow to dissipate in the system - may support once in 24 hour dose), so I've used both the trademark and generic forms. They seem to be the same, lower HR and BP. When on 100 mg I was in a cardio rehabilitation program follow open heart surgery to repair the mitral valve. During the rehabilitation exercise I was on a 3-point EKG and a nurse checked my BP every 5-10 minutes.
Avatar n tn Then, the PVC's or PAC's just seemed to get to be a real problem for me b/c I would get sustained PVC's almost every day. I then decided to try Toprol XL but only 25mg and did not see any real improvements. I did not have side effects other than weight gain. I stayed on this for about a year and then a cardiologist wanted me to try a calcium channel blocker to see if I had a decrease in the number of episodes but the skips seemed to be worse.
612551 tn?1450025775 My cardiologist told me that patent for Toprol XL (Metoprolol Succinate) is about to expire, or has already do so, and the price will drop dramatically. He also mentioned that the patent on Lipitor is about the expire, and pharmicutical companies are licking their chops for that one. I'm on Simvastatin, and he plans to switch me as soon as the price drops on Lipitor (Atorvastatin Calcium). as he claims it's a much better drug. So, no, you're not alone.
Avatar m tn Unfortunately the refill arrived as 50MG Metoprolol Tartrate. Now as I understand it, the difference between the two is Metoprolol Succinate is Extended Release and Metoprolol Tartrate is Immediate Release...is this a big deal? Not sure if this was planned or an oversight.
Avatar n tn but I guess he went with the newer one. What exactly is the difference between selective and the other? I read it once but can't remember.
Avatar m tn My BP is reasonably controlled - between 120/70 and 140/90. I do suspect vagal nerve irritation as a possible cause but since the onset of episodes is so variable it is hard to pinpoint cause. My PCP and I have discussed slight alterations in beta blocker dosage and we agree if I can find the dosage that works for me then do it. Both my PCP and Cardiologist are unable to explain the episodic nature of my palpitations.
Avatar n tn Have been told I have an irregular heartbeat and been given toprol XL 50 mg a day. Cause is unknown and I'm waiting to see if further study is necessary.
Avatar f tn Attacks could last minutes or hours and any combination of symptoms would happen. And in between attacks, my heart would regularly do many strange things - tachy, brady, irregular rhythm, extremely forceful beats, 'flip-flopping' feelings, etc. I also sometimes experienced a sensation of the heart stopping and restarting - immediately after the restart I would feel a MASSIVE, uncomfortable surge of adrenaline and the heart would beat very fast for a little while.
Avatar f tn for the past 2 years I have been in a constant flare up. I take toprol xl 25mg twice a day which I feel does nothing. Can anyone tell me what they take?do you feel it helps? any tricks or herbal supplement or vitamins that help? I am looking for any answers or advice.
Avatar n tn Young cardiologist has put me on LISINOPRIL (ZESTRIL 5mg) and METOPROLOL (TOPROL XL 50MG) and a follow up visit in about a month. He wants me to have a MVR within a year or as soon as my family returns from India. Mean while he wants ECHO done every three months. TEE was performed to rule out vegetation in MV. Stress test was fine. Following stress test he asked 30 minutes walk every day. I am 5 6 and 125 lb. My BP is normal @ 120/75 and HDL/LDL is 34/169.
Avatar n tn Recent (1/4/99) visit to a family doctor (new) made my doctor nerves of my heart murmur and EKG results, followed by ECHO and visit to a cardiologist. Young cardiologist has put me on LISINOPRIL (ZESTRIL 5mg) and METOPROLOL (TOPROL XL 50MG) and a follow up visit in about a month. He wants me to have a MVR within a year or as soon as my family returns from India. Mean while he wants ECHO done every three months. TEE was performed to rule out vegetation in MV. Stress test was fine.
Avatar n tn SO, besides taking the Klonopin for anxiety that I have been on for 7 years, I just started taking Lexapro, and have been on Toprol XL for a few months. I still get them, but only a couple minutes a day, instead of ALL day. Still, I have decided, at 51 years old, that this is NEVER gonna end, and I am NEVER onna get used to them. They say I have no heart problem, yet my heart is not beating peoperly, and I am too well aware of it to ignore it.