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Avatar n tn My doctor is recommending cardiac conversion. I do not want to do an invasive procedure if possible. Is there a non invasive option for me?
Avatar n tn Toprol XL is the timed released version of Metoprolol. I use to take Toprol XL, until I discovered the far cheaper Metoprolo. The primary difference is that I must take it twice a day instead of only once. I've taken a double dose on many occasions to aid conversion of SVT episodes. You could feel a little woozy if you stand up quickly or perhaps bend over, but I doubt you'll notice much of a difference.
Avatar f tn Metoprolol helped greatly in making it easier to convert. Also, there are 2 types of Metoprolol, Metoprolol Tartrate, and Metoprolol Succinate. The latter is a time release version called Toprol XL. This is nice because you only need to take 1 tablet a day. The downside is it's a high tier drug for insurance companies its price is really up there. I get a Metoprolol Tartrate for about 25% of the price. I found the drug easy to tolerate, and experience limited side effects.
Avatar f tn I was told I had svt and I take 100mg of metoprolol xl. That seemed to control it pretty well with just a few skips and flip flops here and there. Then 5 days ago I started feeling like my heart would stop and start and I feel like I can't catch my breath. It has happened many times a day. So is that pac or pvc? Would the high dose of metoprolol not help with that? I have major anxiety over this and I don't know how to control it. It just seems to get worse.
Avatar m tn This time, after 48 hours of no conversion of heart rhythm, my cardiologist did a cardio conversion on me at the hospital. It worked. But he's had me on Metropolol since then, two weeks ago. At first it was regular 50mg Metropolol twice a day, and then he changed that to 100 mg of the XL version of Metropolol once a day, which I began doing yesterday. I am in excellent health, and I have quit drinking wine (that's all had drunk) and caffeine. I exercise quite a bit, every day.
Avatar n tn Karen, somethat I wanted to mention to you with regards to your Toprol dosage. I'm almost positive that Toprol XL dosage is the same as Metoprolol. Toprol XL is merely a time release version. (BTW, you could save a lot of p;rescription cost by taking Metoprolol) If your dosage is 25mg per day, this is a teeny weeny dose, the smallest available. By contrast, 400mg. has been administered to other patients. I was on 200mg. at one point, and at 200 pounds, I was a zombie at that level.
116881 tn?1189759423 It is not uncommon to have it happen to you when you are asleep altho i know how scary it is. The E,R, visit still haunts me a little w. the conversion as well but at least i recognize that there is a safety net out there for us when/if it happens again. Go get your life back and make the appt. Good luck Carey.......
Avatar m tn I have gone in step fashion from 200 mg a day to 100 mg and to 50 mg. All of Toprol XL (or generic). My cardiologist had no problem having me make sudden changes. Assuming you are protected from blood clots, you might want to consider taking a half dose of Sotalol for a couple of days before dropping it completely in favor of Multaq. Or, better, discuss with your doctor.
Avatar m tn I was put on toprol xl. Metroprolol is the generic for toprol xl. I stayed on it for years. I usually took 50 mgs twice daily or 100mgs daily. It is a very mild arrythmia medication. It slows the heart rate and helps keep you from going into afib. I could not take the generic metroprolol... It gave me flu like symptoms... bronchittis, chest congestion etc... but the toprol was fine... It worked about like you are saying it works for you..not perfect but helped. I took it for years...
363243 tn?1331037450 Both are lower than many of our members are comfortable at, but your ratio of FT3 to FT4 does not indicate a conversion problem. It looks quite good, actually. A conversion problem is usually indicated when FT3 is lower in its range than FT4 is in its. More questions...I'm you have your March labs to compare FT3 and FT4 after stopping meds. The trend is often the most telling part. You said you hadn't been taking your levo regularly before these labs...
11849443 tn?1441306441 Yes, hypertension is aggressively treated here, as is elevated cholesterol and triglycerides. For me, Metoprolol, a former front line blood pressure med works very well for me, and Simvastatin controls my elevated cholesterol to about 135 now. Both of these drugs have become extremely affordable; literally pennies per dose. My primary care physician thinks that nearly everyone should be on both medications as a prophylaxis against each.
Avatar f tn I took off until next Monday but then have afull week scheduled still taking 25MG Metoprolol XL as blood pressure has been up seems to be working fine and no itching this time very low dose This forum has been so very helpful as no one I know has this problem and I was so afraid of anything to do with my heart I am good thank God and the Doctors and grateful Thanks again for everyones encouragement and prayers Tom take care of yourself dont overdo rest relax enjoy Turkey Day Did you start a h
Avatar f tn I have the same deal, 200 beats per and no self conversion except once. Still tryin to get the finances togethre to see the EP but still chicken about ablation!