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1699550 tn?1320286617 i just had a colonoscopy done this morning and the abdominal pain is horrible and still has not gone away yet is this normal?
Avatar n tn Diverticulosis is normally a thing that runs somewhere in your family. It causes a lot of pain until you have surgery. DO NOT EAT peas, corn, seeds or anything that is tiny. What happens is tiny food deposits into your sockets and thats what causes infection. If not treated and this continues it can cause severe swelling and pain.
7282682 tn?1397237735 I have a colonoscopy next week. The stuff they put you out with isnt an opiate is it? I don't want to do anything that jeopardizes my recovery.
Avatar f tn Abdominal cramps and watery discharge may indicate a Post surgical complication of Colonoscopy.They actually are very common in many compromised patients even though adequate care has been taken.They include mild abdominal pain with cramps,watery diarrhea,Post surgical inflammation.These are very minor complications.Very severe major complications can be Bowel explosion,obstruction,allergy,dehydration or even stroke sometimes.
Avatar f tn Had a colonoscopy August of 2017, it now being June 2018 with diverticula diagnosis and polyps removed. Problem that I’m having every since the procedure , I awake every morning having pains in my lower intestine more to the the left side . Could something have gone wrong ? I went to the ER at VA hospital were the procedure was done . Cat scan was completed and was told all appeared okay. What could be the cause.
568565 tn?1216785185 I am 37 yrs old. No history of colon cancer in the fam... However, recently one of my employee's husband went on a routine check up. They said since he is 47 he should have a colonoscopy... When he was done with that, he is now doing radiation and chemo... He has full blown cancer all over his pelvis... My gp advised with no history in my family, I am good to wait until I am 50 but if I did have a history of it, she'd recommend that I did it when I was 40...
Avatar f tn I have gastritis and the last few months I have been getting pain between my shoulder blades and mainly on my left side and also bloating after every meal. I have had burning pain in my sides too. I had a colonoscopy and it was normal.
Avatar n tn Three days after my mother's colonoscopy, she had severe pain in her lower right abdomen as well as nausea and severe vomiting. The doctors cannot figure out what happened--anyone have an idea?
Avatar n tn It sometimes bulges a little and can be severe stabbing pain. No matter what its a dull pain, sometimes feels better after i empty my bowels COMPLETELy, after like a laxative or some sort, i cant do any ab workouts cause it bloats and hurts. It feels squishy... and feels like my ab is moved down... Is it possible they ripped my ab muscle during the procedure? ive only had a ultrasound done and all my organs are perfectly fine.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your advice! I went to the hospital yesterday and they found nothing after doing some x-rays and an ultrasound. They said it was normal to experience pain after a colonoscopy, which I found strange since I've never had it, but I'm relieved that everything is okay.
Avatar n tn hi, some doctors are more gentle than others, also if you didnt use the prep properly and didnt clean the colon thorougly then some doctors finding it difficult to look try and push the stools away, also the left side of the colon has a bend and many people complain of pain around that area after a colonoscopy, i wouldnt be over worried about it, if after a month the pain persists then ofcourse go back and see your gp.
Avatar f tn i had a colonoscopy the other day. the dr went around the first 'bend', but couldn't push thru any further. he said that he didn't want to push any further because he didn't want to 'tear' anything. he was being very vague about why it was blocked. i am not having any pain and my BMs are normal. i thought there was a scope on the end of these things so you can see what you are looking at. why couldn't he tell me what the blockage was?
Avatar n tn He might want to consider getting a colonoscopy. I lot of people think their pain is in their stomach when it is really in their intestines.
398021 tn?1212590766 The colonoscopy, while uncomfortable, should not result in that much pain. The pain may have resulted if your doctor had difficulty maneuvering the scope because of abnormalities in your colon's inner surface (for example, if he had to guide the scope around a large mass). Of course, the pain could also result from improper technique used in handling the scope. You do deserve an explanation from your doctor and I think you should talk to him about it.
Avatar f tn t due to an umbilical hernia surgery I just had a colonoscopy yesterday. My pain is just left of the umbical area. This pain is worsened by activities like standing in one place for too long or sitting on a hard surface. I cannot participate in any physical sport that actively uses the core and the pain is everyday. Does not seem to be related to my diet at all. I do get "muddy" brown stools about 2-3x /day - twice a week.
Avatar f tn it usually follows a sharp pain to abdomen and causes the whole area to throb and have sharp pains. I had a colonoscopy and they said no hemroids, fishers, or polups. Not sure what todo now. I feel bad all the time. Maybe I should say that I have RA and am a thyroid cancer survivor. Not sure what direction to go with but am tired of this pain in my backside!
Avatar n tn From your symptoms, colon cancer must be ruled out and a colonoscopy next week is the best test for that. It is most likely that your abdominal pain is not from your prostate, unless you have been unable to urinate. If you are having any urinary symptoms, such as burning, going frequently during the night, straining, dribbling you may have an enlarged prostate. Make sure that during your next blood test a PSA level is drawn.
Avatar f tn Please get that colonoscopy. If colon cancer runs in your family you need to get a colonoscopy regardless of having any symptoms even if you are only 31.
398021 tn?1212590766 Hi, i had a colonoscopy yesturday, which was the most painful experince in my life. They tried to give me more seditive which made my blood pressure very low i think. (i was out of it but not enough to feel that pain) Is this normal to have so much pain? it still hurts now, but i don't know if it was the shock to my body or the air they inserted.
Avatar f tn I've occationally had pain like this due to GERD/reflux/heartburn or esophageal spasms. Does the pain ever correlate with anything you've eaten?
727090 tn?1268839348 August i was in the er two more times w/upper right pain near liver and the other time was pain in lower right near appendics. Drank a bitter clear contrast and had a CT scan done. Nothing again. No diverticulitis or infammed bowel. Then shortly after that I began having SHARP pains in rectum that shot up to abdomen. Almost cryed!!:( Since then its constant every other day and even soft bowel movements would be hard to pass. I would have to press on the periannal area to make it come out.
Avatar f tn Had colonoscopy in January. Came home & started having severe back pain. Began collapsing. My entire pelvic girdle is in pain. Bladder pain, lower back, inner thighs, hips. I know something went wrong. About 2 wks later; had diverticulitis. Never had it before. My bowels are all messed up now. I cannot figure it out. My doctors are not doing ANYTHING! I don't even know if it's a gastroenterology or a urologist/gyno problem. As in a Pelvic Floor or Interstitial Cystitis.
Avatar f tn Sarah, it's called visceral hypersensitivity and a lot of people experience it. Your colon is reacting to stretch and it sounds like your 'stretch-detector' is set on 'very sensitive.' Was your colonoscopy done with sedation besides the diazepam? If it's done in the U.S., diazepam isn't the only drug that's typically used. And how long ago was the last one done?
Avatar n tn Even though several of your doctors claim that there is no connection between the hip pain and colonoscopy, I do wonder, since it seems to be a common post colonoscopy sympton. I will see my Gyn tomorrow and will ask how to proceed, to figure out the cause and cure, and will post whatever i find out.