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402504 tn?1241996524 It is my recommendation that people do not try to read their own MRIs. I know that it is beguilingly attractive to do it. It's hard not to. But, even after a year of neuroanatomy in med school and a career of looking at MRIs in practice (after they had been read), I do not even attempt to read them. Bright things may be normal structures that are left over from previous slices, they may be blood vessels. You cannot learn to read an MRI from looking at examples online.
Avatar f tn even after feeding/changing/cuddling/nappie ect he crys his eyes and the ONLY way he will settle is with a dummie.. he hasent had a poo for 36 hours.. could he be constipated?? But if he is wouldnt he cry during the day too? Wereas he sleeps fine during the day...
Avatar f tn m pregnant with my second child and never used them for my son. They are something you just have to take away later and can be the cause of baby sleeping at the child wakes up looking for them in the night. And they can cause bad teeth growth.
Avatar f tn Whats everyones Opinion on Dummies? I brought 2 Dummies but im scared the baby will get addicted to them. Im not a big fan of seeing an older child carrying 5 Dummies Lol.
Avatar f tn So, I have unfortunately got myself into a predicament, made worse only by the fact that this is round #2 for me. Have been taking 40(ish) N+ every day for what must be almost 4 years. About a year ago I saw a doctor and managed to wean down on codeine tabs which I really didn't stick out for long once I had come off them - maybe a month? I now have to do this again, but probably on my own as i can't imagine going back!
Avatar f tn If you want to learn more about your body i say bbt is good, but doing it to ttc i say no, stick with the opks(unless you dont no for sure if you are ovulating) hey, try it out for a month, take your temps and use the opk, then compare your notes, see if 1-2 days b4 you ovulated if your temp decreased, then check the chart to see if 1-2 days after you ovulated if your temp increased. Then watch the temps rise over the LP and as it comes to an end watch if fall the AF arrives.
Avatar f tn I've never heard anyone call a pacified a dummy lol
10678677 tn?1413254266 Nappies, wipes, bum cream, scratch mitts, hat, baby grows (x3), sleepsuits (x3), going home outfit, muslin squares, dummies (if you're using them), snow suit, baby shampoo (if you're bathing in hosp), baby powder..
Avatar f tn just a quick question that might actually seem a bit daft but I'm currently in the process of packing mine & baby's bags ready for hospital, I've put in 2 dummies (still in packaging) but I'm not sure if I need to remove them and sterilise them before taking them with me?! Any ideas?
1563022 tn?1296332599 Okay..."Addiction and Recovery for Dummies". I'm serious, it's a good book to start off with for them. It's written by doctors and addresses a lot of issues with family,the disease,etc...It's comprehensive.
Avatar f tn Hey...thanks for the welcome. I am relatively new to this. Wish I had a dollar for every time some goober from the RX company asks if I'm depressed. Duh...kinda dealing with a life-changer here. I did have a dark week or two in February but for now, pretty stable. I'm guessing perspective will be a key for the tough times. Well...thanks again...and your story about Disney was an encouraging hoot.
Avatar n tn The pill is for the prep for the colonoscopy. I actually just learned that my in-laws also used it for their colonoscopies and they said the pills were much better than drinking the liquid prep. So, as long as I can down 20 pills in an hour, this prep hopefully will be a bit easier since the liquid prep makes me vomit.
Avatar f tn i also got MS for Dummies and found it a quick easy read.
1449758 tn?1292505600 I've never really tried to chart before but figured I'd utilize this sites tracker & keep track of certain things like my period and sex. It says I'm on CD 60. I thought it meant cycle day, counting from day one of your period but it started counting from my miscarriage (Aug 12th) b/c I had bleeding for 5 days following my d&c but I clicked the miscarriage button for that date. Doesn't CD 60 seem high or something? What exactly does that mean then?
Avatar f tn So I packed diapers...(pampers sensitive kind)...huggies nature made wipes....nail clippers...a little brush lol..just in case she has hair (fingers crossed)....formula...(just in case I can't breastfeed)....a bottle....a blanket and I know somethin for her to wear home...just haven't picked it out I missing something?? Or did I over pack?
Avatar n tn Welcome to the gastroenterology community! Sedation is normal, and is the usual for a colonoscopy/endoscopy/colonoscopy and endoscopy. However "put to sleep" has different meanings for different people. I'd say that most people when they are sedated, do not remember any of the procedure (which is part of the point of sedation).
Avatar f tn down a good bit, but last week it has come back with a vengence. Before I had the colonoscopy, if I took 1 immodium I would be constipated for about 2 weeks. Yesterday, I took 3 and this morning the "D" was back. I am a school teacher and school starts next week. I am at my wits end. My doctor doesn't seem too concerned about it. Anybody know if it is associated with the colonoscopy, AND a natural remedy for the "D"?
Avatar n tn Thank you for the information - you confirmed some of what I had read in "Thyroid for Dummies". And regards my last lab, I think that was when my endocrinologist switched me from 88 mcg back to 75 mcg. Thanks for the help.
Avatar n tn a biopsy of your small intestine. The only way to do this is for you to have a colonoscopy and they SUCK! THe only bad part is the prep required for this procedure. You basically cant eat anything for a 1.5 days and have to drink some kind of NASTY laxative.
548556 tn?1214749882 How do you know if you have Hurtle carcinoma if you haven't had TT yet? Have you had FNA yet?