Colon pain after colonoscopy

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Avatar n tn Left sided abdominal pain mainly over the lower left side (also known as left lower quadrant pain). Fever greater than 100.5° F. An elevation of the white cell count (blood test). Patients may also complain of nausea or diarrhea; others may be constipated. Other symptoms could include: vomiting, bloating, bleeding from your rectum, frequent urination, and difficulty or pain with urination.
Avatar f tn A surgeon can address your twisted colon, I too am surprised your gastro doc did not suggest this! Then after that's all healed up and your next colonoscopy is scheduled, they'll remove the rest of the polyps. Ask your family doc to refer you to a good gastro surgical group, diff from who you went to for the colonoscopy.
Avatar f tn I have had two prior colonoscopies which were perfectly normal. The last one I had was 4 years ago. I have no family history of colon cancer. I have had no pain or problems and just had a series of blood tests including a chemistry, cbc with diff. and lipid panel for a routinue check up. I just saw my gynocologist in May and all was well. The blood work was normal. Is there a reason to be concerned?? I am very worried and already scheduled my CAT for Tuesday. I would appreciate your opinion.
Avatar n tn They quickly went in and tied off the colon or intestine and got out of surgery. After 2 1/2 LONG weeks her kidneys, liver, spleen were all failing and she was still on a respirator with little response. She also had an absese in her stomch due to infection. We decided to take her off the respirator as the doctors said it was not possible for her to survive.
Avatar n tn This is very important to go for colonoscopy, we have in family colon cancer.If would be possible colonoscopy as prevention in 1970' my mother wouldn't have to die in age 47! I am going for prevention check up every a few years and next week again. Blood in stool is never good, my advise is not to delay and just go for the colonoscopy. It's really fast... Only the drinking of that gallon of "water" is harder. But still worthy for exange of your health!!! Vorried J.
Avatar m tn didn't have the courage to mention the rectal bleeding...........there are time when I wish that I didn't know anything about colonoscopy; after watching 2, I doubt that I will ever get one....the gastro doc told me that watching these was a mistake...
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing all or most of the symptoms of colon/colorectal cancer, i.e. narrow stools, bloody mucus from the rectum on several occasions, localized abdominal pain (left flank and area just above the ilica crest), drastic change in bowel movements, significant weight loss (15 lbs in 2 months), loss of appetite, fatigue, etc. etc. etc. for the last 2 or 3 months. However: I am 21 years old, in farily good shape, and without a known family history of colon cancer.
Avatar n tn hi, some doctors are more gentle than others, also if you didnt use the prep properly and didnt clean the colon thorougly then some doctors finding it difficult to look try and push the stools away, also the left side of the colon has a bend and many people complain of pain around that area after a colonoscopy, i wouldnt be over worried about it, if after a month the pain persists then ofcourse go back and see your gp.
Avatar m tn I had the colonoscopy done 3 days ago(sat) . Six hours after the colonoscopy, I had a chill, fever, and terrible headache on Sat night. So I went to see the doctor who performed the colonoscopy first thing on Monday. He pulled the blood sample for WBC counts (some indication of infection per the result) and gave me IV with antibiotics.
Avatar m tn I would rather die than live through another post colonoscopy fallout. In addition, I now experience this pain on a daily bases but thank God it's not the same intensity as post-colonoscopy. My multiple food allergy and intolerance has greatly increased...causing this awful, life altering pain.
Avatar n tn Hello, Ive had a colonoscopy a week ago but I still feel my colon is having a lot of spasms. This manifests itself in loose stools, sometimes diahrea, lots of gas and mild pain. There is no blood in my stool and the pain is really mild. I also have no fever. My doctor said that a gut can be irritated for a few weeks after a colonoscopy and that the diahrea, gas and cramps will resolve by themselves.
Avatar f tn Three weeks later I began to get mucus on my stool which I didn't have before but didn't have any pain so I figured maybe the colonoscopy irritated my colon so I waited a month and a half but it didn't seem to go away.I also started getting some cramping in my lower left quadrant so I went back to my gi and he wasn't concerned told me to take some fiber laxatives to see if that helped.
Avatar n tn Yes, indeed. I had a colonoscopy after a pain episode some years ago and, even though I'd thought things were "going fine" before, I felt like a new person after the colonoscopy. I guess that's why so many people swear by colon cleansing. I don't think it's the colonoscopy itself, but the prep that cleans you out/"reboots" you. Hope the good feeling continues!
Avatar n tn The fact that you had extreme pain in the area during the procedure suggests that, by an amazing coincidence, you had appendicitis brewing already before the colonoscopy began, and that that is why you had pain. Or, depending on what the pathology of the appendix showed, it's also conceivable that your colon was perforated by the procedure, and that the fecalith had nothing to do with it.
Avatar f tn Hi, was the scopy normal? If there is no obstruction in the colon its unlikely that the gas will be trapped. The other causes for the pain could be infections of the bowel and bladder, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis and polycystic ovarian syndrome. I would advise you to re consult your primary care physician for evaluation of pain. He will ask for blood tests, urine analysis, an x ray and an ultra sonogram of the abdomen.
Avatar n tn Hi, during colonoscopy, air or carbon dioxide is insufflated to secure adequate visualization of the colon, so this could cause the bloating sensation soon after the procedure, but this is unlikely to persist after four weeks. Studies demonstrate that patients experience less pain and discomfort after colonoscopy when the bowel is insufflated with CO2 compared with room air.
Avatar m tn 1. Eat a low fiber diet 2 to 3 days after your colonoscopy. Stay away from sugar, dairy, eggs, nuts/seeds, meat, processed foods, soy, raw fruits and veggies. Your colon is overworked and needs the rest to heal. 2. Eat and drink things that will repair your gut: Bone broth, blended low fiber cooked veggie broth (i.e. Zucchini, butternut squash, carrots, etc). Drink Spring water and Coconut water (if you feel you need something with electrolytes)...Don't over do it with the water.
Avatar m tn Had hernia surgery after reversed colonoscopy and am still in a lot of pain almost a year later. Doctor said one of my muscles had attached itself to my hip bone. I have had four surgeries from the beginning of a perforated colon. Has anyone had anything remotely like this happen to them? I am so discouraged! Can't seem to find any help. My left side bulges out and I feel bloated most of the time. Please I need help! I am desperate!
Avatar f tn I guess I was sleeping through most of that but after they started the colonoscopy I woke up screaming in pain. They kept telling me to stop screaming and to take deep breaths...yeah right. They gave me more pain meds (demoral and something else that was supposed to make me forget what happened) but by the time they got right below my stomach, I was SCREAMING!! It hurt sooooooo bad!!! And no amount of meds made it any better.
Avatar f tn I just had my second colonoscopy on Tues after a colonoscopy one year ago. The first one was stopped because of a tortuous colon. I thought I was having a bad painful dream when in reality I must have woken up at one point as the Dr was trying to maneuver the scope through the twisted part of my colon. I was given the option of the enema(which I had years ago)or another colonoscopy with deeper sedation. I chose the colonoscopy. I was given "Propo...
Avatar f tn I was sat up on the trolley and ased if I could lay down and curl up as this is the way I coped with the pain at home. The lovely nurse who was looking after me, said 'oh, you have pain at home? The proceedure will have really made it worse then, you should have been sedated'. :-/ The nurse really was sweet and everytime I tried to talk to her, I just broe down in tears and felt so ridiculous, but she just reassured me that all was ok etc.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to have "conscious sedation" for a colonoscopy without having amnesia of the experience ? I don't mind being relaxed & sleepy, but I do NOT want my memory stolen from me (even if it is just 10-15 minutes). Thank you.
Avatar f tn If the surgeon does not think that it is related to your recent procedure, you can consider a colonoscopy which can image the colon and see if there is any infection or inflammation that may be leading to your symptoms. I would send the stool off for culture and analysis, to ensure infection isn't responsible for the change in bowel habits. Post-surgical infection can be discussed with your surgeon. Imaging the abdomen with a CT scan can be considered.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am due to have a colonoscopy to investigate pain in abdomen. I had bowel surgery 7 years ago for an intussusseption. 7 foot of large bowel was removed. My question/worry is : is it risky to have this colonoscopy with my bowel shortened like it is. I have been told that air is blown into the intestine. As my large intestine has been previously operated on and rejoined, is there a risk to splitting this joined up part.