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Avatar f tn Sounds like you might consider a colonoscopy to follow up. Another non-invasive alternative would be a fecal occult blood test or fecal immunochemical test to check for any bowel bleeding. When there's inflamation in the bowel some mucus could end up being pushed out with your hard stool. Have you had any issues with constipation or abdominal discomfort? One way to avoid some of these issues would be to soften your stool and that typically means modifying your diet to include fiber etc...
Avatar f tn how often do you need a follow up cystoscopy after a transuretheal resection of a non-invasive bladder polyps
Avatar n tn Screening for colon cancer saves lives, hence the colonoscopy (though rather unpleasant and yes it is invasive) is probably the best way to go.
Avatar m tn RUQ pains after gallbladder removal mostly originate from biliary tree (sludge, stone, biliary dyskinesia or sphincter of Oddi disfunction. The best non-invasive investigation is MRCP, invasive one is ERCP (during upper endoscopy) with additional tests like sphincter manometry. Removal of the stone, dilating of the bile duct and such may be performed during ERCP, if necessary. Strong mind-gut nexus?
Avatar f tn s doing another colonoscopy or is it actually an endoscopic ultrasound? If the first colonoscopy was complete there is nothing more to see. The only reason that I would repeat a colonoscopy would be if the colon had not been completely cleared of other potential lesions. This can happen if the prep was not good.
Avatar f tn I was told I had a looping colon, and the doctor could not penetrate the colon to get a colonoscopy done. I then went for a Virtual Colonoscopy which was not conclusive if there was a polyp or residual feces after clean out. Now doctor wants to try to do a colonoscopy again, but if he cannot get in there I might have to have a resection of colon if polyp is suspected. How invasive is this resection of colon?
Avatar n tn Hello and welcome to MedHelp Forums. I'm very sorry to read you are having a difficult time. Your first thing to do is to again, speak to your doctor. You have had a coloscopy that is recent and your findings at that time were not such to raise the suspicions of colon cancer then or now with your doctor. Colon cancer is slow growing and that is why screenings are important because it allows it to be caught in treatable stages.
1478992 tn?1287429445 I recently had some tests that indicate that I may have need for a colonoscopy. However, I am well aware of the dangers of this test and the fact that it has only a 40% accuracy rate what other tests are there that have a better results factor and possibly less chance of adverse side effects. My CEA test that came back 9.3 ng/ml and that combined with a Low Lymphocyte count of 12% and MCH 26.1, MCHC 31.
Avatar n tn I've been searching the internet looking for info on non-invasive blood testing machines (not interested in the gluco-watch). There seems to be 100's being tested, developed, waiting for approval, etc. Are there any small, reliable ones that are REALLY about to be on the market? Also do they ever do any type of study/trial where they use diabetics to test the machines?? Thanks.
Avatar n tn ask your doctor if virtual colonoscopy can be done instead of direct invasive colonoscopy as both have equally good diagnostic value.
Avatar n tn com/colorectal-cancer/home-test-colon-cancer-cologuard#1 It is done at home and much easier than more invasive things like colonoscopy. Cologuard is mainly indicated for detection of colon cancer but that is something to ask the doctor about. Here is information on diagnosing Crohn's Disease linked here The doctor would first likely do a physical exam and go from there with other needed testing.
Avatar f tn There appears to be some advances that are having good results using the latest technology in MRI for a non- invasive method of predicting fibrosis. It is not an approved method of doing so yet though. As far as I know the biopsy is still the gold standard. Here is a recent article I found.
Avatar f tn Not sure if this test is done in the US, but you might ask your gastro about it - calprotectin stool assay test. Non invasive and cheap. If the calprotectin level is out of range (norm is 20, mine has been as high as 80), this shows inflammation somewhere in the GI tract. If high, the gastro can then go ahead with other invasive testing to rule out Crohn's, ulcerative colitis and coeliac. I have Crohn's and have this test done regularly.
Avatar f tn But the actual Colonoscopy itself was actually not that bad. True it is invasive to an extreme extent haha, I mean its an optic camera up your backside, but it doesn't hurt, like at all. It feels very weird how it goes in & just keeps going and going. The nurses were VERY nice when I had mine done, I was only 17, so 6 years ago for me (wow I feel old).
Avatar m tn Just because her doctor is skeptical that the rubber band ligation will is well worth trying. It's non-invasive and maybe her only hope. But I'm big on getting more than one opinion, and you may want to do this. Your mom has suffered a lot and the doctor need to try something to help her. I wish you and your mom all the best.
Avatar m tn Yes, any doctor will have a patient discontinue a blood thinner like coumadin for a week prior to an invasive procedure like a colonoscopy. This is because there is a risk of bleeding from the procedure and the blood thinner will impair the blood's ability to clot. It is routine advice.
Avatar f tn Have you has a colonoscopy or endoscopy? Are you being seen and tested by a Gatroenterologist as this is their specialty.