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213739 tn?1215486009 Add 1 (3 oz) package jello any flavor (orange and strawberry work best). Stir until dissolved. Let stand 5 minutes. Stir in 2/3 c. orange juice. Pour mixture into a bowl. Slowly add 1 cup 7 up and stir. It will be foamy on top. Put in refriferator until set. Quick and Yummy salad!!!
Avatar f tn Yes I think you should definitely find out why you have blood in the stool. The colonoscopy can help with that. I have had one and it is nothing. The day before you are given pills which may you go and you have to fast except for eating lemon jello (you can't eat red jello) and some type of broth as I recall. The day off the colonoscopy they give you an IV and you get put under for about 20 minutes. You don't feel a thing. They give you your results soon after.
Avatar f tn But the only thing I found got rid of heartburn and kept it away? Jello. Strawberry jello. 1 jello cup a day kept the heartburn away. And thanks to many extra ultrasounds I know my baby has TONS of hair.
1822032 tn?1338818179 Hi, My boyfriend is 25 and he's recently started to bleed after taking a dump. It's not spots here and there... it's a lot of blood after he wipes. He has a colonoscopy next month, but he's scared he might have cancer. Has anyone else had this problem? Inbox me or comment please. I'd like to ease his mind if I can.
Avatar n tn If your to drink orange juice & it comes back up, still tastes like orange juice! Lol!
Avatar f tn Hi Im soon to be induce, this Sunday at 6pm well I was wondering about what should I eat that day, since I've been told by my family members to eat mostly liquids, like jello, soups and that's because they said its better so I won't have an accident when I'm pushing or them having to drain idk lol I know it sounds weird but I really don't know!.. does it really matter what I eat that day? Or I have to eat light like they said?
Avatar m tn What could be the cause of rust or orange colored stool? I had colorectal surgery to remove a tumor on my rectum about five years ago. I had radiation therapy prior to surgery, and chemotherapy after. Since that time i've had follow up scans, xrays and ultrasounds per my oncologists recommendations. There has been no evidence of anything suspicious. What might be causing this? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/234078'>pale stools</a>.
Avatar f tn Left over sub from subway and cool ranch Doritos and a yogurt.
Avatar m tn Today when I had my morning bowel movement I noticed the color was reddish-orange, almost rust colored. I have no other symptoms. The only medication I am on is Xanax which I take PRN but I hadn't taken one in 24 hours before the BM. To be fair, I did try an hard (alcoholic) orange soda the night before, which I had never done before, along with "Spring Oreos" which have pink filling and which I've also never tried.
Avatar n tn i have had very chronic (10-12 a day) diarrhea and it is always very orange and mucusy for over 2 months now. this last week i have noticed red blood mixed in as well. What could be causing this?
4347725 tn?1356746977 I bought a doughball & made a homemade bbq chicken pizza & it was awesome and inexpensive!! I was craving orange jello since yesterday & just ate some..
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy two days ago. Unfortunately, I became dehydrated during the prep for the test and started passing out in the middle of the night before the test. I was dehydrated when they went to put in the IV for the anesthesia. Since the test, I continue to feel light headed and dizzy. I am drinking fluids, and have had my first normal bowel movement today. Could the dizziness and light-headedness still be related to the test somehow?
Avatar m tn Well Monday and Tuesday changed my diet to prepare. Went for rice crispies cereal, natural yoghurt, chicken, jello and ice cream. Two days of that, two excellent bm's but starving flipping hungry and bored witless with the food. Wednesday, through the day drank a total of twelve pints of liquid plus took Moviprep. I thought it worked well, too well in fact. Was in the bathroom from 5pm to 6am this morning, lots of watery diarrea and some solids. Thought i was squeaky clean.
Avatar f tn colonoscopy only showed polyps, then I went to a new doctor. Did another MRI and EDG/Colonoscopy. My esophagus was pretty burned (was getting heartburn from jello on the clear liquid diet), and they showed signs of inflammation in my small intestine/stomach opening. I've been being really careful to eat regularly, drink more water, but there's no weight loss, no easing of the discomfort. Even fiber powders destroy my insides to a painful degree.
Avatar f tn I have been having a white jello like substance *** out from down below just a little n no blood do you guys kno Wat that is
442027 tn?1209866342 Hey Everyone, :) I'm too busy to wait around for my doctors office to call me after I leave my message I need to talk with them. I have to be on a liquid diet the day before surgery. What EXACTLY does CLEAR JELLO MEAN??? I've heard things about staying away from dye's and certain ones. I've been told there are DYE FREE Jello's but they have the flavors, but haven't found any yet.
Avatar f tn Chocolate milk with a double chocolate crunch rice crispy treat. Kellogs flakes with banana and sugar in it. Chocolate chip waffles. Mexican. And chinese. The spicy stuff.
Avatar m tn But this orange oily base continues, and presents all sorts of problems. Pass gas it shoots out orange colored stuff with a strong foul odor smell. I have no pain whatsoever, but the irritation that it causes is beyond explanation, soil my shorts, can't gp too far, sleep on the couch with a bed plastic cover so as not to soil anything else. Years ago I had the head of my pancreas removed, but my tests are all positive about the enzimes, and no liver problem according to my blood tests.
Avatar f tn Never heard but anything is worth a try. It won't hurt you. I found those therms are things that are sticky and you can put thenm on your body worked good. I bought the generic ones too. Still do. I have bad RLS with pain from before the pills and I put one of those on and it helps a lot. At least for me.
Avatar m tn The next day i noticed a red jelly thing on the toilet paper i smugged it and it smeared red/orange so made another appointment my blood test was fine. I spent 2 hrs with a doc explainin my aniexty and had left with another referral. Is there a chance that it could still be cancer.