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Avatar n tn Is this green discharge normal after a colonoscopy? What could it mean, if anything? The gastro doctor is doing biopsies on something. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Its a never ending circle. I had a colonoscopy on Monday of this week. Doctor said everything looks fine, no signs of disease. He did take a few biopsies just because. I have had pain in my lower and upper abdomen as well as bad spasms in my lower back since then. Is this normal? Also, what can I do about the gallbladder problem. It happens with everything I eat, no celiac either.
3287038 tn?1398426027 How frequent should a person have a colonoscopy who has had UC(proctitis) for 25 years? No polyps ever but the last scope 2.5 years ago showed peri- appendicular ulcerations, about the size of a quarter. Anything else I should know about this disease? Thanks for your help.
212161 tn?1537898045 I agree - you're done with the hard part! The prep of a colonoscopy is definitely the worst! I also was very, very anxious and scared the first time I had to have a colonoscopy and honestly, when I woke up, I thought to myself - "now what the heck was I worried about?" LOL Just remember - the nurses, doctors and anesthesiologists are there to take care of you and also to help make it as pleasant an experience as it can be.
Avatar f tn have any of you had a colonoscopy? can you tell me what to expect? i am a bit perinoid and nervous. i also have to do a procedure where they put a tube down my throat to check out my stomach . what is that like? all becuase of blood in stool. and i have to wait til after these procedures to try to get pregnant. i cant do them while i am pregnant right?
1322367 tn?1274812224 He also took 3 colon biopsies during the colonoscopy. 2 bioposies during the UGI (1) esophugus and (1) duodenum. He said that I had bumps (rough looking) on the bottom of my stomach and a small hiatial hernia. I have been experiencing mild to moderate upper right abdominal pain for several months now. No bleeding and all blood tests normal. CAT scan of the lower right abdomen was also normal. I have some concerns due to the fact that so many biopsies were taken.
Avatar m tn The biopsies are to confirm that there is no cancer.
456090 tn?1259698437 On 10/31/08 I had a colonoscopy done. Doctor stated that everything looked good. 2 biopsies were taken; should have results within 2 weeks. Still having a lot of pain. Doctor indicated that swelling could be from scar tissue. No answers no relief!
Avatar f tn The ultrasound didn't show anything significant so they ordered a colonoscopy for last week. I get a phone call today. The 3 biopsies they did all came back normal. However there was still significant inflammation in my rectum and in other spots as well. I see him Friday 11/18. He said the inflammation is not to be ignored, so I guess thats good that he isn't just going to slap an IBS diagnosis on me. Maybe?? So why am I here posting a question you may wonder...
Avatar f tn The doctor didn't find any tumors but the biopsies came up with the following. Does this look serious? The colon biopsies identified in ascending and transverse regions do show mild increase in lymphocytes. within the lamina propria there is an occasional eosinophil and neutrophil. the neutrophils rarely extend into the ipithelium, and there is not crypt abscess formation.
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy recently. They removed a very small pedunculated polyp, which the doctor says is not cancerous. They did not have to cauderize the area.I saw it in the sample jar, and it looked to be about 1mm by 3mm. They also took several biopsies of the colon wall, as well. I have several questions: How long does it take these areas to completely heal? If I were to have another colonoscopy in one week, would the polyp removal site and the biopsy sites be readily evident?
Avatar n tn There was some microscopic blood as well. The GI did a colonoscopy and took biopsies. There were some small red ulcerations (not deep) in my sigmoid colon, but the GI keeps saying he doesn't think it looks like Crohn's or UC. The biopsy came back with a somewhat inconclusive result and the pathologist thought it was infectious, so I took Cipro for 5 days. This helped and now I have less gas and only have 2 bowel movements a day, but I still don't feel 100%.
398021 tn?1212594366 yesturday i had a colonoscopy which was the most painful experience in my life. At first i did not feel or even know who i was until the worst pain ever hit me they gave me more seditive and my blood pressure drop very low. No one explained why and i am very worried why this happened.
Avatar n tn A. Sigmoid Polyp HYPERPLASCTIC POLYP B. Rectal Biopsy Moderate to Severe acute/chronic colitis with acute cryptitis Epithelial glandular atypia associated with inflammation is noted. Indefinite for dysplasia ( see comment) comment: The inflammatory changes are histologially compatible with inflammatory diease/ulcerative colitis. My questions are: 1. is the polyp cancerous,if not, can it become cancerous, and what do I do to screen for that? 2. what is acute cryptitis?
Avatar f tn After finally determining it wasn't due to an umbilical hernia surgery I just had a colonoscopy yesterday. My pain is just left of the umbical area. This pain is worsened by activities like standing in one place for too long or sitting on a hard surface. I cannot participate in any physical sport that actively uses the core and the pain is everyday. Does not seem to be related to my diet at all. I do get "muddy" brown stools about 2-3x /day - twice a week.
Avatar f tn Hi! I am a 27 yr old female who had a colonoscopy yesterday. I have been having frequent blood in stools, bm changes, and LOTS of pain in my lower back and side. The doc wanted to check for colitis or chrons. I have had problems with hemoroids for a while now (which are also painful). The doc talked to me in the recovery room so of course I don't remember a thing since I was still under anestesia. I am told he said everything was fine and he removed a small polyp but did not remove my hemoriods.
922048 tn?1387946184 ) They did do a couple biopsies of areas of inflammation. Results in a couple days. :) Ugh! Want to feel better and go home but still too weak.
Avatar f tn i had a gastroscopy in july this year and i would like to get another opinion so i want to perform the procedure again. could it be harmful doing it twice in a year. also they took biopsies in the first gastroscopy, and they would probably take more again. could it have healed already? please help with this question.
Avatar m tn I have had IBS like symptoms for over 10 years, i just had colonoscopy for the first time, in the report doctor says 'there is evidence of colitis" and "Biopsies were taken to rule out IBD??, Microcytic Colitis" That's exactly the way it was written. Pathologist report writes only "... showing focal lymphoid aggregates", and nothing about if he ruled out IBD or he didn't. I havn't seen the doctor yet after the test, but still worried if had IBD.
203342 tn?1328740807 I had a colonoscopy this morning. Everything went well but I did have some inflamation in the same area I've had in the past so he did a biopsy. The two times I've gone to the bathroom since I noticed blood in the bottom of the toilet, which surprised me because I've had colonoscopies before with biopsies and a polyp removed in the past and don't remember bleeding.
Avatar f tn it is now 10days since I had a colonoscopy and removal of a polyp.there was also some inflammation that the specialist said would go away he took biopsies and the polyp There is red blood inside the stools and on the bathroom tissue ever since the colonoscopy,why is this happening When will there be a return to normal This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/534114'>painful colonoscopy</a>.
573777 tn?1217297068 Post colonoscopy problems 2 days later my abdomin started to distend. Within 2 weeks I went from 34" waist to 42" and lost 12 lbs. Have severe pressure in belly and diaphragm. Hard to breathe. Had ultrasound, full blood labs, x-rays and EGD. Still no diagnosis! What's wrong with me? Could it be Dysbiosis? And what would be the remedy? It's like my life has been taken away. I have no energy and am in pain. Additional info: There were no poyps or biopsies.
633143 tn?1262137135 First off, I woke up feeling incredibly nauseous and didn't want to eat anything (despite not having eaten for over 30hrs at that point), so taking anything with an NSAID wouldn't be great idea. Then they told me they took biopsies even though everything appeared normal. Said biopsies then began to bleed a little, so NSAIDs were really not a good idea. FML. Luckily, as it did the last time I had a procedure, the anaesthia did something for my headache. When I woke up it was gone.
633143 tn?1262137135 on top of the unpleasantness of everything a colonoscopy prep entails. I tried sitting in a dark room, I tried ice packs, I tried all of my usual tricks but nothing worked. I couldn't even sleep it off because I was running to the bathroom every ten minutes! Eventually, though I did fall asleep but it wasn't any better when I woke up those 3-4 times during the night. This was yet another clear reason why I should get some Immitrex as a backup med. Treximet has an NSAID in it...
Avatar n tn I have recently had a colonoscopy with the following report (three samples were taken for biopsy) 1) Biopsies, Ileocecal Value -Microscopic colitis without cryptitis or crypt abscess formation 2) Biopsies, Sigmond at 40cm: -Microscopic colitis with single focus of cryptitis, no crypt abscess formation 2) Biopsies, Rectosigmond at 10-15cm: -Chronic colitis without cryptitis or crypt abscess formation Comments: There is no evidence of crypt abscess formation in any of the specimens.
Avatar m tn since then i have seen my GI, who also mentioned crohns due to the b12 and scheduled a colonoscopy. well i went for the colonoscopy yesterday and he said evi had a spastic colon and IBS, but he took biopsies to double check but that now he wasnt thinking crohn's. he has me scheduled for an upper endoscopy on monday. what is he looking for? i was so relieved to hear it wasnt crohns. but does anyone have any ideas as to what may be causing my symptoms, particularly the low b12?
567392 tn?1216755126 I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy because my doctors were concerned that I might have stomach cancer. Afterwards I learned that there weren't any signs of cancer, but they did find some bruising on the lining of my stomach. What does that mean?
Avatar f tn blood in stool, diarrhea. Colonoscopy 11/08 showed mild UC with biopsies showing focal active colitis with mucin depletion. I was diagnosed w/ mild UC & put on Asacol. I got a little better over time but not completely. Many foods bothered me but I cut them from my diet, especially caffiene. 1 1/2 months ago I had to take prednisone for sinus infection. I started feeling better. Nothing was bothering me and I cheated on foods and they weren't causing symptoms.
Avatar m tn since then i have seen my GI, who also mentioned crohns due to the b12 and scheduled a colonoscopy. well i went for the colonoscopy yesterday and he said evi had a spastic colon and IBS, but he took biopsies to double check but that now he wasnt thinking crohn's. he has me scheduled for an upper endoscopy on monday. what is he looking for? i was so relieved to hear it wasnt crohns. but does anyone have any ideas as to what may be causing my symptoms, particularly the low b12?