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Avatar n tn Waiting for test result. What do you think is going on? Should we go to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville,FL? I am a RN looking for answers. No nausea, no vomiting, no excruciating pain,no chills, no fever, bowel movement has changed since January 2nd but no blood in stools. Still he has bowel movement but no regularly. Colonoscopy negative, endoscopy negative. HELP US HERE.
Avatar f tn At this point, I would rather not have a rectum and use a bag and that's a terrible thing to say, but I can't take this anymore. I even tried to go to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL, but they are short of GI doctors and are booked for the next year. Says they only have 3 GI docs and have been trying to recruit more for 2 years. That was my last hope. Can anyone relate or help me in any way??
Avatar m tn used IV drugs, shared straws while snorting cocaine, used the razor or toothbrush of an infected person, Got any kind of injection made from human blood prior to 1992, got immunized by military air guns, had a colonoscopy at a clinic that was trying to save money by reusing syringes, or that had drug addicts working there that were sticking themselves with part of your shot and then giving you the rest ( just happened at Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL this past August) Or if you have ever been i
Avatar n tn If your interested I had mine done at the Borland groover Clinic in Jacksonville Fl. They are concidered one of the best. Look at their website. They have a clickable torso you click and find SOD along with the gallbladder information. I have tried Levsin and Donnatal with no relief. Most people with SOD do not respond to these treatments. Taylee, I'm sorry you are going through all that pain. I remember it so well. It is like being in Hell.
Avatar n tn I am in Jacksonville, FL and was wondering if there is a doctor(s) or establishment that you could reccommend. I would be willing to travel anywhere with my records in tow to be able to get help and a better answer than my symptoms are "all in my head" like what I have heard from many doctors here. Again, thank you very much!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Germany, Washington DC, and finally to Navy Hospital, Jacksonville. After a zillion operations they decided I could leave the hospital for a spell. So off to Atlanta, in time for the birth of my Nephew, to convalese for 30 days. Then off to Pensacola, FL to do more stuff. Contrary to what is commonly believed, military healthcare is damn good.
Avatar m tn More recently I read about the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville, FL where they discovered the exray tech was shooting part of the pain shots into himself and then giving the patients the rest, spreading his infection to hundreds. There is no telling how many clinics have done these things and never gotten caught. Rh negative mothers who had babies before 1992 could have gotten infected by their Rhogam shots. Military people, and their families could have been infected back then too.
Avatar m tn Try Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville? I need help and feel like I'm floating out to see with just a gallon jug of stale water.
163305 tn?1333672171 I see Dr. Guy Neff at Tampa General in Tampa Fl. Great Dr. but very busy office as it is part of University of Tampa and he is head hepatologist at the transplant ctr. and getting phone calls returned is at times VERY frustrating, other than that no complaints......
1507381 tn?1293426896 Just like we have seen with the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL and that colonoscopy clinic in Nevada, careless, inconsiderate people get hired by lots of medical facilities... People who don't care about others have no business in the healthcare field.
Avatar f tn I have heard a surgeon in my place talking about buying BMW through mobile when performing colonoscopy while the patient was conscious, and the colon was ruptured. Afterall the surgeon was not found guilty because no one can prove the rupture was directly related to the mobile conversation. Such act should be condemned no matter the doctors may be disqualified.... they deserve it, right?