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987242 tn?1335490770 Okay I just got back from the GI doctor and he is scheduling me for a colonoscopy. He believes I have colitis of some sort and feels this will find the answers. My question is, could it be colitis and the colonoscopy not show anything? I've had issues for years and nothing was ever found in the colonoscopies, so why would something show now? I am happy and nervous at the same time. Glad to possibly have answers, but worried it will be another dead end.
567392 tn?1216751526 What did the doctor say about the bruising and possible causes? I just had an endoscopy and colonoscopy on Thursday, February 26. The doctor thought I had crohn's disease, but then said I didn't after he performed the procedure. I was told I have a thickening of the colon so they are still trying to figure out. Do you have any more procedures scheduled? I go in this Thursday for a small bowel follow through. I'm not sure what they are looking for now. The dr.
Avatar f tn t give you any answers. My naturopath said I probably have a food sensitivity so I took a blood test and found out I was allergic dairy! I cut dairy out of my diet and I now feel absolutely fine!! I thought it was maybe meat or wheat, i never even thought about dairy! I would recomend getting a blood test to anyone who has IBS :) For more information:
Avatar f tn Ive had numerous blood test and a gastroscopy as the doctors thought it was celiac but have not gotten any answers. Im really sick of this and need some answers. i get severe cramps in the stomach followed by diarrhea. Ive also noticed i get sick a few hours after sex and its always pretty bad when i have my period i dnt think its ibs because in the most stressful situations i dnt get sick and then ill get sick when im sitting and relaxing. when i get sick its usually after ive eaten.
Avatar f tn HI, My husband was 61 with no prior health problems other than arthritis. He had a colonoscopy 3.5 years before and was found to have one small hyperplastic polyp in his sigmoid colon (lower colon) In Jan. of 2009 he started having right rib area pain that came and went, but returned over a two week period more intensely. He went to the hospital and was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer with the primary tumor in the hepatic flexure (where colon lies close to the liver).
2124601 tn?1335155369 In a couple of weeks I'm going to be getting a colonoscopy and an endoscopy done at the same time. I've had both procedures done before (just not together) so I know what to expect as far as prep and all that other happy stuff. :) But having them done together has brought on some questions. Are the scopes done in the same room? Are they done at the same time? Do they change how they do the anesthesia? Any answers would be great. Thanks in advance.
462306 tn?1209106736 Well...I'm 26 to start off with, and scared of my symptoms and where my testing may lead me...I have a family history of crohn's, colon cancer, and autoimmune diseases. I was diagnosed with IBS in 2003 with little testing done. My digestive problems (constipation, pain, bloating, gas...) began in 2002, after the birth of my first child. In 2006, I was diagnosed with autoimmune thyroid disease. I now take 0.05mg Eltroxin daily.
Avatar m tn Hi you all my husband has been having constant pain in his lower abdomen to the left very tender on touch. We went to our family md ran some test thought he had diverticulitis and a renal cyst gave meds did no good. Went to a gastro today and he went to push in the area of pain and my husband was about to go thru the wall. He felt a hard spot that he said might be an hernia. Going to another Dr Fri. Can anyone give me any info and has anyone gone thru this.
Avatar n tn Im 30 years old and been taking oxycodone 30mg since sept 07 after a motorcycle accsident and am trying to stop taking them I take between 18 and 24 a day and have nodesire to take these any more have buprenorphine 8 mg that i got from a friend and just looking for the best way 2 take them with being the least uncomfortable. i tried today by not taking any when i got up but by 12:30 I had no choice.
Avatar n tn She took both the IGG and IGM tests and both were positive. I also took both tests and was negative. My questions are, how accurate is the IGM test to determine when she came in contact with the herpes 2? Also can you contract herpes 2 from a Colonoscopy? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Blood Test Accuracy</a>.
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy on Monday and found out that the doctor suspect Barretts disease. I was extremely extremely extremely stressed out about it but luckily the biopsy is negative today. I was completely knocked out during the procedure. Now I can't have an erection at all. My questions is can colonoscopy cause total erectile dysfunction. I had sex with my girlfriend last Saturday, two days before the colonoscopy. Everything was fine.
Avatar f tn Last year she was told that she had an abnormal pap and tested positive for HPV. She is terrified and not sure what to do. Doctor told her to go for a colonoscopy, but she can't get an appt. for a month. Any advice?
Avatar m tn I was referred for a colonoscopy and CT scan of my pelvis. The colonoscopy showed that I have 1 pre-cancerous tubulovillous adenoma and that was removed (everything else was normal. The CT scan showed that I have bilateral complex adnexal cysts. I am waiting to see a gynecologist. I am very symptomatic, I have low back and pelvis pain/pressure, urinary urgency (pregnancy test was negative) and am still having bowel troubles.
Avatar m tn I'm a 30 year old female and I have never been through childbirth nor been pregnant. Over the summer on occasion I would have small amounts of rectal bleeding when I would go to the bathroom. In the fall it got worse, and I noticed a fleshy lump near the opening. I went to my general practitioner who thought perhaps hemorrhoids and gave me a cream. The cream shrunk the lump down and the bleeding stopped, but after about 2 months it all came back but worse.
Avatar f tn I went to my gastro doctor and he said it was probably hemmoroids. He did a colonoscopy and confirmed that I had internal hemmoroids. But I was still concerned about the missed period, pregnancy tests came back negative, blood hormone tests came back negative. Infact all my blood work was normal. I talked to the nurse at my gyn dr's. And told her about my symptoms, she said that the missed period was probably peri menapause related.
Avatar f tn i had severe diverticulitis last November, with 7 day hospital stay. Things haven't felt right since. Infection gone but after colonoscopy last week, Gi doc says he couldn't get past recto sigmoid junction, so virtual colonoscopy next week. All of my other colonoscopies have been fine . Biopsies done . All normal. I have bladder discomfort and back pain. I'm assuming I now have adhesions. Have had hysterectomy in 2007 and further prolapse surgery in 2015.
Avatar n tn At your original post, someone did post back to you that same day and described what to expect if you get an endoscopy and/or a colonoscopy, so click on the button at the top of this webpage at "My MedHelp," and your profile page will come up, there is a list of all your posts, and you can just click on your first one and the whole thread will come up. I have panic disorder and I take tranquilizers for it.
203342 tn?1328737207 Lizzie, are you out there? Finally, a year after my surgery I have the answers I was looking for. I was referred to a specialist today and he explained thing to me better than anyone else have been able to. Remember I said they thought I had Crohns when I had that mass removed last Summer? And then when I had the colonoscopy last January they said it showed negative for Crohns so they weren't sure if I had it or not?
Avatar f tn Hi. I am wondering does crohns always show on a biopsy by colonoscopy? I have been very ill with all the symptoms and colitis was seen by ct scan and the docs say they think its crohns, just had a colonoscopy and I guess UC didn't show. I have been going through it since the end of December and its really hard. If it doesn't always show by biopsy any suggestions on what my GI may do next?
Avatar f tn m just SO frustrated because I continue to feel really tired and sick all the time, and both my parents and GI seem at a loss for what else to do. I've had 2 colonoscopies, 1 endoscopy, 1 abdominal ultrasound, 1 transabdominal ultrasound, a Meckel diverticulum scan, ova and parasite stool tests, and a calprotectin test, all which came back negative. I just don't know what to do because I feel like something is wrong but every test is clear.
1311475 tn?1274198780 Hi and welcome to the Pain Management Forum, Everyone on here are patients or ex-patients. Most are CP (Chronic Pain) patients and we try to help each other out with whatever type of expertise and knowledge that we possess from our unfortunate experience with our pain. We tell about our different experiences that we have had with different meds and different Dr's.
Avatar f tn My question is that I took him yesterday for his third colonoscopy/endoscopy in the last 3 years, and they were unable to see because his system wasn't clear. This is what happened the first 2 times. The gastro was flippant about it. Has anyone any experience with anything similar to what I'm talking about? Does anyone know an amazing gastro anywhere (but we live in NY) who could potentially help him?