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Avatar f tn And maybe go to a naturopath, they're more helpful then doctors when doctors can't give you any answers. My naturopath said I probably have a food sensitivity so I took a blood test and found out I was allergic dairy! I cut dairy out of my diet and I now feel absolutely fine!! I thought it was maybe meat or wheat, i never even thought about dairy! I would recomend getting a blood test to anyone who has IBS :) For more information:
Avatar m tn You have to remain open minded, but it arms you with the knowledge to ask all the correct questions, and get answers, and make some choices of your own as you are doing! Best of luck to you!
567392 tn?1216755126 What did the doctor say about the bruising and possible causes? I just had an endoscopy and colonoscopy on Thursday, February 26. The doctor thought I had crohn's disease, but then said I didn't after he performed the procedure. I was told I have a thickening of the colon so they are still trying to figure out. Do you have any more procedures scheduled? I go in this Thursday for a small bowel follow through. I'm not sure what they are looking for now. The dr.
Avatar m tn If you've ever had abdominal surgery, scar tissue can cause partial small bowel bowel obstructions. It sounds like you're in good hands, and I hope you get some answers after the colonoscopy. Try not to worry about it. I've had several and the prep was the worst part of it.
Avatar f tn He said to go ahead and have my test done with the other doc and good luck and call his office if I have any questions at all. I wanted to have my colonoscopy and endo done at the same time, but he said that's too much gas for the stomach at one time to handle (but left it up to me) I'll just get the colonoscopy done and then do the endo after the first of the year. To be honest, I''m "tested out." Just want to say I'm here praying for us both and know that everything will be okay.
Avatar f tn The colon was mildly edematous, and granularity noted, no ulceration present, random bx obtained. And I am curious as to why it hurts really bad on my right side and not my left? Should I be worried?
2124601 tn?1335158969 In a couple of weeks I'm going to be getting a colonoscopy and an endoscopy done at the same time. I've had both procedures done before (just not together) so I know what to expect as far as prep and all that other happy stuff. :) But having them done together has brought on some questions. Are the scopes done in the same room? Are they done at the same time? Do they change how they do the anesthesia? Any answers would be great. Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn After my mom passed away I too had questions and I phoned the doctor to explain what caused this and what if that..and he explained everything to me. Phone him and ask is your right to ask questions and expect answers. If you are still not satisfied with his answers and think his behavior was negligent and contributed to your mom's passing..get yourself some legal advice.
543435 tn?1282246279 When do you go for the consult and MRI? I think you need to do both and see what they say so you can have some further answers. Is the pain really bad? If so, ask for some prescription pain medicine. I wouldn't take the IBS diagnosis at all. For some reason, that is a very common thing the doctors say that women have (not to say that they don't have it). I was told that too and ended up with a foot of my intestine taken out. Good luck and let us know how you do!
Avatar n tn did a CEA (cancer tumor marker) that came back positive for colon cancer, thus me being sent to GI Spec. I had a colonoscopy and it was ok but it led him to my Esophagus and BINGO, there was the problem..Since the ulcers have healed my blood count has since returned to normal, first time in two yrs. However the cancer Dr. wont release me and I am concerned about that. I had invasive cancer in 95 and was declared cured and cancer free in 2000 and then wouldnt ya know it, Barretts shows up...
Avatar n tn I was given versed and demerol for the colonoscopy, and woke up in recovery to nurses and my husband asking me questions and I was unable to form words. Once i could, i told my husband i was glad it was over becuz i had just had a terrifying dream that i was in there screaming in pain and that i remembered and felt everything.
Avatar n tn I had severe pain during and after my colonoscopy with mid epigastric pain. My stomach is distended and it hurts to swallow. I have been walking to relieve the gas pains but still am not comfortable after 5 days. I think this is a barbaric procedure that MDs take lightly because they medicate you for the procedure but the inflammatory response can last for a long time after you get home.
765439 tn?1292964014 some gastro ection this my questions are know how hard it is seeing no answers to my questions here..
Avatar m tn i did one last week they did upper endoscopy and lower complete colonoscopy, they sedated me and put me asleep I woke up after wards not knowing the procedure was even done. i was also afraid of being put asleep but it actually was very pleasantand even after the operation i felt better than i ever did in a while did and took a nice nap afterwards.
329994 tn?1301666848 In addition, I have had two colonoscopies. The first in 12/2005, came back with polyps removed. and again I had a colonoscopy in 2/2008, nothing found but internal hemmerrhoids. In 2005, when I had the colonoscopy, I also had an endoscopy and it showed a hiatel hernia. This time around, the doctor said the hernia was unchanged. I would like to know from you, please, what other tests should be done and what questions should I ask my doctor?
765439 tn?1292964014 We just aren't educated to know what we are seeing, your doctor is and he is working for YOU, so he dropped the ball by not telling you what you are looking at. Go back and get answers. Take care.....
987242 tn?1335494370 My question is, could it be colitis and the colonoscopy not show anything? I've had issues for years and nothing was ever found in the colonoscopies, so why would something show now? I am happy and nervous at the same time. Glad to possibly have answers, but worried it will be another dead end. BTW I always have occult blood in my stoool samples and I have severe stomach pain with blood bowel movements, no stool with the blood usually.
Avatar n tn I have never done this before but after a while of being shipped here and there and nowhere to find nothing out, I WAS MAD and I let them know it. It did not get me answers but what it did was let the whole waiting room know how they treated me and I was encouraged to go to a whole new facility which I have already gotten farther with after one visit than I have in months with my old one. You know your body even better than them and just don't stop until all your questions are answered.
483733 tn?1326802046 A month and a half ago I started having some vague abdominal pain, bloating and gastrointestinal and urinary issues. I was worried it was another cyst or something to do with Lupus. Both he and I are concerned about my severe anemia. GP insisted it must be something related to my bowels and my J-pouch surgery and mused that he should send me to my surgeon in Toronto. He ordered a CT. Ends up nothing noted except for a 2.5 cm cyst on my remaining ovary and fluid in my uterus.
Avatar f tn I am a bit daunted having to wait 7 weeks for the colonoscopy and dreading what they might find! Was feeling so much more confident that I could put it all behind me...... keep up the good work. I find I have to be very watchful of diet too.
Avatar n tn and now need a colonoscopy and endoscopy. To make matters worse, in a firt of riba rage I tore up the colonoscopy papers and canceeled the tests. I dread the thought of drinking that stuff and then being in the bathroom all nite, I cannot fathom more stomach pain and weirdness right now. DALLAS, don't leave. PLEASE, we, the patients NEED you and each other. In the few months I have been here it seems those that cause the most problems are NOT the patients.
1203380 tn?1265571481 Does your GI tract make noise even more at the conferences? Especially if you are about to speak or are speaking? Have you had a colonoscopy and endoscopy? Hida scan for your gallbladder? Have you been tested for H-plori?
Avatar m tn Thanks for your response and your attempt to relieve my fears. So......Let me get this right........If a person has HepB AND THEY ARE SHOWING SYMPTOMS, then they would test positive. Correct? Therefore, since I am showing symptoms BUT I have tested NEGATIVE (at three and a half months) then I am not infected. Do I understand this correctly? I truly wish that the doctors could figure out what is causing my gut problems.
1627171 tn?1300562882 a few questions if you dont mind. How are his bowels? and were are the sparp pains located?. Does he vomit directly after eating? and is the pain worse after eating? Has he had his colon and upper stomach checked yet? What kind of foods does he eat, and does he take anything with asprin? caffine intake? Is he also getting fast sharp pains in his head?. Has his Vit D been checked yet also. There is a reason I am asking all these questions.. I have the same thing going on..
Avatar n tn If you do the endoscopy and colonoscopy together and something goes wrong after you are discharged than you complicate the emergency surgery. My husband had both done and started vomiting blood at home. He had to have energency surgery, but because he had had both proceedures done that morning the surgen had to predict where he was bleeding from. The result was an insision from his chest to his groin.
Avatar n tn I don't know the answers to your good questions, but I hope this gives you some additional food for thought. Sincerely, Concerned lady http://cantbreathesuspectvcd.
Avatar m tn Sent me for an adbominal sonogram and is requiring a colonoscopy before he will schedule a liver biospy! Why in the world would a colonoscopy be a requirement for a liver biopsy. Is that the "normal" procedure? I understand the sonogram, that makes sense. The waiting part of all of this is difficult and he wants me to wait longer for a biospy because of a colonoscopy? Anyone else have to do that? Any doctors out there that can tell me if that is a reasonable requirement.
Avatar n tn I know you are sick of getting so many questions, its just that all doctors are not taking any further action and Im battling on my own. Can this also be food related, like intolerance to pork?