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Avatar m tn I met with a gastro doc, and he gave me a fecal occult test, which was negative. He said, despite my family history, I can wait until age 40 to get my first colonoscopy. He recommended a fecal test annually until then. Is this reasonable? Of course, my dad's doc told him to tell his son to get a scope right away, so I'm confused. I am in good health. I do have ongoing problems with non-bacterial prostatitis, which sometimes manifests itself as a very painful, dull ache in my rectum.
Avatar f tn Hello, i am going to get a colonoscopy on friday. I have been having health issues for over a month and landed in the hospital on thursday night. My hospital does not perform colonoscopies so i had to make an appointment with a GI. I jist realized that when i called to make the appointment, they never told me if i had to do anything to prepare for it.
1454376 tn?1285302334 Exposure; August 19, 2010, testing: November 19, 2010)? Please respond. I took another HIV antibody test last October 19, 2010 (61 days after the possible exposure). It was non-reactive. Additional question: Do I still have to test either November 11 or 19, 2010 for a conclusive HIV test?
Avatar f tn I understand u r following américains guidelines but if you were in my country ans the guidelines were saying 6 weeks ? Would u follow the guidelines.
Avatar m tn s just turned four years since the colonoscopy (the consultant who did the colonoscopy also did a follow-up flexible sigmoidoscopy in September 2009). My GP said that as the polyp was benign there's no need for a further follow-up. However, I've read some guidelines for follow ups after a polypectomy which say a colonoscopy should be carried out after three years for polyps that are 10mm or larger.
Avatar m tn Hi there, have you had another colonoscopy since this posting in 2010? Just curious if you had the same Doctor again. I would like his name as I'm in San Diego also.
Avatar f tn my hausband had a Colonoscopy, 2 weeks ago, the results were Multiple polyprectomy, tortuous and redundant colon The biopsy results were: 1) 1 polyp o.9 cm diameter Biopsy from ascending colon:tubulovillous lesion with low grade dysplasia 2) 1 polyp o.9 cm diameter ascending and descending colonic biopsy fragments of colonic mucosa showing adenomatous change, low grade WHAT ARE THE TREATMENT RECOMMENDATION??
Avatar m tn pdf there are updates in 2010 from the liver vienna conference in april 2010 but available to members only but in general i have reported them in the community.
Avatar f tn My father was diagnosed at age 65 with colon cancer which ultimately caused his death (I get a colonoscopy every 5 years and haven't had a polyp yet). My question is, do you feel I should be tested for the BRCA1 & 2 gene mutations? I'm unsure what the current guidelines are for this test, but I do know that women of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage have this mutation more than the general population. I thank you for your assistance.
Avatar m tn There are 3 major Hepatitis B guidelines, 2 out of which are written after 2010: - Asian-Pacific one: - European one:
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy about 2 months ago and since I have had a bad rash/fungi on my buttocks. I went back to the Dr who did the colonoscopy and he suggested Tinactin be applied for day time and Balmx for nighttime. I am still having bouts of it. What do you suggest?
428506 tn?1296557399 Medical societies develop treatment guidelines for a long list of diseases. Insurance companies look to restrictive treatment guidelines to determine which treatments are covered. Treatment that falls outside the guidelines is deemed “experimental” and typically not covered. The I DSA Lyme Disease Review Panel was created as part of a settlement with the Connecticut Attorney General.
Avatar f tn I have had bouts of diarrhea since May, 2010, after many antibiotics for 2 sinus infections. My gastroenterology doctor did a colonoscopy, small bowel study, stool culture & blood work. I already have chrones disease & divertucula. He did not see any changes in either of these & all tests came out negative. He told me to take imodium. When I take the imodium, it will help control the diarrhea for a day. I cannot go anywhere because of the diarrhea problem.
Avatar f tn I recently had a colonoscopy done. Luckily everything was fine and the doctor told me I didn't have to have it done again for another 10 years. I was wondering if the scopes used in the colonoscopy procedures can spread HPV from the anal canal, if one is infected, to other parts of the colon.
Avatar m tn On THIS forum, we adhere to official US guidelines, not guidelines from other countries. We go by what the people who manufacture the tests say. We have discussed this exact topic a million times. Until the guidelines change, our advice won't. We tell people all the time that there results are promising and reassuring at certain points, but for definitive results, 3 months remains our advice.
Avatar n tn along with many other things. you should have a full detailed physical at 50yo including a colonoscopy.
Avatar n tn WB is the best way to rule out false positives.
Avatar m tn I also have the same HSV2 level as you. Did you get further testing because I am feeling dazed and confused also.
Avatar n tn the issue is in the 2010 cdc herpes guidelines.
Avatar f tn I would be more apt to go with the American guidelines, however, I am not sure what you mean by "European guidelines" because in France our guideline is as the American guidelines. Malignant polyps are NOT usually left in. In what countries have you consulted physicians?
Avatar f tn My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer in Dec 2010. They removed 4 inches of his colon followed by 6 months (50 hours every other wee) of chemo. No catscans were done to check any other organs at the completetion of this. In April of this year, his blood work came back (bad) is what they called it. They gave him a colonoscopy which came back non cancerous, however, the surgeon wanted to be sure and did another, again coming back clean.
1711238 tn?1308267810 Just one thing? Do you have a website link for the CDC testing guidelines for 2010? I checked the CDC website and wasn't able to find them. Thanks.
Avatar m tn I had a complete colonscopy february 2010 and surgery july 2010 and follow up check sept 2010. the have done surgery the polyp and the skin tags all came back benign. the doctor who done the sugery was from colorectal specialist and the last one i have seen who has done this DRE was gastroenterologist from same department.
Avatar m tn Hello, in Dec. 2010 I got a pres for Levaquinn 500 and took this until around 12/17/2010, the sinus infection did not subside (I took levaquinn probably 2 - 2 1/2 years before always for sinus too). Therefore, I went back to an immediate care place versus my doctor and was prescribed Augmentin 875 2x day for 7 days.