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978488 tn?1295472483 I also read on Internet that if you have that the ultra sound will show lots of gas above the obstruction area on the ultrasound. Could it be endomitriosis causing the blockage if it is one ? I also should tell you that I have had blood in my stool for over a year now. Waiting to see a gastro dr soon. Any ideas what this is ? These episodes come out of nowhere and are so bad that I feel like dying when they come on it is so scary. Please if you have any ideas??
Avatar f tn i had a colonoscopy the other day. the dr went around the first 'bend', but couldn't push thru any further. he said that he didn't want to push any further because he didn't want to 'tear' anything. he was being very vague about why it was blocked. i am not having any pain and my BMs are normal. i thought there was a scope on the end of these things so you can see what you are looking at. why couldn't he tell me what the blockage was? couldn't he see what was blocking the way?
Avatar f tn A friend of mines told me that my intestines could have a blockage, but is that one of the things they look for when you have a colonoscopy done. I really don't know what the problem is I tried everything even laxative and I still don't have a bowel movement. Desparately looking for some help.
Avatar n tn Last 4 years have suffered 21 episodes of intestinal blockage which they assume is caused by radiation fibrosis the result of radiation received in 1963. Local doc's are afraid to mess with it and possibly make it worse. Anyone have any idea how to prevent this from happening or how to stop the process before it gets to dehydration, muscle cramps, and unconsciousness.
264121 tn?1313033056 I forgot to mention that I have apparently developed some type of intestinal blockage and I'd love to tell you what type, but I don't have a copy of the report. Now, the annoying thing about this is that THIS is the same intestinal prob that my hep doc's nurse prac was supposed to set up a colonoscopy for about seven or eight weeks ago.
Avatar m tn Have they checked him for any blockage? Maybe he should get a colonoscopy and see if there is any problem going on. If that is negative then it may be diet related. If it is diet related maybe he needs to cut way back on meat and eat more of a whole plant based diet with whole grains and veggies. Eat less and more often with small portions. Read the Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall. Also, low fat. But it sound like it could be a blockage of some sort.
Avatar f tn If there are continuing symptoms of constipation and changes in stool character, a colonoscopy is advised. If negative, more specialized tests like an endorectal ultrasound as well as motility studies can be discussed. Blood tests to evaluate the thyroid can be done as well. A low thyroid level can lead to the described changes in bowel habits. These options can be discussed with your personal physician.
Avatar m tn the stool actually turned very watery and green an went around the blockage for a while - I wasn't eating due to constant vomiting so I was told this was actually bile that came out. If these meds didn't work after a week I was told I would have to have surgery. I am sharing with you what the doctors had me do and what they told me...
Avatar f tn I am scheduled for a barium enema next week--had a colonoscopy in June which they could not complete because of a narrow, tortuous colon. I'm wondering about the logic of having a barium enema--so if they find polyps, then what? I can't have a colonoscopy to remove them so am I expected to have surgery? Don't exactly feel like having a barium enema frequently just to "check" on them.
Avatar m tn I had my first colonoscopy in 2001 in which a golfball size polyp was removed. The polyp was determined to be nonmalignant. In 2003 and 2007 I repeated the procedure with no issues. In October (2009) I began to have blood in my stool and was not able to have a normal bowel movement. I was scheduled for a colonoscopy in December. I had the procedure on 07 December. The doctor removed "part" of a polyp that was growing in the same location as the one removed in 2001.
527589 tn?1301681778 I had a colonoscopy friday morning. It says on the report they gave me that I had numerous polyps, one 18 mm in size, that thye removed. Also it says I didn't tolerate the procedure well (I remember moaning and groaning and begging them to stop)as my bowel was twisted. I slept most of friday and into saturday. I noticed this morning that I was very sore just above and to the right of my belly button. Also below and to the left.
Avatar f tn I've posted before. My colonoscopy went well and my large bowel is in perfect condition. But I still have nausea and diarrhea. I've been sick for six months and I'm 55. Antacid meds constipate me. Bulking agents don't change anything. Yogurt probiotics help, but I'm still sick. An antibiotic didn't help. Let me describe my diarrhea, so maybe someone will relate and can help me.
Avatar f tn which is my only vice. I have my colonoscopy scheduled for the 19th of December and doctor wants to run a tube down my esophagus to see what else is going on in there right after that; should I do that test before the colonoscopy? What else could it be and should I be doing anything else? I also had an abdominal ultrasound done last week and everything turned out normal. I carry arounf 40-50 pounds of stenographer equipment everyday, so just wondering if I could have ruptured something.
Avatar m tn I have been on Remicade since 1999 and I have a colonoscopy every 2 years. My last colonoscopy was about a month ago and went well, except I started feeling bloated and fatigued and constipated most of the day. Is it possible that something went wrong with the colonoscopy that changed my digestive system?
Avatar n tn Okay, so I have Ulcerative Colitis. Since my colonoscopy and gastroscopy almost a week ago, my digestive system hasn't functioned properly and I feel constipated. Is this common following the procedure?
Avatar m tn He said that because I had passed the watery stool that morning that everything is working fine. The idea of a partial blockage never even entered the equation. His recommendation was for me to go home and double up on my Miralax dosage. He did schedule me for a colonoscopy three weeks from now just to make sure everything is alright. So here I am, a week out and still have not had a bm.
Avatar n tn com/health/intestinal-obstruction/DS00823/DSECTION=causes For ruling out all these possibilities,several investigations like ultrasound,CT abdomen,colonoscopy and blood tests are required.In my opinion a gastroenterologist will be the best person to guide you.Pls consult him as soon as possible. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing.
765439 tn?1292964014 1-i have hemmorhoids due to my stomach issues/ im scared that the colonoscopy will hurt badly due to also scared that even if it doesnt hurt during the will aggravate the hemmorhoids so badly that they will hurt afterwords... any thoughts? 2-i have a chest injury from lifting weights. and i havent gotten it resolved, because the orthopedic doctor iwentt to was useless. its around the sternum area. i have heard that a side effect of the upper gi is chest pain...
Avatar m tn About 4 years ago during a routine Echo stress we discovered I had blockage in the LAD and diagonal. I had drug-eluting stents put in and I have been on 75MG Plavix, 50MG Toprol XL, 81mg aspirin, and 80mg simvastatin ever since. I never had any symptoms and I still have none. Just wondering about a professional opinion about being on these medications for life as well as the efficacy of generic drugs. I obviously am also concerned about possible restenosis in the stents.
Avatar n tn I also noticed that this area was quite sensitive to the pressing down (although he was quite gentle during the procedure). He has recommended I have a colonoscopy to further investigate the mass he detected (which we have scheduled). What I am so concerned and bothered about is the fact I have expressed to several doctors for approx. 2 years now that my stomach has become descended and is rock-hard.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with this after numerous tests my gastologist found it by doing a ct scan with contrast. I also have had a a EGD and colonoscopy. I have been referred back to a general surgeon for surgery but in the ct scan it also showed a small blockage to my right kidney could this be fromthe smas?
Avatar m tn I had a routine colonoscopy 7 weeks ago. This is the second one I have had in my life. The first two weeks after it, I had diarrhea daily, then for 2 weeks I had no bowel movements but had gas and a bit of clear oily discharge when trying to have a bowel movement. I went to doctors and then to emergency at a local hospital. I started taking lactulose and fiber as advised my the doctor. I had an enema before going to the hospital.
1393505 tn?1280167894 The gp insists as a routine I get a colonoscopy as part of this health systems desired management. So ok I go and describe my ailment over 30 years and the doc starts talking about ciliacs disease which doesn't make sense to me because there is a definitive line post cancer surgery with stomach issues.
Avatar n tn My mom who is 78 had this problem plus extreme cramping if she did eat. Turned out to be a blockage in her intestines so it may definately be worth a Dr visit. She was in the hospital for 4 days after a colonoscopy confirmed the blockage.
Avatar f tn Hello - After having endoscopy, colonoscopy, cat scan, xray, and ultrasound, and the gallbladder is still not visualized and it definitely was not removed, could parasites clonorchis or opisthorchis have destroyed it over years of gnawing?
Avatar m tn At times there is a lot of pressure, and sometimes almost not make it to the bathroom. I had colonoscopy 10 yrs ago with a single polyp removed (non-cancerous): and follow up colonoscopy not quite 4 yrs ago was negative, but the surgeon came up against a blockage that he could not get past, and told me it was "probably just a sharp turn in the bowel" and did not recommend any further follow up. Any advice? Insurance only covers a colonoscopy every 5 years.
Avatar m tn But I feel something blockage is present inside my Large Intestine. Everyday I go toilet 2 to 3 times in 1 hour interval time that is in the morning between 8.00 AM to 9.00 AM. I have consulted a general physician, he gave me some medicine to clear the bowel. But it did not help. Then he prescribed me to get the stool test done. The test is absolutely normal. Finally he suggested me to see a Gastroenterologist and get the colonoscopy done.
Avatar n tn ultra sound showed no blockage in liver or gallbladder, colonoscopy and endoscopy found polyp in colon and polyps in stomach... i hav eupper right quadrant pain.. lost 20 pounds. non hepatitis c and b both test non reactive. can anyone please help me?
Avatar n tn I've had a zillion tests, barium enema, CT with contrast, upper gi, colonoscopy, endoscopy, sitz markert test(which showed how slow things were). So my question is, Is there a test that can show if there is a partial blockage on the inside of my small intestine where those scopes can't reach? The other night in the ER I was in doubled over pain for 6 hours and then I was fine. So I believe the backed up food finally went through.