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Avatar m tn I met with a gastro doc, and he gave me a fecal occult test, which was negative. He said, despite my family history, I can wait until age 40 to get my first colonoscopy. He recommended a fecal test annually until then. Is this reasonable? Of course, my dad's doc told him to tell his son to get a scope right away, so I'm confused. I am in good health. I do have ongoing problems with non-bacterial prostatitis, which sometimes manifests itself as a very painful, dull ache in my rectum.
Avatar f tn Hello, i am going to get a colonoscopy on friday. I have been having health issues for over a month and landed in the hospital on thursday night. My hospital does not perform colonoscopies so i had to make an appointment with a GI. I jist realized that when i called to make the appointment, they never told me if i had to do anything to prepare for it.
624231 tn?1223873542 March 7, 2008 I had severe stomach pain with n/v. and then again Aug 25 2008 for the same reason. Was rushed to ER, CT, US of abd/pelvis showed, multiple cyst in my left ovary( measuring up to1.7 cm) with free fluid build up in cervix. Cervix is slighthly enlarged. I had colonoscopy in Set 9 2008 showed normal colon. With pain in my pelvis and my bloated abdomen that I look like 7months pregnant and getting bigger.
Avatar n tn mady, bram, thanks for your comments - my AST was 27 in April 2008 and jumbed to 50 when I got tested in November 2008. I dont have my most recent results yet. the doc just said that the viral load is stable and same as before so dont need to worry. what i was worried about was the fact that 4000 copies / ml is not very small, its almost halfway to the recommended load for therapy. but as you said, I should wait for my AST/ALT results before worrying too much.
Avatar m tn s just turned four years since the colonoscopy (the consultant who did the colonoscopy also did a follow-up flexible sigmoidoscopy in September 2009). My GP said that as the polyp was benign there's no need for a further follow-up. However, I've read some guidelines for follow ups after a polypectomy which say a colonoscopy should be carried out after three years for polyps that are 10mm or larger.
Avatar n tn and couple of rounds of treatment (Oct. 2008-Jan. 2009), and my Mom had it from Aug. 2008-April 2009), but never heard about this before. Had colonoscopy June 7 for rectal bleeding. About 6 weeks after the colonoscopy (which came back 100% normal), passed mucus twice and have had diarrhea and liquid stools since. Yesterday, rapid C. Diff. stool test came back negative. Still, I think I have C. Diff.---albeit milder case than before. (False negative rate with rapid tests is high.
Avatar n tn 71 yr old female relatiave good health (i.e. still breathing, that is) .... will need a '3-yr' repeat colonoscopy about 6-8 weeks post 2-eye cataract removal that were done 2 weeks apart, last being June 25, 2008. husband is concerned about positioning required during the colonoscopy and possible ''damages' (only term we can think of ) to the relatively new cataracts because of the necessity of body/head positioning during the procedure.
Avatar f tn my hausband had a Colonoscopy, 2 weeks ago, the results were Multiple polyprectomy, tortuous and redundant colon The biopsy results were: 1) 1 polyp o.9 cm diameter Biopsy from ascending colon:tubulovillous lesion with low grade dysplasia 2) 1 polyp o.9 cm diameter ascending and descending colonic biopsy fragments of colonic mucosa showing adenomatous change, low grade WHAT ARE THE TREATMENT RECOMMENDATION??
Avatar f tn My father was diagnosed at age 65 with colon cancer which ultimately caused his death (I get a colonoscopy every 5 years and haven't had a polyp yet). My question is, do you feel I should be tested for the BRCA1 & 2 gene mutations? I'm unsure what the current guidelines are for this test, but I do know that women of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage have this mutation more than the general population. I thank you for your assistance.
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Avatar f tn s advice about how one can consider themselves most likely not contagious after being wart free for 3 months. Despite using a condom, during last December (or January 2008) I acquired low risk HPV. I had an outbreak of external genital warts the first week of March 2008. I never had internal warts. I used Aldara and was cleared of warts by early June 2008. I have yet to have a recurrence.
Avatar n tn ve done many tests including colonoscopy, blood work, stool test, lactose test, upper GI with small bowel. But all came out to be negative. I don't know what's causing it. Neither does my dr. I have been taking imodium to help control my symptoms. But i don't know if i can take that all my life. I've tried gluten free diet but nothing. I have 3-4 bowel movements a day if i don't take imodium. and my stools are very loose.
Avatar f tn I recently had a colonoscopy done. Luckily everything was fine and the doctor told me I didn't have to have it done again for another 10 years. I was wondering if the scopes used in the colonoscopy procedures can spread HPV from the anal canal, if one is infected, to other parts of the colon.
511091 tn?1211149660 I recently had a colonoscopy done in a hospital, and when the anesthesiologist found out I had sleep apnea, he insisted on intubating me. He was very rude about it, and I explained that I've had 2 colonoscopies done in the past and wasn't intubated for either of them. I woke up OK, but I was so scared I was going to be awake when they put the tube in or took it out. He told me he didn't want me to desaturate during the procedure.
Avatar n tn along with many other things. you should have a full detailed physical at 50yo including a colonoscopy.
Avatar f tn I would be more apt to go with the American guidelines, however, I am not sure what you mean by "European guidelines" because in France our guideline is as the American guidelines. Malignant polyps are NOT usually left in. In what countries have you consulted physicians?
471949 tn?1236904026 now it appears that the VA is saying it could be nationwide and is telling ALL VETS who have had a colonoscopy in the past 10 years at any VAMC to be tested. Please read!!! Please get tested if this applies to you! Vets are already sick!
Avatar n tn The heart size is normal. the lung bases are clear There is a subcentimeter cyst in the left liver, there is a 1 cm enhancing nodule in the anterior left liver seen on series e, image 11. there is no biliary dilation. There is an 8 mm hemangioma in the inferior right liver which is collaborated with ehe rest of the liver in the delayed phases can. there is another hemangioma in the anterior right liver measuing 6 mm. This seen on series 3, image 30.
Avatar n tn Mom age 61 had CA 125 38 in May 2008, now it is 45. No history of hyst or ooparectomy. Pelvic/transvaginal ultrasound was negative summer 2008. BRAC 1 and 2 show my mom did not inherit the gene. Her mother (my grandmother) just died of ovarian cancer. We did not have gene testing done for her. My mom has a history of fibrocystic breast - may 2008 breast u.s. shows benign finding. Normal colonoscopy in 2007. Do you think she needs to be concerned about the 45 CA 125 with the above info?
Avatar n tn He ran an endoscopy, an enteroscopy, and an ultrasound and found nothing. Now he is going to do a colonoscopy. The GI doc thinks it could either be SMA Sydrome (Superior Mesenteric Artery-it's where part of your duodenum gets compressed under the aorta, creating a blockage) or possibly Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Although, he says that if it is IBS, it's the MOST EXTREME case of it he's ever seen. One thing to note, I have Fibromyalgia. My G.I.
922679 tn?1249089446 At the age of 22 I underwent EGD and colonoscopy to evaluate stubborn stomach pains and irregularities. The EGD showed h. pylori, and the colonoscopy revealed 2 small, adenomatous polyps. I was told to have another colonoscopy in three years, and that occurred yesterday. I hoped and prayed that it would come back clean, but alas, it did not. In the three short years since my last torture session, I had grown two new "medium-sized, polypoid, broad-based polyps.
572651 tn?1530999357 They have on their bill “We provide assistance for individuals and families with income at or below 400% of the federal poverty guidelines.” According to 2008 guidelines for the FPL- a household of 2 is $14,000 or the 400% figure makes an income cap of $56,000. A family of four the FPL is $21,200, with the cap of 400% at $84,800.