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Avatar f tn My husband is going in for a colonoscopy soon and the dr gave him a presc to take prior to this. My question is: If he takes ducolax all 4 at 1 time plus 255 grams of Polyethylene Glycol mixed in 64 oz of gatorade and drinks it all in 3 hrs, isn't this a poisen? I understand that the Glycol should only be taken 17 grams a day! So why would someone take the whole bottle in 3 hours. I would assume there could be devastating effects.?
Avatar f tn I'm having a colonoscopy two days prior to a single fiber EMG. Can the drugs used for sedation during the colonoscopy, or any other medications for that matter, interfere with the results of the EMG? The drugs for the colonoscopy will likely be Versed, Demerol, or anti-nausea medication. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Powerade also keeps you hydrated (: but gatorade does too & yes water too. Drinking alottt of water is good!
Avatar f tn Gatorade gives me heartburn .
Avatar f tn Is it bad to be drinking too much Gatorade during pregnancy because of the amount of sugar?
212161 tn?1599427282 I also understand that it can be full of sugar which is another trigger for ectopic beats. As well please keep in mind that Gatorade is full of sodium so if you have any blood pressure issues you should probably avoid it for that reason alone. Gatorade and similar drinks are really designed for people who work out vigorously to get a quick electrolyte replenishment and not for casual drinking.
Avatar n tn I had a colonoscopy two days ago. Unfortunately, I became dehydrated during the prep for the test and started passing out in the middle of the night before the test. I was dehydrated when they went to put in the IV for the anesthesia. Since the test, I continue to feel light headed and dizzy. I am drinking fluids, and have had my first normal bowel movement today. Could the dizziness and light-headedness still be related to the test somehow?
Avatar f tn I'm having a Colonoscopy and Lower GI done tomorrow. I forgot to take the Milk of Magnesia last night. I have the Ducolax and Miralax to take with Green Gatorade. Will I still be able to have test done. I have been going the bathroom regular for the last 2 days. Thank you.
Avatar n tn How about the gatorade you think you could do that...its 64oz of gatorade with miralax mixed into it....I flatly refused to do that 4 litre prep and he gave me this one to do, it really was not that bad and not violent at all, as of the preps can be. I was supposed to take 4 laxatives before I went to bed, which I also refused to do, but I did take one pill. I had the scope done...and the doc said the prep was good....I urge to try something like that...
Avatar f tn Have they done a colonoscopy? I would think they have. Keep yourself well hydrated with water and Gatorade to replenish your electrolytes in the meantime. There are sevearl conditions that can cause severe diarrhea, your Gi needs to be more aggressive with testing.
1662361 tn?1302762372 I just feel sick, food makes me sick, all I want to do is drink Gatorade. Any Ideas? The dr keeps saying I have a balder infection, but I take the meds it gets better.
Avatar f tn Looking for feedback and experience from other women or men experiencing life with a tortuous redundant colon. was told that I have this when a routine colonoscopy was performed. Since having the colonoscopy it is very rare for me to pass gas like I used to and feel bloated and full in my stomach very often but still get Hunger Pains which makes it hard to eat. I was told to get the colonoscopy in the first place because I was experiencing hard stool but still went to the bathroom everyday.
Avatar f tn no Gatorade. ....I loved Gatorade but mii doctor told me not drink it or only drink 8 oz bottle. ..
Avatar f tn My obgyn told me to drink Gatorade or ginger ale when I am having morning sickness. But I hate the after taste of both and all's I want to drink is water. But when I drink water I end up sicker. If there any way around the after taste?
Avatar n tn The nurse at his office told me drink Powerade over Gatorade because of the salt and sugar in Gatorade. But right after I saw my doctor and he said no don't drink either, just water and milk. I love milk but I still get sick from water so personally I still drink Powerade I just limit how much.
Avatar f tn I was having morning sickness fo two weeks non stop..I started drinking Gatorade n na I'm feelin almost back to my old self again...
Avatar f tn Any time I drink red gatorade I get sick. Even if its just a little bit. Does anyone else have this issue with red gatorade? If I'm allergic to something in it does that affect the baby?
Avatar m tn Antibiotics: For the operation she was given melittase for 15 days and then ciprofloxacine for another 15 days . A total of 30 days.
Avatar m tn I have had several blood tests, xrays and even had a upper endoscopy that revealed some inflammation due to extra acid and a colonoscopy that all came back clear. Wednesday im headed in for a HIDA test with a CCK for my gallbladder to check that out, but I cant see how that is causing anything as I have no pain. The thing that helps about 95% of the time is lactulose solution that makes me pass gas and go to the bathroom.
Avatar f tn What were the results of your colonoscopy? Keep yourself well hydrated with water and especially Gatorade to replenish your electrolytes. Also, orange juice and bananas to maintain your potassium level. With diarrhea and vomiting you can become dehydrated very easily and this alone will slow down the digestion process causing pain and even vomiting. Stay well hydrated while you search for answers and this alone may help with your problem. I wish you all the best.