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Avatar f tn I have just had a colonoscopy does anyone know what it means if you have rectal erythema ?
Avatar f tn I was bleeding from my colon and that’s why an endoscopy and colonoscopy were done in the first place... how in the hell will my camera be taken out? They say it’s stuck in my colon. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn How bad is it to do a Colonoscopy? Aren't there some better alternatives than to have to drink stuff and be put out for the procedure?
Avatar n tn I recommend swallowing the PillCam instead of having colonoscopy -- you have electrodes for camera attached, swallow a pill, go home and wait 10 hours or so, then you bring the camera back and flush the pill :-) I swallowed the PillCam ESO to check my esophogas for varices... had none. I would recommend this instead of endoscopy down the throat. I had electrodes for camera attached, swallowed the pill, tech slowly elevated back of exam table and after 10 minutes I went home.
1478992 tn?1287429445 I recently had some tests that indicate that I may have need for a colonoscopy. However, I am well aware of the dangers of this test and the fact that it has only a 40% accuracy rate what other tests are there that have a better results factor and possibly less chance of adverse side effects. My CEA test that came back 9.3 ng/ml and that combined with a Low Lymphocyte count of 12% and MCH 26.1, MCHC 31.
Avatar f tn Had a very traumatic colonoscopy 6 days ago. Very bad cramps. My insides felt bruised. I was in and out within an hour. I had sedation but doctor proceeded before it started working.i felt everything was in so much pain had to stop the procedure. I was sweating, screaming in agony. About to be sick and he was still shoving that camera and he knew sedation hadn't worked because twice he asked if I felt doppy and twice I said no. I had 2mg midazolam,100mcg fentanyl, 20mg buscopan.
Avatar n tn My mother had a blockage in her small intestines that they could not see on saturday night. She was given a colonoscopy and of course they couldn't get the camera up there. They ended up doing surgery to find the blockage, but found she had a tear in her intestines along with infection, which lead to sepsis and her passing this wednesday. She did have complications like diverticulitus, but please tread carefully.
Avatar f tn Sounds like you definitely need a colonoscopy (camera through your colon). This can be arranged by your GP. I was passing mucas as well, and after a colonoscopy, they found diviticulitis (inflammation of the bowel and pockets where bacteria build up and can cause mucas).
Avatar m tn Do you have any family history of colon cancer? Have you had colonoscopy? If you don't get a satisfactory answer, insist on colonoscopy.
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if this could be realted to pre menopause. When you finally do go to the bathroom have you ever noticed any blood in your stool or in the toilet at all? I know you have had several tests but you didn't mention anything about a colonoscopy. I would recommend you have one. It is an easy easy prodedure and you are put on a heavy heavy drug so you don't even know what is going on.
Avatar f tn I've been reading alot of posts on here regarding liver cysts and feel better that I'm not alone. I had some bloating and pain in my abdomen with bulging, saw a surgeon with what I thought was a hernia and was told a diastasis which is a tearing of the abdominal wall. I've had 5 abdominal surgeries which has left my wall very thin and weak. This all started with a violent episode of diarrhea in March.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, My name is Charles and I find it bizarre that I only started to get traces of blood in my stool only AFTER my colonoscopy, and I still get the traces even after several months! Here is my situation: I was suffering from major constipation and IBD for an entire year! And only after over ONE YEAR LATER, I underwent a colonoscopy test for further investigation.
1509970 tn?1290036714 Thanks to every one who has gave me information ive made an appointment to see different doctor.Ive also been to a/e and they want to put a camera in both ends an xray showed that i have intestine blockage.Although they did not help with hcv i asked if they could refer me as my doctor wont they said its not down to them.Being on this site i have met alot of very nice people if they can hang in there im sure i can to.Once again thanks to all who helped me GOD BLESS YOU ALL.
Avatar f tn Do I have an appointment first with the doctor to discuss my symptoms AND THEN he either does/doesn't recommend a colonoscopy for the 2nd appointment? Or, do I just order a colonoscopy done by a doctor who doesn't know my symptoms? What happens in a colonoscopy and how dangerous is it? Is it expensive?
Avatar m tn Jul 06, 2013 i see where a Dr. Kokil MathurBlank answered a post recently about crohn's and some tests returning negative. "...which may at times go undetected on colonoscopies as the gut involved may be higher up. Hope this helps. Take care! " my question is how does a doctor "see" higher up in the gut? i know colonoscopy from the rear goes in a bit, and then the endoscopy from the throat goes down a bit. so what do you doctors used to get good image inbetween there?
Avatar n tn They can't get into the jenunum with either the EGD or the colonoscopy, so you don't have an answer to whether or not you truly have Crohn's yet. And unless you have Crohn's colitis or ulcerative colitis, nothing would be seen in the large intestine. The SBFT will help give you an answer, but make sure you also discuss the pill camera and running a series of tests such as the Prometheus Serology 7 test which shows 'markers' for Crohn's in some individuals early on.
Avatar m tn I just had the capsule endoscopy, last month. From what I learned the capsule "goes where noone has gone before" The endoscopy only reaches so far down and the colonoscopy only reaches so far up. The capsule camera sees everything in between. It cannot take samples or remove suspicious tissue but at least they were able (for me) to find the strictures that have been making may life torture.
Avatar f tn Did you only have an endoscopy, or was it a colonoscopy? If only an endoscopy, then a colonoscopy would be your next step, especially if it hasn't been that long ago and they found nothing. I think I would find a different gastroenterologist, and sit down and discuss your past problems and go from there.
Avatar f tn p was jumping the gun you can always seek a 2nd opinion, were any blood /urine tests done? a colonoscopy involves a flexi tube with a camera being passed through the rectum, it can pick up any polyps or lumps that should not be there, if the g.
1865500 tn?1326967626 ahhh thanks not got back sooner i have been bit off , i am having a ct scan on friday , will that show very mild crohns ??
568812 tn?1379165794 Im so scared of getting it done, but i know i have to cause the indigestion, belching, heartburn is still there and im getting more sharp pains in my tummy. i guess im just afraid of gagging and it feeling really freaky when the camera is down. So i just wanted to ask who has had one and how did it go? anyone else getting one soon?
Avatar f tn Your getting a colonoscopy? If thats what ur having done, Ive had 3 colonoscopies total just not during pregnancy. I was put under so didnt feel anything. The prep for it was very nasty though lol. Ur going to be awake? Whats the rsason?
Avatar f tn i am awaiting to go to hospital for a camera down my throat to check my insides. my joints hurt, back ache and have not had a period for 4 months, i have been tested to see if i'm going through the menopause and results came back negative. also gave me a pregnancy test too (came back negative). if anyone can help me would really appreciate it as i am very worried.
Avatar f tn Is your spelling correct? Colonoscopy is an exam using a camera. Colonostomy is major surgery involving abdomens, intestines, holes and plastic bags that need changing periodically.
Avatar f tn No a colonoscopy won't stop baby from developing. It's just a camera. But they don't recommend that you do that because of all the laxatives and not eating for 24hrs. Talk to your ob about it.
Avatar n tn I had x-rays, CT scan, and blood work. The doctor said I needed to have a colonoscopy. I went to my family doctor and she set up a colonoscopy and said my scan showed sludge, so she set up another scan to check my gall bladder. This was 4 days from my ER visit, I was still bleeding, still had diarrhea and stomach pain.
621217 tn?1289009087 there is the camera pill that is an alternative to the colonoscopy. You still have to go thru the same prep as a colonoscopy. and lets face it, the prep is by far the worst part of the whole ordeal.