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Avatar n tn can colon cancer cause back pain? I have lower back pain , have had skinny riibboned shaped #2. now have to strain and seems less and less is happening!
Avatar n tn After doing a colon cleanse I developed back pain it's more like a frying feeling right where the sigmoid colon is located. If I don't take a cleanse pill I get constipated now and when I use the pill I get this feeling of frying in my back. Now I feel like my insides ovaries and uterus is going to fall out. I have a history of ovarian cyst the simple cyst I get them all the time the bust and cause this frying feeling to but in lower stomach.
Avatar f tn I have had lower pain in my left side and around my back for 5 days. It feels like gas but took medicine and did not help. it hurts when i eat and then have to go to bathroom what could this be?
Avatar n tn easing up and then coming back. We know diverticulitis causes stomach pain that goes into your back, and most GI doctors would want you on antibiotics with the first symptom of an attack. Since it has gone away I doubt it's your diverticulitis because when it flares up it doesn't get better without antibiotics. The narrowing in your colon has a "cause" and this needs to be addressed.
446049 tn?1649005835 It is in my lower back (minor pain) and my middle to upper and right side of back. Chiropractor seems to think joints along thoracic spine and arthritis. On a side note - I was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in 2008 and had surgery and six months of chemotherapy (during this time, not much back pain). It's been 1 year since chemo ended and back pain is worse then ever. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!
Avatar n tn Such dosages are ineffective for this sort of pain. If the pain is colon pain, an antispasmodic can help with the pain, but the problem with the antispasmodic if the colon is already slow and tends to be constipated already, the antispasmodic can worsen that kind of problem as well, because it will slow the colon down even more. A hot water bottle may help with the pain--some.
Avatar m tn The pain is worst in the evening, as if something inside my rectum was pushing itself up the colum. and the pain in lower back seems to be more persistent, dull but continuous. I also feel sick and got a headache but no urge to vomit.
Avatar m tn The summer of 09 I had surgery for colon cancer at Johns Hopkins. For the last 9 months Ive had pain in the right lower side of my abdomen. Walking, sitting,standing. Tends to be worse when I cross my legs..
Avatar n tn After 4-5 hours of sleep, I awake during the night, founding myself with crampy, pressure like, lower abdominal pain on both sides. I don´t have any problems with my stools. If I get out of bed, then the pain will go away in 15-20 minutes. I don´t have this pain during the day. What can it be? Can you help me?
231903 tn?1281482584 1) I have constant (non-stop) lower back pain (right above my bottom). It started out in the center of my lower back, but its more on the left side now. Occasionally it will shoot pain around to my left side, even sometimes through my buttocks and upper legs. This has been constant since feb 12. 2) a few days ago i randomly struck a fever that was consistant for about 8 hours (stayed between 101 and 102) Then the next day, no fever.
Avatar f tn Hello Boron, I like your answers, for the past 20yrs I have been having bowel problems I have lower abdominal pain and lower back pain with a clear jell like secreation from my rectum... I have had numerous blood tests which all come back normal.... I had several scopes and was dianosed with IBS BUT I am not happy with the diagianoses what can it be or what else can i be tested for????
Avatar m tn Is it possible that diverticulosis may have developed in my ascending colon? The pain in my lower abdomen is not like the pain I had when I had diverticulitis but I can't help but wonder if this is what I have again. Thank you.
Avatar m tn For example, had you have known that the heavy wallet you kept for the past 30 years in your right rear pocket couple with driving an automobile with the seat all the way back, plus adding in an extra 20 pounds around the waste is the real problem not the pain in your back. The wallet causing you to sit off center and the driving with your legs straight out forces you to pull on your lower back instead of pulling the seat closer using more of your knees than back might show you some relief.
Avatar n tn I've been having pain and discomfort in my lower right abdomen and colon area. There has been some feeling of pressure and some sharp pain as well as some dull and a few times prickly pain. It is increased when I have gas bubbles passing through that area. I'll get the pain and then alittle while later, I emit the gas bubble externally. The other times I get the pain is when I'm stressed, believe it or not.
Avatar n tn i get side pain on my right lower hip, right between the pelvic bone and the hip bone. the pain goes back about 2 inches and feels like im being stabbed. its not constant, but every few minutes depending if i move or not. i went to a doctor and he said i had a weak intestinal wall, but he didnt treat it because he wasnt sure how or if he was even right. are there other problems in this area? he ruled out ovaries and apendix.
Avatar f tn As i said yesterday i still dont have pain in my lower back but it feels like the muscle between my pubic mound and hip is tender. Do you think thiis could be to do with my reproductive organs or sigmoid colon? (although it feels more in the crease of my leg?? Thanks again, it is reassuring to have someone i can talk to about this.
Avatar f tn Everytime i type in, Lower abdomen, lower back and butt pain, nothing really comes up, other than pregnancy stuff, and im not pregnant!!! Thanks, Rachel Read more: http://www.justanswer.
Avatar m tn I have had recurring left side lower back pain that I think could be related to the colon. It only occurs in the morning (I usually go to the bathroom to relieve in the morning) and has been happening for a few months now. My health problems started 2 years ago with pain on the left lower back as well, and doctors still have not been able to find a problem after tons of tests. I had gallbladder surgery about a year ago, and was fine for a while afterward.
1413243 tn?1281795471 My mother is suffering from abdominal pain and lower back pain accompanied by headaches. She became bloated (soft) and fat. She is 60 years old. What might be the causes? Is that a liver cancer? Or Pancreatic? Or colon??? Please help.
Avatar n tn For the past couple of weeks I have been having episodes of feeling like gas is going to pass and then I have an explosive dark watery diarrhea. Afterwards, I will have lower back pain throughout the next 12-24 hours. Could this be Crohns, colitis or cancer?
Avatar f tn My questions is I am having pain in my lower stomach, back and down my legs, but what is weird I had my left ovary taken out and I still have the right one. And the sharp pains are on the left side mostly so there is no ovary there..... And the night sweat are a night mare.... So what could be up with this.... Shouldn't my right side hurt more where I still have the ovary??
Avatar m tn I am 22 years old 210 lbs, 5' 7" overweight. I exercise rarely (yes I know I need to lose wieght) and don't eat healthily. I have been having pain in my lower back, just above my hips (it also migrates to my hips, lower legs, and mid back). When I was in the 8th grade, I thought it would be fun to jump from 12 feet. When I landed I felt a ripping feeling in that area of my back. I thought I had ripped my pants till I tried to stand.