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Avatar n tn Such dosages are ineffective for this sort of pain. If the pain is colon pain, an antispasmodic can help with the pain, but the problem with the antispasmodic if the colon is already slow and tends to be constipated already, the antispasmodic can worsen that kind of problem as well, because it will slow the colon down even more. A hot water bottle may help with the pain--some.
Avatar f tn I have had a "tight" pain lower left abdomen which i thought could be ovary related, to begin with (and continuing) it was only felt when i orgasmed (as a sharp stab) but now, 4 weeks on, it is constant nagging, dragging feeling that occasionally twinges really hard. It is not excacerbated by movement/lifting etc. It is worse when i have a full bladder. Also i have been slighhtly constipated for 5 days.
358304 tn?1409709492 I'm usually in the anxiety forum. I'm 26 male. About three months ago I got very stressed at work due to a huge production I was in charge of. I got anxiety from it. I then had some diarhea from time to time... Lost appetite... but made myself eat. Well I kept getting diarhea and strange stools. Stools that would be real soft and breaky. Like they turned to dust when I flushed. I went to the dr and he said it's prob anxiety related and he put me on paxil.
Avatar f tn I am a 42 year old woman with frequent lower left quandrant pain. I've had this pain for the past 2 years, off and on. I've been checked by my obgyn as I have a history of complex and simple cysts of both ovaries as well as cervix; I had a partial hysterectomy 4 years ago. This most recent bout of pain has lasted 2 weeks; it is more pronounced in the morning and after exercise. My abdomen seems to be slightly swollen only on the left side and is tender to the touch.
Avatar n tn What is on the extreme lower left side of the body just below the abdominal area?
Avatar f tn What could be the cause of a lump in the lower left pelvis area? I also have pain in this area, this lump seems to feel like it moves around a little bit. It is not an ovarian cyst as I had an ultrasound done and left ovary appears normal. I was diagnosed with endometriosis last year (2007) and gyn said that it might be GI related. Have appt in July for colonoscopy to look at my colon. Could it be a swollen lymph node/gland?
Avatar f tn From wikipedia - Important organs of the left lower quadrant include part of descending colon, sigmoid colon, left ovary and Fallopian tube or left uterine tube. If abdominal pain or signs of peritonitis are localised in the left lower quadrant, the suspicion is increased for such conditions as colitis, diverticulitis, ureteral colic or pain due to ovarian cysts or pelvic inflammatory disease. Examples of tumors in the left lower quadrant include colon cancer or ovarian tumor.
Avatar f tn For the past 2 weeks I have a constant pain on my left ovary; the pain is sometimes is so strong that it takes my breath away. I haven't been to the doctor's yet I am trying to see if will just go away. I had back surgery in 2002 the 3rd surgery in 2 years where I now have rods in my lower back and at the time of my surgery about 1 month later I had a blood clot on my ovary; I am now experienceing the same kind of pain. Any suggestions.
Avatar f tn For the past few days I have this outrageous pain in my lower left side. It hurts so bad and after I eat I get all bloated and I am constipated and even have a hard time passing gas. Anybody know what it could be! I see the doctor tomorrow but I'm in so much pain and would love if someone knew of any home remedies?
Avatar n tn I had a 24 hour episode of the most intense abdominal pain in my life, although labor pain was similar. The feeling of extreme pressure and stabbing type pains radiated throughout, front to back. The pains were even present in my vagina. I am 68 so it had nothing to do with mentrual pain. I had a CT scan and colonoscopy and the only possible cause was a 8" narrowing in the colon. I also have Diverticulitis but Dr didn't think that caused the pain.
Avatar f tn The first question is how they diagnosed diverticulitis previously. Was this from a CT scan or just based on left lower quadrant abdominal pain? Your CT is more consistent with diffuse inflammation rather than diverticulitis. In diverticulitis the infection / inflammation arises from a single diverticulum and produces severe inflammatory changes outside the wall of the colon. Your CT would indicate the possibility of inflammation of the lining.
Avatar n tn no problem... glad you figured most if out as quick as you did..took me years to figure it out. One thing though, just by eliminating dairy doesn't eliminate it. I went off dairy years ago and I wasn't feeling better so I scratched it off as "i'm not lactose intolerant" but I didn't realize that lactose is in breads..cereal.. all kinds of things (hidden too) so be careful. Soon as I totally eliminated that my nausea/pains went WAY DOWN.
Avatar m tn I have had recurring left side lower back pain that I think could be related to the colon. It only occurs in the morning (I usually go to the bathroom to relieve in the morning) and has been happening for a few months now. My health problems started 2 years ago with pain on the left lower back as well, and doctors still have not been able to find a problem after tons of tests. I had gallbladder surgery about a year ago, and was fine for a while afterward.
Avatar f tn s pelvis from the front, I know that both the left ovary and sigmoid colon is located in the lower left quadrant. My question is, is the left ovary located in the front, with the sigmoid colon running behind it, or is the left ovary and sigmoid colon side by side or is the left ovary located behind the sigmoid colon?
Avatar f tn I have recently stopped taking all pain medication and I feel everything. The lower left quadrant pain, upped left quadrant pain, and the upper right quadrant pain from the removal of my gallbladder. I experienced hot flashes and cold chills last night. This morning I had cold chills so bad that I had three blankets on, a hat, hoodie, and winter jacket on inside my house with the thermostat at 73 degrees. It took me over 4 hours to warm up.
Avatar m tn anywhere betweeen your stomach and your rectum could be on both your left lower and right lower you said left lower orr you could be experiencing probelms on your ovaries. dont be scared because there is always solutions until you see the doctor try to lay down as much as possible dont take too many tylonel or whatever pain meds bc that could lead to mroe porblems just try to relax until you see the doctor i know its hard. but trust me it will end.
Avatar n tn can colon cancer cause back pain? I have lower back pain , have had skinny riibboned shaped #2. now have to strain and seems less and less is happening!
1040763 tn?1254945697 I am a 26 year old female weight 216, height 5'9 - in general good health. Starting one week ago Friday I had a horrible pain in the top of my stomach right in the middle just below my breasts. The pain continued for three days. Friends and family told me that the pain sounded like that of an ulcer. I took some over the counter meds - (mylanta, pepto, pepcid,) and a couple rx (prilosec & previcid) to no avail.
Avatar m tn Still looking for someone that might have any ideals . Having pain in left groin and sometimes irritates it enough where i have a burning sensation in lower stomach. This olny happens when i am sitting especially when driving. Went to doctor had gallbllader removed had lower gi,ultra sound colon checked dont know where to go from here.
Avatar m tn for the past 2yrs i have suffered with unbelievable pain in my lower left intestinal area as well as an uncontrolable water-like leaking from an extremely embarrasing place. ive had several tests done and everything appears definitly is NOT! the area is very bloated and the pain never lets up. for some reason, that i cannot understand, codeine stops all of these symptoms and i feel normal for a short while. codeine is an awfull drug and i cannot do this anymore...please help me.
Avatar n tn Hi Had first colonoscopy approx 6 months prior to first bout of diverticulitis.
Avatar f tn My questions is I am having pain in my lower stomach, back and down my legs, but what is weird I had my left ovary taken out and I still have the right one. And the sharp pains are on the left side mostly so there is no ovary there..... And the night sweat are a night mare.... So what could be up with this.... Shouldn't my right side hurt more where I still have the ovary??