Cold turkey vs tapering

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Avatar f tn 30 am til the last 30 minutes ago just to function and take care of my kids. I can't let my husband know I've taken this road again bc I don't think he'd understand. I lost my mom to her addiction 3 years ago and am following in her footprints. I've noticed my relations with my kids and spouse are at an all time low. Am I doing more harm than good with the fast tapering or am I doing somewhat good???
Avatar m tn I am seeking some guidance as to how long can I expect to be sick and welcome any and all suggestions. This includes thoughts on cold turkey versus a tapering regimen. Thank you in advance for any input.
Avatar n tn I have experienced the withdraws cold turkey and its a living hell, but I dont know if I have the will power to NOT take them if I have them to taper off... Is it really possible to not go through withdraws if I taper and how do I start? How does it work? My family does not know how many Norco I take or that I am physically addicted to them. I am starting a new job in 8 days. I am so stressed out, and feel alone.
533277 tn?1213638714 I'm not sure why, exactly, you think you have a better chance going off of it "cold turkey". You have been taking it for 8 years now. Quitting a benzo cold-turkey is not like quitting smoking. You are at risk for seizures, rebound anxiety, headaches, tension, depression, insomnia, confusion, dizziness, personality changes, tachycardia, heart palpitations, hallucinations, memory loss, panic attacks, etc. Sound like something you want to do cold-turkey?
Avatar m tn Im down to 15 to 30 mg of roxi a day and dont know if cold turkey or keep tapering is the answer please help please I cant do this alone.
Avatar m tn Hey Mitch...actually I disagree.....I think that getting off of methadone should be your #1 priority ...suboxone or subutex is alot better in my opinion. It is easier (tho not easy) to get off of than methadone and supplies a much much more normal stable life. I switched from 5 yrs of methadone to subutex and now suboxone and am so happy I did. Look its not a miracle drug in the sense of solving all ur problems...
575947 tn?1220742187 All doors to me are now well and truely closed as far as thy are concerned, so my only true option is to go cold turkey. I am well aware how dangerous going CT on this amount of OC is, but to be honest I am well and truly past caring now. I know it will be hell on earth for the first week, but I have a cast iron will and I will eventually get through it!
Avatar f tn Hi! I take 5mg tablets and break them in half and take 6 half tablets a day and I'd like to give them up too. The most I ever took was 10mgs 5 times a day and I thought was a lot. I've taken hydrocodone for 7 years and I think that "less is more"! Can you just start cutting back? Each week take a little less, it will be hard but it's better than cold turkey. When you went cold turkey before, how did you function?
1986130 tn?1326767295 I was taking 8-10 Norcos a day plus 80 mg of oxycontin. I stopped the oxys cold turkey 2 days ago & have been rapidly tapering off the norcos. I took 9 the day b4 yesterday, 7 yesterday, & 4 today. My goal tomorrow is to take 2 or less! I assumed tapering off would make withdrawals more managable but it I'm still having all them!
550931 tn?1219494820 So now i signed a thing to lower me but even now everythings such a hassel and after only one month its effecting my whole life , so can i just quit cold turkey before I get sucked in even more or what? any advise please help!!! asap!!
7495625 tn?1417310011 i tried the slow tapering first before i decided to go cold turkey..Took a few balls out each day till i got to about 20% but was not prepared for the vicious side ended back on full dose (75mg) Been on that for 8 years solid before my decision. I have the support of my Dr. she is monitoring my progress every week. GPs can only do so much and most times have to rely on the web for diagnosis..Valium works for the panic attacks..Nothing works for the brain zaps but they are bearable.
Avatar n tn What's the best way to taper? I've tried it several times and failed. Cold turkey is too painful and agonizing and I just can't bear it. Please, any help for me?
565430 tn?1272695820 I tapered for about a month and I felt each time I lowered my dose. It depends on how long you want to do this. Most go cold turkey to get it over with. With my taper I did it slow enough I didn't have to miss work.
Avatar m tn I have tapered off hydros and have went cold turkey. The problem with the tapering is having the willpower to taper and not take them to get the buzz. When I did taper I hardly had any withdrawals. Sure, I felt a little uncomfortable but is was bearable. Mainly it was anxiety. Since you have the flu have you thought about just going cold turkey? The symptons of detoxing and the flu are very similar. You might just be able to kill 2 birds with one stone.
Avatar f tn I went cold turkey off fentanyl patch dr didn't taper just said wasn't going to refill it. On day 10 feel great just tired. My question is will the withdrawls be worse with the oxy? I'm on 5/325 4 times a day. This time I'm talking to dr about tapering and I got something for withdrawls on day 4. I also take soma I assume this will be done at the sametime.