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Avatar n tn ummm yes cold turkey coming off of opiates can cause permature labor and sometimes worse.Tthat's why it recommended to NEVER do it .24 weeks is far to early to go into labor. Does your doctor now you contued to use and that you CTed two weeks ago.
Avatar f tn I want to quit cold turkey but I keep hearing that tapering is better. I know no matter how much I taper though I'll have to eventually take none...but I'm hoping it'll be easier this way. My doctor recommended that I wean myself off rather than going cold turkey and I do think this can work for me. It's how I quit smoking 13 years ago. My hope is that I can wean myself down to almost nothing by Sunday and start next week with NO VICODIN.
Avatar m tn Question 1 is this considered cold turkey and am I flirting with another seizure. (stopping tramadol but using vicodin)? Or am I okay and is this not considered cold turkey. My seizure was sunday night. monday I took 3 tramadol(300mg) Tuesday, wens and thursday no tramadol just vicodin.Should I quit the vicodin and go back to taper with the tramadol now just to be safe.????? Help, i'm scared???
Avatar n tn I felt this way once before after knee surgery, but just tapered off. I also quit smoking cold turkey so I am fairly motivated to go the course. After a second knee surgury this year, I am having trouble getting off the 375 miligarms dose 3 x a day. Stopping for a day results in chills at feet and hands, no sleep, and increased emotional pressure to just pop one. That is especially true at night. How long does it take for the drug to leave the body? If I cold turkey....
Avatar n tn My question is does anybody think me stopping the vicodin cold turkey and the potential of a premature baby are related? And is it safe to stop taking vicodin cold turkey I've been taking it on and off for the last two years.
Avatar m tn I am starting cold turkey vicodin withdrawal due to running out of my prescription early yet again. In the past I would have just gotten some from a family member, but I cant bring myself to do it anymore. I had surgery after breaking my back and while the back is mended, the pain has not changed. I have been on pain meds (vicodin) for about 4 years now. I am working on losing weight in hopes that will help out with the pain.
912614 tn?1242992657 How bad is it to stop taking Vicodin cold turkey. I was taking at least 20 a day for about 2 years now. I just woke up one day and said "that is it"! I am going to OD or die from this stupid drug! Why do doctors just keep giving them to us. I just don't understand. Anyway I am on day 6 and feeling pretty good. I, unlike most of the post that I have read, have TO MUCH ENERGY! I can't stop moving. I can't sleep or sit still of 5 minutes. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn If i do it this way would it be easier when i get down to 1 to 2 pills a day, with withdrawls, or just going cold turkey, would be the same. Please hurry I cant do this anymore.
Avatar n tn I know many of you are going to quit cold turkey from vicodin and/or other painkillers. I wanted to share some information. In most states, including California, a hospital CANNOT turn away a patient who seeks care. Although they may try to bill the patient, in the event the patient does not have insurance or funds to pay for treatment, some university hospitals offer a free or sliding scale payment option.
Avatar f tn I was also taking lortab and pretty much the same amount as you. Maybe a little more here and there. You could try to taper off of them if you have the willpower. I did not so I went cold turkey. I've went cold turkey before in the past and did really notice uch of a difference with the withdrawals from taking more. If you can taper, it might not hurt. If you find you are unable to taper, I would go the cold turkey route. Best of luck.
Avatar m tn There are a few options to get off the drugs, cold turkey, tappering and Suboxone. The Sub. should probably be your last option after trying the others first. Would you be able to take about 5 days off work? Cold turkey is the fastest way to do this, but you would be sick for about 4-7 days, the worst being days 2 thru 4. Keep posting and let us know what your thinking.
Avatar m tn I was only on Zoloft for a month. I stopped cold turkey because I didn't like how they suppressed my real emotions. It wasn't a problem stopping cold turkey for me. I'm only temporarily using Tramadol to help with my Vicodin withdrawal because I stopped it cold turkey and I'm having very uncomfortable chills as a result and the tramadol is helping a lot. I'm only going to be using Tramadol for a few more days until my body recovers from not having any Vicodin.
Avatar f tn So i'm debating weening or cold turkey. I really don't know what to do!! But i know on wed i have nothing planned up to four days after that. I need a list of things that helps. I read the thomas recipie, but is there anything else. i saw tonic water helps with restless legs which makes me not sleep some nights when i took my last does of vicodin too early. What else can i add to the list.
1124805 tn?1259662690 I kicked Vicodin about 3 or 4 times cold turkey and it's a nasty experience. Usually 3 to 4 days of hell before I felt I was pretty much through it. Relapsing is so easy if you have access to it in any way, so finish the bottle or dump what you have left if you want to go cold turkey (although I think it would be really difficult to work while having hard wd's.) Can you wait to try to drop it on a 3-day weekend, President's Day, etc.?
Avatar f tn I stopped for around 48hours and was aching all over, very weak with elevated blood pressure. I am worried that I cant do it cold turkey and that I will hurt the baby if I do. I know I need to tell my ob gun but do not know how to go about it after all I have already been to the ob twice and chickened out of telling them. I am terrified of their reaction and also don't want my family to know. What do I do and say?
Avatar n tn I have been told over and over again to not go cold turkey from the Vic. But I am sick and tired of it ruling my life. I hate the stuff and I always have. I am so happy to be off of it that the idea of going on it just to ween my body seems silly to me. So here is the question. What can expect from here? Is day 3 going to be bad? Is it going to get better? Should I take 1/2 a vicodin to help my body? I really dont want to but I dont want to do damage to my body either. Any help?
Avatar f tn I posted here a while back about starting Suboxone treatment... well, upon further research, I discovered that Suboxone can be WAY worse than Vicodin/Norco. So my Dr. & I discarded that idea. Then we tried tapering... that didn't work, either, because I would always take another one when I started feeling withdrawals. So now, I've decided to quit cold turkey, deleted all the drug dealer's numbers, told my Dr. to cut me off. I want this crap to be over with sooo badly.
Avatar n tn Your body needs to get used to a lower drug level throughout the day. So only one at a time. Then taper off or quit cold turkey and be done with it.
Avatar n tn If you are only 2 months into usage, then I say quit cold turkey. The WD will not be that bad. Not many people are capable of takes will power and strength to not cheat, and stick with the program. How much have you been using a day?
Avatar m tn hello everyone, i've been addicted to "pain pills" for about 5 years now, it very first started with tramodol, i was hooked on that for about a year and a half and actually did get off of them for about a year, then i was in a accident and rolled my vehicle n had some minor back aches and pains standing to long while i was working so i started taking vicodin for the pain, and the monster grew from there...
Avatar m tn For the past 3 years I was using 3-4 Vicodins (7.5/750) per day (up to 30 mg) to manage pain associated with occipital neuralgia. I was prescribed Vic for the constant pain (along with anti-convulsant meds such as Tegretol), and it did alleviate it somewhat -- but it controlled my life for the last year or so... I just felt like my whole day revolved around the doses, down to the hour. This past Saturday I just got sick of the ups/downs of Vicodin.
Avatar f tn t have any yesterday or any today. For the short period of time he was on them, is cold turkey dangerous? If going cold turkey, how long will the wd symtoms last? Any suggestions to help with the wd symptons?
Avatar m tn Hi i am 28 year old male, ive been taking vicodin for about 6 months, i take about 15 to 20 pills a day, im scared and want to stop, but feel very control by them, i want to quit cold turkey woukd exercise help with the withdrawls and how long will the withdrawls last and is it safe for cold turkey, thank you for your time and god bless!!!!
Avatar n tn I quit cold turkey four times and it was very very diificult i have never weened off of them so i cant say much about that but you quit it a shortet time cold turkey but it is very much more painful. To ween off isnt as painful but the withdrawals willll last longer while shes weening offf but if she quit scold turkey shellll start to feel better after about a week. but with the weening she have withdrawals for awhile but no where near as bad as cold turkey.