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Cold turkey sandwich recipe

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Avatar f tn Can I eat a turkey sandwich while pregnant , I heard that turkey , hotdogs and stuff like that aren't good . Is that correct ?
Avatar f tn I am sooooooooooooo craving a turkey lunch meat sandwich but my friend said u should not eat lunch meat.
Avatar f tn Usually I would heat up the turkey and then do a grilled Turkey melt in fear of listeria but it is warm here today and I really just want a big cold turkey Sammy with fresh romaine, tomatoes, avocado, and some watermelon on the side? Is this so bad ?!?
628981 tn?1260555203 I'm a veteran with a severly broken back who has been on Hydo and morphine for over 6 years. I told the VA Doc that I was tired of taking all these meds..instead of slowly getting me off these he stopped my precrip. Now I'm in day one of cold turkey and at work...This will be the hardest thing I will ever do..harder than Ranger School.
Avatar f tn I crave them soooooo much and eat them every once in a while. Before he told me not to eat them I had a turkey sandwich every other day. I'm trying not to eat them now. He said if u heat up the meat then that is OK, but I want the turkey cold!! :( I'm 14 wks and this is gonna b a LONG pregnancy!!! I don't remember being told this with my first pregnancy 12 yrs ago but I was so sick all the time it wouldn't of mattered cuz I didn't eat much.
Avatar f tn Okay so I had a craving for a turkey sandwich. So I heated up the turkey meat in a pan and everything like the bread and melted the cheese. Is that okay and safe?
Avatar n tn About 12 a day and he stopped cold turkey on Sunday afternoon. What side effects can I expect? Any suggestions on how to help him get through this would be very helpful. Foods to eat or avoid? Tea or herbs? Anything to help him get off naturally. He is also a sugar and caffiene addict. Lots of candy, rockstar and coffee. I did give him a zanax to take with him to work yesterday but he didn't take it until he got home and fell asleep at 7:00 and slept 12 hours.
Avatar f tn I asked my doctor this same question with my past pregnancy. He told me that a cold sandwich every now and then would be okay, but definitely not to eat them daily.
Avatar f tn Ha iv never even heard of that all I craved my first pregnancy was cold turkey sandwich and lot of pickles ..
Avatar f tn He is having a really terrible day, He does not think he will be able to make it though. He has convinced him self that was taking to many to have just quite cold turkey, I know this is a very painful process, should I be worried?
Avatar f tn I am on 24 hrs of cold turkey i haven't had bad pain i have had mild is that good or is it going to bang me in a couple of hours???
Avatar m tn Hi there i'm new here and i've come off DONE at 120mg cold turkey and today is day 8 and i feel not to bad .My ? is how long does it take before the w/d stop. What Vitamens should i get to make me feel beeter.
Avatar m tn I am seeking some guidance as to how long can I expect to be sick and welcome any and all suggestions. This includes thoughts on cold turkey versus a tapering regimen. Thank you in advance for any input.
1746872 tn?1311549056 Is it possible to stop cold turkey from taking 1000mg of morphine sulfate, and live to tell about it? Has anybody ever stopped taking that much cold turkey before?
Avatar f tn I was craving a turkey sandwich, and it's my understanding that it's okay to eat provided the deli meat is microwaved. So I microwaved the sandwich for 1 minute and 30 seconds. I'm hoping that was more than enough time and all was okay?
Avatar f tn i want to quit taking oxycodone 30 but im scared to death of the pain every1 is talkin about as im already in pain and dont need any more to deal with. i take 60-120mg per day ( depending on the day and what level my pain is that day) for different conditions. what is the danger in stopping this drug cold turkey? and can it even be done cold turkey? i understand i will have leg & jerks, how long will this last? how long will it take to detox? is it days or weeks?
Avatar n tn I am on day 11, of a 35ml a day cold turkey withdrawl from methadone , and speeking from firsthand understanding of opiate detox, i have quit a 1 to 2.5gram aday herion habit and a 80 to 120mg a day dilaudid habit. and methadone is by far the hardest thing i have ever atempted to quit. now to the point, iwas hoping someone could give me a rough idea or timeline as to when ican exspect to start feeling better. i know thats a very openended question but this draging on much longer then exspected.
Avatar f tn Things come to a head a few weeks ago when he started coughing up blood an our little boy asked why he was so sick in the morning when he got up an why he had to go out all the time. He is now gone cold turkey as i type this i can hear him thrashing about as this time the withdrawl is a hell of alot worse i suppose it would be going from 6 bags a day to nothing. HOW DO I HELP HIM WITH HIS WITHDRAWELS THIS TIME????? WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT??????? WHAT CAN I DO???????????
6470732 tn?1439556292 I have and i constantly eat cold turkey sandwiches here from my hospital in the cafeteria. I always smell things though and if i feel it smells off i won't eat it. Pregnancy gives us that sensitivity to smell solely for that reason. All in all I'm sure you'll be fine.
Avatar f tn t done my research on this so, I needed a turkey sandwich one day so bad... I heated the meat up in the micro til it was steaming and made my sandwich with that. So far so good. I haven't had to have a sandwich since.
Avatar f tn t think i have the strength to go cold turkey. I am sick of living a lie and I am tired of constantly thinking about this stupid drug. My doctor has kept me prescribed because of chronic neck pain and having the justification from a doctor has kept me on it for years. I really need some help, this is my first time on this website and any advice would be greatly appreciated!
1986130 tn?1326767295 im on day 3 from cold it ok to take lyrica for wd symptoms? wouold nuerontin b better??
Avatar f tn Congratulations on your choice to quit, I went cold turkey. I didn't take anything for the first month, I can't say what I'm trying now is okay so I won't bother to mention it.