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1472677 tn?1330175915 He is sick with a fever, stomach, high heart rate, congestion and in a lot of pain. I cannot stop him from cold turkey but I can try and help him as much as I can. I love this man and he is not alone.....
1294632 tn?1306358930 Hello and welcome to the Anxiety community! I'm glad you were able to lessen your dose, however, I must stress that it is NOT a good idea to come off the Valium cold turkey and without your doc's guidance. Discontinuing benzos is usually difficult to some degree, but a proper and slow taper can really minimize your discomfort. You can also expect some level of rebound anxiety after stopping the Valium.
Avatar f tn i want to quit taking oxycodone 30 but im scared to death of the pain every1 is talkin about as im already in pain and dont need any more to deal with. i take 60-120mg per day ( depending on the day and what level my pain is that day) for different conditions. what is the danger in stopping this drug cold turkey? and can it even be done cold turkey? i understand i will have leg & jerks, how long will this last? how long will it take to detox? is it days or weeks?
200277 tn?1214663674 s as simple as that. That Michael stopped cold turkey from a dose of 40mg without any w/d symptoms makes him a very lucky, and somewhat unusual individual. While diazepam is one of the easier benzos to w/d from, you should still do it under the supervision of your prescribing doc. It's the safe and smart way.
1746872 tn?1311549056 Is it possible to stop cold turkey from taking 1000mg of morphine sulfate, and live to tell about it? Has anybody ever stopped taking that much cold turkey before?
Avatar f tn I agree that you should not just stop that dose cold. Probably a solid taper will be the best approach for you. Just be careful with it - it isnt anything to play could be dangerous....
200277 tn?1214663674 i know everyone and every BODY is different, but valium is a benzo, and going off a benzo cold turkey CAN be can wreak havoc with your CNS....i suppose you could just try it and see how you feel....your body will let you know either way!
Avatar m tn I have made plans to go out of town with my mom for 1 week to try and quit cold turkey. She has been a big part of my support and want nothing more than to help me get off this ****. We are both going to the doctor tomorow to see what kind of other medication she can give my mom to ease the withdrawls for me. Again I'm just looking for any suggestions on what worked for other people. I have my mind up about this and I am going to do it while I'm still young.
883201 tn?1240626551 so i tried quiting cold turkey and it was horrible i mean the physical symptoms were not so bad it was the anxiety it was 10 times worse than before i ever took the drug what the hell kind of idiot doctor would perscribe such high doeses of Xanax and ativan so im at 1.5Mg of Xanax now if you read my previous post you know i have worked down from much more than that so how do i finish this off how do i taper down from were im at because i am starting to need more than 1.
1823915 tn?1317497142 My Doctor took me off 10 mg valium 2 times a day cold turkey.After 26 + years. Will i go through withdraws? What condictions ? what kind of withdraw? Will i have to be hospitalized?
Avatar m tn Well the coke and weed you can quit cold turkey,but I'd deff taper the Valium. You can have seizures stopping c/t. The coke w/d's don't last real long. Weed I don't know? Never did enough to be addicted. What did your doc say when you asked for help?
1696294 tn?1306552018 Would really appreciate any ideas or thoughts on detox from valium and pristiq cold turkey as suggested by my psychiatrist 15mg valium and 100mg of pristiq.
Avatar m tn Pleeease talk to your dr. before u go cold turkey, I know it works for some people, but it can also be very dangerous!!! Your blood pressure can go up from the withdraw's and it can kill you. Im not trying to be intrusive, I'm just telling you what my dr. told me. be careful, and good luck!
Avatar m tn s, The doctor told me they were just like a valium so beibng a 1 mg i assumed loke a valium since i am a big guy 4 would be sufficiant for the sleep i needed , let me tell you , i went to sleep on a friday afternon and woke up on the monday morning at 6am just in time for work, how deadly is that, never took them again until just yesterday, well i am just rambling trying to kleep my mind off of the sublime messag my brain sends , Chris take you pill, what a mess i am.
Avatar n tn I was taking 25 percs a day for years and quit cold turkey, the first 4 days were HELL, see if you can get some valium from your Dr, thats what helped me get through it, I only needed 3 valium in the first week, it helped with the anxiety and the pounding chest
Avatar m tn beware of the weed and the valium!!! Not a good idea especially the valium at that high a dose. If you think w/d's from opiates are bad- they are nothing compared to benzo withdrawal. And as Weaver mentioned- you aren't giving your body and brain time to heal. The first time I went cold turkey in 2008 I used both pot (in tea form for nausea) and benzos. I wish I hadn't. My detox was rough and I never really felt clean.
Avatar f tn Try not to take the tramadol because its also addictive and if you start to rely on it you will end up with wds from that too!!! How much were you using daily? Did you taper or just go cold turkey? Its really important that you have support! If you can tell someone you are close to so they can help you through it! If not start thinking about aftercare...meetings, therapy or some kind of Outpatient treatment! Thats will help you stay clean in the longrun!!
Avatar m tn Ok I know you aren't supossed to go cold turkey off benzos but I made the choice to do so as I have a DOT exam and had no idea that Klonopin would cause me to fail if only used as a sleep aid. I was taking 1mg at bedtime for the past 2 years and a few months. I've been Klonopin free for 3 1/2 days and as might be expected I have numerous symptoms: tired/achy legs, numbness on my forehead, complete inability to sleep, head fog/dizziness, vasoconstriction, goose bumps, mild heat flashes.
Avatar f tn Cold turkey off the vicodin or wean down (i would have to find someone to trust help with that). I had no problem weaning off xanax (slowly) but it's not worked out so well with the other. Also could someone tell me about this tompson recipe. I'm usually a cold turkey person and have gone cold turkey off way worse. I don't understand why I can't seem to get a grip of this.