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Avatar f tn I used to drink 4 diet cokes a day and when I found out I was pregnant I quit cold turkey! I mean caffeine isn't bad for the baby. Just good too cut back on it. Sprite and 7up should be fine! But I drink lots of water and orange juice!
Avatar f tn Thank you!
Avatar f tn No energy drinks though.
Avatar m tn I am seeking some guidance as to how long can I expect to be sick and welcome any and all suggestions. This includes thoughts on cold turkey versus a tapering regimen. Thank you in advance for any input.
7038445 tn?1391720197 I gave up caffeine cold turkey for the first trimester and now i drink a small cup in the morning and am careful not to drink anymore, im glad this is semi normal hahah
Avatar f tn I went from consuming a lot of caffeine every day for about 10 years to cold turkey last month. Most of the major withdrawal symptoms are over and my anxiety has improved but I still get bad anxiety from time to time. I want to know if my brain will ever go back to normal and my anxiety will go away or if my brain is fried permanently. Thanks Much in Advanced.
1434731 tn?1382722384 Going cold turkey is the worst and absolutely didn't work for me. Self-hypnosis was the best thing that could ever happen to me because it helps you change your habits and daily thought patterns. has some good reviews about self-hypnosis programs. Personally, I like Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy because they have a instant download and a 60 day money back guarantee.
221913 tn?1372276661 Hi! Here is the thing with xanax.....maybe you can't get off of it cold turkey, but you CAN do a taper. Ask your doctor. I would get off of it asap. It is very addictive. Maybe there is something else you could do to treat your anxiety that is healthier?? I used to take it....or rather EAT it as fast as I could! I got off of it a few years ago and haven't had one since then! You can do it!!!
Avatar n tn I only ever drank half caffeine coffee, but I got headaches when I stopped cold turkey. I just started weening INSTEAD. I add more decaf and less caffeine every other day. So far no headaches. Maybe try that.
Avatar f tn You can drink one drink of a caffeine beverage a day. My pick is coffee :) They say a little will not hurt but it's when you drink a lot that is not safe.
Avatar f tn I was like you before I found out I was pregnant and I tried to go cold turkey but I failed lol just pay attention to the amount of caffeine you're getting. Mtn few is the most caffeinated soda on the market so be careful.
4430052 tn?1355003242 Does your doctor know about all the medications you were on and does he/she know you quit them cold turkey? You can have caffeine in small amounts. I was very paranoid about caffeine as well and didn't have any in my first trimester, but now I have about 32 oz a week. Just relax (I know that is easier said then done) but what will happen will happen. Stress will only make things worse. I would say, just spend this time being excited you are pregnant and take it one day at a time.
Avatar n tn Hello. I'm new to this so I'm a little nervous. I am on day six of cold turkey from hydrocodone. I've been on and off for about three years. I got tired of running out and not being able to find any then going through withdrawals until I found some more. I'm tired of it running my life. I have been reading these forums for weeks for support because I can't tell my family what I have been doing.
Avatar f tn i use to drink a large cup of coffee a day forever when I didn't drink it I got headaches ( might b hard for sum to believe) but when I found out I was pregnant I stopped cold turkey don't wanna risk a problem with baby. But today I was a lil stressed bout something n I headed to dunkin got a med cup of coffee :-( but the good thing bout it I could only drink a few sips CUZ it didn't taste good to me for sum reason...
1355431 tn?1369975306 I stopped cold turkey now I will have 1 diet everyonce inawhile, but for those that can't the best way is to start slowly change to diet soda, then if you drink 4 a day drop it 3 for 2 weeks then drop 2 and so on, thats how I have been told by others and also Dr.
Avatar f tn When i was pregnant with my first bb i stoped caffeine soda n went to caffeine free soda then with my second bb no caffeine either with this one I've decided to not drink any soda so now its juice n water. It was hard to quit caffeine cold turkey luckily i hate coffee so that's a plus but ive only take sipps here n there n the taste now is gross n its been 3 years since I've had a full glass of caffeine soda.
3053649 tn?1356365017 Personally, I didnt drink any sodas with caffeine in it. And I stopped drinking coffee cold turkey. BUT, once I got into my third trimester I started drinking a half a cup of coffee in the morning cause I missed my mornings where I drank my morning coffees lol. So half a cup a day for me. Caffeine is just bad while pregnant cause he makes the babys heart race, etc, and can cause heart problems among other things.
Avatar f tn Drink lots of water... If you have cut out caffeine cold turkey that can also cause terrible headaches!! You can have up to 200 mg of caffeine a day...
Avatar m tn She has been taking Xanax for years. Her neurologist has told us to stop all narcotics-cold turkey. Is this right? She is going through hell right now. It's been 2 weeks. How long do the withdrawls last?