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Avatar f tn No energy drinks though.
Avatar f tn I used to drink 4 diet cokes a day and when I found out I was pregnant I quit cold turkey! I mean caffeine isn't bad for the baby. Just good too cut back on it. Sprite and 7up should be fine! But I drink lots of water and orange juice!
Avatar f tn Yeah I quit smoking cold turkey after I found out I was pregnant I was smoking before that for four years and I'm so proud I'm not one of the moms who smokes while pregnant and I was never really into soda mainly sweet tea but I stopped that to and just drink water and apple juice but I'm definitely going to help myself with a frappe right now (:
7038445 tn?1391723797 I gave up caffeine cold turkey for the first trimester and now i drink a small cup in the morning and am careful not to drink anymore, im glad this is semi normal hahah
Avatar m tn What will I be expecting by quitting cold turkey, and is there anything I can do to help? I've also read something about it take up to eighteen months for the body to completely heal?
Avatar m tn Has anyone tried to get off fentenyl cold turkey? I have been trying to wean myself off it since they changed the duralgesic because of a terrible allergic reaction to the new patch. I can't take it anymore and am thinking of doing it all at once. The allergy is a bad one and I'm spending my entire life downing benadryl and zertec by the carload and can't believe that this is better then just doing it. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?
Avatar m tn I am seeking some guidance as to how long can I expect to be sick and welcome any and all suggestions. This includes thoughts on cold turkey versus a tapering regimen. Thank you in advance for any input.
Avatar f tn Also I wasn't eating before the Cold turkey. my apetite turned around when I had my last attack. I slowly regain it back, but since I have thrown up about twice it's a tad bit harder to regain my apetite. I do know for sure the insomnia is from the WD.
1434731 tn?1382725984 Going cold turkey is the worst and absolutely didn't work for me. Self-hypnosis was the best thing that could ever happen to me because it helps you change your habits and daily thought patterns. has some good reviews about self-hypnosis programs. Personally, I like Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy because they have a instant download and a 60 day money back guarantee.
1310038 tn?1282808660 Cutting down caffeine from coffee and tea will also help. You only need half as much caffeine now to get the same effect. I'm so glad you flushed the Tramadol, it really is evil stuff. We're all thinking of you.
Avatar f tn But I don't think I can do it. Help?? I don't think I can take the Cold Turkey pain.. How can I get thought it?? Any advice would be amazing!!! Please I need someone. Thank you for listening.
Avatar n tn I took my last vicodin thursday sept 10th been about a week of misery anyone else out there stopped cold turkey and now suffering with flu like symptoms.... Ive been fighting opiate addiction since the age of 14 now 47 ..... Im so miserable talked to my doc about it he dont belive in giving meds for withdrawls .... So maybe this is a lesson learned .... So again.... anyone with flu like symptoms Ive had mine for about a week or more not sure because I dont know one day or a week from the next..
Avatar n tn I am on day six of cold turkey from hydrocodone. I've been on and off for about three years. I got tired of running out and not being able to find any then going through withdrawals until I found some more. I'm tired of it running my life. I have been reading these forums for weeks for support because I can't tell my family what I have been doing. I wanted to tell you that the first few days were rough for me but mainly no energy and depression. I feel a little better every day.
Avatar m tn I want to get off these for good and im trying to mentally prepare myself because I am starting cold turkey tomorrow and don't have any one for support and I will be doing this alone at home. I dont work because I am on disability and workers comp. I'm trying to figure out how to accomplish this and still go to therapy twice a week and live life. What makes this tough is I have a legit need for the meds but go freakin crazy when I get them, I guess this is how I got here in the first place.....
484508 tn?1290014144 Just cut down gradually, by half a cup a day or every other day. or start using Half Caff (I forget which brand it is) that has half the caffeine, then wean yourself to decaf.
Avatar n tn I only ever drank half caffeine coffee, but I got headaches when I stopped cold turkey. I just started weening INSTEAD. I add more decaf and less caffeine every other day. So far no headaches. Maybe try that.
1348302 tn?1286579303 I have a question. I am currently on 30mg morphine sulfate ectended release tabs twice a day. Last week my doctor and I discussed my desire to go off the opiates eventually and he said the opiates I am on probably are not doing enough for me anyway so we talked about tapering, etc, and how that worked. We decided that since I was trying the lyrica again we wouldn't change any other scripts this month, but if I wanted to I could try to "stretch" my doses of the morphine SR.
199177 tn?1490502134 Nobody should not be telling anybody to cold turkey off anything not just tramadol. These are drugs we are talking about here. Time and time again I read people suggesting to others "just do it" "just take the plunge" "it will not kill you" How do you know. We do not know each other all we can do is try to share our exp and try to help others and give support. Nobody really knows anybody on here!!!
318307 tn?1193934917 i ran out of my perscription six days ago and am now on day 6 of attempting to quit cold-turkey. i have been experiencing the expected withdrawl symptoms (i did a lot of research on this and other people's experiences with trying to quit cold-turkey). i just want to know how long it is going to last. days 2 and 3 were complete misery and included several of my usual psychological symptoms.
Avatar f tn the last ten years was Methadone. I stopped cold turkey....I have been in hell for the last 28 days. Today is the first day that I feel like a partial human being. I hope that it is uphill from here. My sneazing is out of control, stomach still irritated, but I feel like I can remove myself from the fetal position that I have been in for the last 28 days. Does anyone know how much longer it ill be until I can function again?
570795 tn?1217007685 Well, I kinda didn't finish my story. When I originally tried this "Traditional Chinese Medicine", I was only taking these herbs for about 6 weeks. This type of healing is not supposed to be long term, and basically "rebalances your body". I noticed a difference after a few days. No heart palpitations at all and my sleep patterns were alot better as well.
Avatar f tn I detoxed from alcohol cold turkey after many years of hard drinking and if I had it to do over again I would seek professional help. I thought a time or two I was going to die. Many have gotten by with it and unfortunately, many haven't. As open mind said above "Good for you"! One thing I can tell you through out your detox and into your recovery, always remember to Keep Your Guard Up! Best of luck to you and stay around, you will get a lot of help here.