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Avatar f tn Hey John Cena fan, your profile lists you as a female. What's up with that?
341551 tn?1266980730 There was Randy Orton (who I met and hugged!), Jeff Hardy, Cody Rhodes, John Cena (LOVE HIM), Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, Triple H, Umaga, a couple other guys and 2 girl wrestlers. OMG it was sooo awesome Judy! I had GREAT seats too so the pics were amazing!! Can we post pics on here?? If not, I can always e-mail them to ya cuz their great! I had soooo much fun!! I liked the old Wrestling days better...
5426152 tn?1382129604 My hubbies name is John (I call him Johnny) but I am really against using his name for a whole other reason. Any ideas? We might use Robert as a middle name but it is not set in stone.
Avatar f tn Cena - Can we please keep all your questions to one thread? It really helps us answer your questions. I don't know what your risk factors are, but your anxiety is clearly out of proportion to the risk. If this is typical for you, you might want to see a counselor about anxiety. You need to be able to go to school, etc. Don't let this thing ruin your grades.
168348 tn?1379357075 So now the gameplan is to only take the Vit D once a week vs. 2X week (so 50,000 iu's vs. 100,000 iu's) and recheck it again in 10 weeks. I await the unrelated kidney stone analysis and 24hr urine study, but all the other thyroid test (blood) were okay and my TSH is up to 2.4 from 1.3 but since my micros were so small and incdiental, both my Primary Doc and my Endo agree to keep my Synthroid dosing where it is at 62.5mcgs vs. 75 .... I was a bit concerned with it over 2.
7808984 tn?1406680965 m female but, those stents HURT no matter if your male of female. Praying that stone comes out on its own. I had to have stone surgery on both kidneys the same day and had stents in each side. If you have any trouble peeing or severe stomach pain go to the er. I hadn't gone in almost 24 hrs. come to find out my bladder was blocked with a ton of blood clots from the surgery. I cringe anytime someone has to go through that surgery. Good luck I'm thinking of you.
Avatar m tn Chances of them missing a stone with those two tests is unlikely unless the stone was really really tiny. Doesn't mean something else isn't wrong but that a kidney stone isn't the issue.
Avatar f tn I am a 60 yr old female. Several yrs ago I was dx'd with 2 renal simple cysts (1 ea kidney) about 9mm each. I went to a well known medical campus close to my home town because the drs in my small town couldn't agree about the cysts being simple or complex. An Assoc Prof of Urology was the one who dx'd them as simple after a couple of CT scans at that facility. There was also found a small non-obstructing stone in my left kidney.
446474 tn?1446347682 s Director of Viral Hepatitis, Dr. John Ward, elected officials, and community leaders will discuss the viral hepatitis epidemic on the Celebration's stage and tour the testing and education services. The CDC has declared May as Hepatitis Awareness Month and the U.S. Department of Health and Services has established May 19thas National Hepatitis Testing Day as a key component of its National Viral Hepatitis Action Plan.
168348 tn?1379357075 Did I say I hate the 24hr urine studies? I think I did .. so again .. ugh ugh ugh They won't just send out the stone -- I have to repeat the study. I guess this is a good thing given the Vit D was so low and now on meds to be sure the calcium levels haven't risen. They took all sorts of thyroid tests this morning, along with a Metabollic Panel to look @ the Calcium as well as a repeat Vit D via serum now that I'm on the prescription pills and feeling fine on double dose.
Avatar f tn Just to make sure when I do eat try and make sure to eat healthy vs eating junk with no nutritional value. Had very bad nausea and vomiting. Lost 7 lbs and I will be 13 wks tomorrow. Good luck to you and just experiment with small portions and cold things.
Avatar m tn John, I can't emphasize enough that surgery be your absolute last resort. I had a 4 Level Laminectomy 7/07/04 and from the 7th day after surgery lying in the back seat of a neigbors car going to see the surgeon. The pain from that day was 3 times prior to surgery when I was taking Percoset 10/325 (4) times a day. Today the pain has completely encompassed my whole lower body waist down Lumbar, Hips, Buttox, Legs and yes Abdomen.
Avatar f tn im curious what happened to John (99% sure thats his name) his pic was of him in a suit, and he was from texas. he always added humor to the board, i remember he was clean for awhile and relapsed came back to the board right after. he was always here to post, and i havent seen him in weeks or maybe more, some of you that have been here awhile should remember him, newbies wouldnt.. does anyone know? thanks..
Avatar m tn John, It seems that your body is telling you that it can not handle the abuse anymore. You did not specify what kind of pain you are having, but if it is difficult for you to breath, it may be your chest. Cocaine causes constriction of all blood vessels including those in your heart and lungs. That leads to diminished blood supply to your heart muscle as the drug also causes it to beat faster and harder causing possible ischemia.
Avatar f tn Theaaaa, one thing you might want to research is John Stossel's piece on children who watched Barney vs. Power Rangers. The kids who watched Barney, and then were allowed to play interactively became petulant, short-tempered and selfish. The kids who watched Power Rangers and were allowed to play worked cooperatively and happily, forming a "team" of kids against imaginary enemies they worked to defeat. Very enlightening on aggression for "good" programming vs.
Avatar m tn ve experienced withdrawal and will not ever do the cold turkey thing. Plus, cold turkey is a set up for heart attach if not careful. Be well!