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Avatar n tn got a uti exam and he said the test didn't show me having a uti but I'm still burning when urinating. Also still having pain and numbness in back and chest except now it has started bothering me on right side too! I had a ct scan done a few days ago just got the results today, dr. said thay didn't find anything. Is the ct scan very reliable for finding cancer, etc. This pain, numbness, etc. is about to drive me crazy! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Avatar n tn ischemia (due to blockages - including both stable and unstable angina and acute heart attack and coronary artery spasm), pericarditis (inflammation of the sack around the heart), myocarditis (inflammation of the heart), cardiomyopathy (heart failure) and rarer causes such as coronary artery dissection, acute rupture of the heart and valves and infections of the pericardium.
Avatar f tn Hi Angie, How are you feeling? Pain, tingling and numbness are signs of neuropathy. Nerve involvement may be single (mono-neuropathy) or multiple (poly-neuropathy). Do you have color change at the site of pain on exposure to warm and cold sensations?
Avatar f tn Saw him a year later, he said I have a slight scoliosis in my back, could be causing the pain. The numbness is making me worry. He's said to take motrin and alternate icing and heating my back, but that only works temporarily. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn In few people, this pain may be referred and perceived as occurring in the back of head, face, shoulders, arms or chest, rather than just the neck. Other symptoms may include vertigo, nausea (dizziness) ,neck pain and stiffness that can be intermittent. It will be best that you consult a neurologist who would like to prescribe Pain killers, steroid and muscle relaxants. Other treatments could be cervical orthosis such as a soft cervical collar/stiffer neck brace to restrict neck movement.
Avatar n tn Hi Ive experienced numbness like this before, mine turned out to be a storke. I dont mean to scare you, but you might want to have this possibility rulled out. I had a stroke at 16 then started having seizures at 26 my prob is APS. I hope your daughter is doing ok, and I hope I helped, but did'nt scare.
Avatar m tn I am having a problem with pain in the right side of my chest. This pain is also accompanied by numbness in right side of face. The pain sometimes spreads through my shoulder down to my arm. I have been experiencing this for years, and because it comes and goes every so often without causing lasting problems I have been ignoring it. I am getting concerned lately because the pain has become more sever, and lasts longer. I have no idea what it is or what is causing it.
Avatar m tn Within three days, I had numbness/tingling to both hands, arms, and chest. A cat scan of the neck showed herniations of C 5-6 and C 6-7 with no problems with the cat scan of the brain. There was extreme stiffness to the lower neck. A neck xray was done and showed that it was straight with no curve. An EMG was done with no apparent damage to the peri[heral nerves and was normal. MRI with no contrast was done of the cervical spine and swelling was found in the spinal cord at C 2-3.
Avatar n tn Im a 22 Year old male, experiencing the same problems that many have listed. (Pain in left arm/tingling/weakness, pain in left leg/numbness, pain in the left side of my chest, also a painless spasm/twitch in my side/rib area, also pain in my side.) All of these things are happenning to me on a constant basis, somedays worse than others, but often with "severe" shortness of breath. I've been in and out of the ER like 10 times in the past month and a half.
Avatar n tn So it was working, then I finished the Prednisone and a couple of days later it began to come back, but not as bad and not all over my right side. There is still some numbness but it does go away now. Also it used to get worse right before my menstral cycle began. I have spoken with my neurologist since and he said, it will either not go away, go away some, or it will all go away. I am hoping for the latter..
2003325 tn?1327583828 no i feel no pain in my body when i feel numbness in my arm i feel tired my arm some time. but i can carry weight with my arm and i can walk. but first i feel numbness in my arm only and left half body but today i feel numbness in my leg and feet. what its stroke symptoms?????
10698370 tn?1412102005 Hello I'm @ da hospital rite now trying to get some answers for my husband n I. My husband is 26 yrs old he's a smoker and weighs about 180 or a lil less he's 5'9", he is having bad chest pains rite where his heart is at and has had resent back numbness and his arms get numb too but mostly his left arm n has chin numbness,he had told me dat his knees were hurting him too. He's been like this for about a week now and we dk wat it is.
Avatar n tn Ive had to go to the ER countless times for help with this issue as well as extream unberable lower back pain. My legs swell up and my Back is always hurting. I can't stand sitting or standing for more then two ours.
Avatar f tn I'm a 18 year old female, light smoker with no history of heart disease in my family. Lately, I've been having extreme pain in my left arm followed by numbness and chest pain. about 2 days ago it was so bad that i could barely keep myself standing and i felt nauseous. it passed after about an hour and a half. but i still have chest pain and left arm numbness/pain. did i have a heart attack?
Avatar f tn I have been having Chest/Hands/Head Numbness together at the same time on and off during the day for the past few months. I have history of anxiety and heart palpitations in the past 6 months. I will like to know if this is due to heart disease or nerve issue. Please help me.
Avatar n tn I'm 37yrs. old been having right chest pain goes through to my back, keeps me awake all night. I do have on top of that ovarian cysts that keep me awake in pain. Could it be the cysts that are making my chest hurt so bad? Also have had tingling in my right hand and fingers like numbness.
Avatar m tn i do get alot of chest discomfort and tightness but when i go to the doctor / hospital my bloods come back fine along with my blood pressure (130/80) and the ecg shows normal. I have come to the conclusion that i must have some sort of digestive issue that could be causing this?
Avatar m tn Rolling my shoulder forward (as in holding the steering wheel while driving, trying to fit into a cramped seat, etc) seem to aggravate this issue. This pain / cramping primarily affects my upper left chest / back. It spans from the center of my rib cage to the left, under my armpit, and around my back to my left shoulder blade. This cramping sometimes seems to travel into my shoulder and into my neck.
Avatar f tn Then when I woke up on Tuesday morning I was hurting badly on the right side of my chest (rib area). The pain starting spreading thru my back up and down my spine. It moved up to my neck by Saturday. I could not walk to good always in severe pain. I finally went to the ER on Saturday night March 8. They did all blood work and x-rays but nothing showed up. They said maybe it was pleurisy and gave me pain meds and inflammatory meds and sent me home.
Avatar n tn I'm 39 and a year ago started with symptoms of chest pain, arm numbness, high blood pressure, back pain, and head tention. Been in and out of hospital with everything normal. Had EKG and echo stress done and everything thing normal. Had massage done and it took care of back, neck, and head tention. But still feel funny. There are still moments that chest, and jaw discomfort re appear and feel bad internally like there could be a problem with the heart. I just don't know anymore...
Avatar n tn If there was an issue with a 23 year-old's heart, it would have been detected. I have the same pain in my shoulder blade. The pain / numbness often radiates into my left arm and can last for hours, days, and weeks without letting up. Sometimes, it radiates under my armpit and around the front of my chest. I also get pin point pain to the right of my nipple, both above and below the nipple. Anxiety is also an issue with me.
215289 tn?1253626941 As of a couple of hours ago, when im lying on my side i keep getting a sharp shooting pain up my left hand side near my heart, but not when i lie on my back. I do have a driving test tomorrow but doesn't seem like it could cause this through stress/worry? Had a ct scan of the head 2 weeks back and haven't had word either, no news is good news? Maybe im just going over the top i dont know :( If its not one thing its another.
Avatar f tn Ok smh where do I start I am a 28yr old male I workout and for the last 2yrs I have had chest pain lightheadedness numbness in fingers that comes and goes daily. The chest pain is always there. I have had a ready? Stress test, something where they stick a camera in your stomach, CT of the heart, MRI where they slowed down the heart, every GRED med they wanted to practice on me, blood test, EKG ECG e every thing.
Avatar f tn ) if you have the pains again before the dr. calls you back, get to the ER asap! if you have a hospital with a chest pain center, go to that one! they are set up to monitor cases that puzzle them. good luck!
Avatar m tn My husband is 32 years old in great shape and has been having chest pain, upper left back pain, lower abdominal and side pain, and shooting pain down his left arm with some numbness. He has been dealing with these symptoms for a while now and keeps going to the doctor and running all these tests and nothing. Yesterday, while he was at work he had to leave and go to the e.r. and of course nothing, they told him to go to his doctor. which is what we have been doing.