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1931528 tn?1323251138 The constant coughing could cause muscle strain and chest pain. Sometimes the pleura, the lining of the chest cavity and lungs can get inflamed causing pain with coughing. If the pain is aggravated with work or exercise then it could be due to cardiac pain. But when in doubt always best to have it checked. So please consult your primary care physician who may ask for an EKG or a treadmill test to rule out a cardiac cause for the pain. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
1309556 tn?1274282092 Chest pain can originate from chest wall (bone, muscle or skin), esophagus, heart, lungs, tissue linings surrounding the lungs (the inflammation of which is known as pleurisy or pleuritis). Sometimes problems with neck, spine, gall bladder, liver or stomach may also cause chest pain. Usually it is difficult to decide what to do when you have chest pain.
Avatar f tn If your doctor said you have pleurisy, that is inflammation of the lining of the lungs and chest. It is often a sign of a viral infection of the lungs. With anti inflamatory meds and REST might help... I felt the same way only that i had the fluid around my heart and it needed to be drained. I wish you well, but i would follow up with the doctor, possibly a lung and heart doctor. if it does not get better within 5 days of starting the anti infalamtory meds.
Avatar n tn i just received a message from my doctor 2 days ago it says that I have a problem with my chest( they have seen something in my lungs) but they cannot say exact what is wrong with so we need to make x-ray again.i just want to know if any body there can help me,I am suffering a little pain on my left chest thru my back and there is an air coming from inside so it keeps me burping.sometimes I experience short of breathing specially when im sleeping.hope somebody can help me there.
Avatar m tn The diagnosis can only be reached after excluding more serious causes of chest pain that are related to the heart and lungs. It is completely curable and treatment involves conservative local care with careful use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) or naproxen (Aleve) as needed. Application of warm compresses may also help. If there is nor may relief even with medications, then steroid injections be needed.
Avatar f tn What could it be? I was in the ER last night for chest tightening, pain, and shortness of breath. They did a cat scan and ruled out PE, blot clot on my lungs, and prescribed me an inhaler t i use for when if I get the tightening in my chest anymore. But today I'm woke up and my chest hurts about 3x as much as it did yesterday and it seems like whenever I get the pain to subside, it just comes right back. The pain is mostly on the right side of my chest.
937826 tn?1261333879 I have copd and asthma but my question is about my copd I am on oxygen 5 liters and I have massive pain in the middle of my chest witch radiates to my left arm to my jaw too went to emergency rooms so many times they did work ups noticed my swollen legs put me on water pill does nothing for the fluid in legs and feet I know the pain comes and goes in the chest the difficulty breathing the more shortness of breath the paleness of my face the lightheadness I know it has to do with my heart but the
Avatar f tn I was taken by ambulance to hospital last night for sharp pain in my left shoulder and a weired sensation feeling going through my chest and bad chest pain and chest tenderness they did blood work and a xray of my chest and ekg my xray and ekg looked just fine but my blood work showed my lungs to be elevated so they decided to do a ct scan with contrast which has the same sensation i keep feeling now in my chest to rule a blood clot out in my lungs the ct scan came back with negative results for
Avatar f tn t able to expand my lungs enough to get in enough breath to fully expand my lungs! I have NEVER felt pain like it and I am a chronic pain patient with nerve pain. But this was not to be believed! It's entirely possible that even after all this time you are still feeling the pain from the pleurisy they thought you had a month ago. If you feel there is something else going on, by all means go to either your local ER or to another doctor for a second opinion.
Avatar m tn hi for a few weeks now ive had a pins and needles type pain in my lungs i have asmtha buty i started smoking again a whilwe back and i have seen my doctor about this but he listened to my chest and told me it could be just smoking im trying to stop but im waiting on stop smoking group starting soon but any ideas ive seen my doctpr he listened to me chest i told him about this pain he sais just go to stop smoking session any ideas please thx in advance r.
Avatar n tn You describe “lung pain on both lower lungs for 4 months.” The lung itself, when diseased, does not cause pain. The membrane that surrounds it, the pleura, can cause pain when inflamed for any reason, infectious or other. This is called pleurisy and is a pain that is characteristically worse with breathing. When the pleura is irritated/inflamed sooner or later it is associated with an abnormal collection of fluid within the chest, called pleural effusion.
Avatar n tn t do anything out of the normal today but have been experiencing a visceral pain in the lower left side of my chest radiating into my left breast. I can feel it all the time but especially when I exhale. Any idea what it is/how to make it better?
Avatar n tn I have experienced chest pain for the past two days. This chest pain is in my upper chest, almost right behind the sternum. The pain is very intense when I bend over (as in to wash my face) or when I take deep breathes. It is a continuous pain and I have no noticed it intensify after eating. I have experienced this pain before starting a few months back. The pain is not so noticeable when I am standing or sitting so often it is hard for me to determine exactly when the pain goes away.
Avatar n tn Couple of months ago i noticed that my chest was hurting. Not my breasts but in between my breasts I dont know if its my lungs or my heart but it hurts, and mostly when I make sudden movements when I wake up and such. Has this happened to anyone?
Avatar n tn sorness lungs hurting and the mucus.. i got a really bad pain in my chest on the left side. I went to the hospital ofcourse thinking the worst, my blood pressure was normal heart sounded fine lungs sounded normal and they took an ekg which 2 doctors said was fine. Im still getting these pains quite often.. i can almost make them happen if i push on certain parts of my peck or rib cage. Im just looking for some peace of mind.
Avatar m tn I have never posted before as im usually on another forum but just noticed this one tonight. For the last few months i have suffered serious chest pain. It comes on all of a sudden and i cant even move or hardly breathe. Every time i take a breath its absoloutely agony, so i have to breath very slightly as its so sore. It brings tears to my eyes. I have very serious lung problems and years ago the doctors told me that eventually it would put a strain on my heart.
Avatar n tn A respiratory problem can cause pain when breathing due to blood clots in the pulmonary vessel and or the lungs....that condition causes chest pain. Nevertheless, Emily is correct, and hopefully the information provides an insight that will enable you to discuss the issues in consultation with your doctor. Even if the pain subsides you should still contact your doctor to rule out any damage and/or a condtion that may only be in remission.
Avatar f tn Im having a pain in my chest.
Avatar n tn I suspect that this is a non-medical term for any space occupying chest diseases that would effectively reduce the size of one’s lungs, such as fluid or air in the chest or crushed chest injuries. This might also apply to pre-modern therapy for TB in which foreign materials were placed in the chest to compress the lungs, “put them at rest” and deprive the TB bacteria of oxygen to kill them.
254714 tn?1316613355 m also feeling body ache,chest pain shoulder pain..
Avatar m tn If you are having severe pain, crushing, squeezing, or pressure in your chest that lasts more than a few minutes, or if the pain moves into your neck, left shoulder, arm, or jaw, go immediately to a hospital emergency department. Do not drive yourself. Call 911 for emergency transport. Chest pain is one of the most frightening symptoms a person can have.
Avatar f tn my husband, who turned 30 a few mos ago, has been having chest pain for a while. saw a dr and thought we had it all under control. last night and this morning both he is having chest pain in - on the left side. what could it be. i wouldn't think he is stressed about anything, but i am not him. what could this be. please help.
Avatar n tn It is so difficult to determine the cause of chest pain unless you are seen by a physican. Cardiac pain can come in many forms and does not have to be the "classic" symptoms to be trouble. You may be having some anxiety with your approaching wedding. Drinking or consuming more caffeine and stress could cause your cardiac muscle to respond with some PVC's and/or pain. I hope you will update us on the results of your physician's visit. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn I am having pain/tightness/tingling in my left upper chest,arm and left rib cage. I have been to ER few times and Cardiologist. Heart and lungs trashed fine. I am a nervous wreck and don't know what else to do.