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Avatar f tn Have any women thought of choosing "kangaroo care" over the normal care of having a nurse wash and.swaddle before he/she is handed If you have thought about it what's option are you wanting to be part of.your birth plan or if you have chosen to this way how was the.experience?
Avatar f tn I never had any pain or trouble. Plan on breast feeding my second. I know a lot of people who did have trouble though. Everyone is different.
Avatar n tn I'm equally confused by "shock" as you use it here. I've been to doctors & the ER far more times than I care to count regarding chest pain. At least in my case, the final consensus was "we're not sure what's going on, but it doesn't appear to be bad." That was for my case. Anything heart-related isn't something to mess around with. Definitely follow up with a doctor regarding it.
Avatar f tn Hi, you're asking how to take Plan B the termination pill because being pregnant the second time right after giving birth would be REALLY unwelcome. Well, you need to talk to your doctor about a couple of things. First, if you are nursing, can you take Plan B. You most likely can but I'd double check. Hormones are involved in breast milk production and Plan B is a big dose of hormones.
Avatar f tn Do I really need one?
Avatar m tn All of the nursing homes are crummy and I don't agree with a nursing home stay as a cure or treatment for depression. Nursing homes are necessary and fulful a definite need, but psychiatric treatment is not one of those needs. In the best nursing homes there is a shortage of staff. They treat "depression" with a chemical straightjacket. Furthermore, the diet in most homes is lacking and good nutrition is part and parcel of treatment for depression.
Avatar f tn Your diastolic seems elevated above the normal range, but your systolic is fine. When you check your blood pressure, are you at all nervous or stressing? Just a bit of anxiety can cause a good spike in blood pressure. You mention that you feel radiating numbness on your left side, and you have chest pain - what's the nature of your chest pain? Is it deep down, a crushing pain? Or is it localized? Also, does this pain increase with any exertion?
Avatar f tn If you flushed the eye immediately, and there is no pain or decrease in vision, then you can use artificial tears for comfort until the burning improves. Also, STOP smoking!
Avatar f tn The use of E-33 for diabetic wound care is not acceptable nursing home practice.
Avatar f tn I'm a 31yr old woman with chest pain during activity I'm sweating, dizzy, nauseated, the pain is in the middle of my chest and have recently moved to my back. My doctor order echocardiogram, ekg, and a nuclear stress test that was all fine. I'm overweight for my height but have always been fit with blood pressure always was fine always been able to run up stairs (which now a problem) should i still be worried that its cardio or not?
3054444 tn?1353976571 My plan, is to not have a Plan.
Avatar m tn It's a good thing to consider because there will be someone who will look after for your loved ones 24 hours a day who are having this kind of disease. In fact, some families consider a nursing home for their aging loved ones who mostly facing Alzheimer also. They believe that any nursing home can accommodate and will take care of their loved ones, as well as to protect them and make them feel valued and loved.
Avatar f tn So here recently, like I said, the pain increased like 5x normal and everytime I went to take my meds, I would get chest pain, arm tingling, and labored breathing. I thought it was heart burn from taking so much meds. Maybe the pills have finally shredded my stomach or something. But today when it happened, I felt like I may pass out, my BP shot up to 140/80 and I'm a 112/65 kinda girl. I felt starry in my vision, my hearing was slightly muffled and needless to say, I was freaking out!
Avatar f tn You could honestly have a case of really bad heart burn I get it all the time with this little guy and sometimes it feels like the worst chest and back pain ever you should try some tums and maybe zantac or another anti acid that's what it could also be and I have had it last for a day or two to ...
Avatar f tn Okay I just realized... I don't have a nursing bra! And I'd really like to have one before baby comes, not after. So share with me what brand of bra is your favorite please. I'm leaning toward Bravado nursing bras. My chest is too large for Motherhood Maternity or Target bras (I've tried those in the past; been there done that).
Avatar n tn Your great nan should be able to do normal activities, or any activities that do not cause chest pain and undue fatigue. Activities that have some aerobic benefit would be helpful.
1129774 tn?1279831762 t want to have anything especially something serious, but I just want a cure and to feel better. My symptoms have been extreme fatigue, extreme muscle weakness, chest pain, shortness of breath, headache, little blurred vision in right (comes and goes) eye, abdom pain. Tests done; MRI a&v of brain, c-spine/t-spine, muscle testing of arms, chest xray, ekgs, chest ct, echo, adrenal def. , thyroid tests (I am hypo, but regulated for 7 years), lupus, lymes, diab, tons of bloodwork, colon/endo.
676912 tn?1332812551 I wanted to go with an all natural water birth with DS but he was breech so I had a c-section at exactly 39 weeks. This time, I want my original plan, all natural, hopefully water birth.
Avatar f tn As the presidential campaign unfolds, the differences in approaches to Medicare by President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney have taken center stage. But what is getting far less scrutiny: Romney's plans for Medicaid. He would convert the health care program for the poor, disabled and elderly into a block grant to the states and sharply reduce funding over time.
Avatar f tn I really need some words of advice. I'm 26 years old, obese, and a nursing student. About two months ago, I started getting random sharp chest pains in the left side of my chest under my breast, pain and numbess that spread to my fingers and a racing heart. I went to the ER on two different occasions, had EKGS, Chest X-rays, Traponin and d-dimer levels drawn. Everything came back normal.
Avatar f tn And ladies, my boobs look amazing right now, but you cant touch them or even look at them for that long before i cringe in pain. I plan on breast feeding, and i want the most honest answer! What is going to happen to these lovely ladies?
Avatar f tn I read the birth seems very detailed. I would think twice about getting a bunch of pain meds instead of an epidural because they affect your mind, your ability to recall events, and your energy level. My epidural did nothing but take my pain was great. My best friend got a pain shot and hardly remembers the birth and had trouble pushing because she didn't have any energy and just wanted to sleep. Everything affects everyone differently....
Avatar f tn Hi, I am in south korea. My mom is currently in a nursing home.she has osteoporosis and some prblem in digestion. She always feel tired. Furthermore her food intake is very small. She can eat one cup of milk ,1 egg or 4 spoon of steamed rice and some vegetable soup for meal.I think she has to eat some food more, but her always told me."I'm already full. I couldn't eat some more." If she more take some food,she feels bloated. So, her body lose weight day by day.
Avatar f tn Had 4 rounds of taxotere, carboplatin and a year of Herceptin, entered a drug study taking Zometa, (to prevent cancer from coming back as bone cancer), had a second, elective mastectomy, decided against reconstruction, and am actively and happily living life with a flat chest (no prostheses.) I have daily struggles with peripheral neuropathy, but am so glad to be alive and able to do most everything that I want to do. So, enough about me.