Chest pain while breathing

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Avatar f tn I feel pain while breathing in. It starts all of a sudden and stays for few seconds, and i can only take short and small amount on air in, this makes the pain bearable, but when inhaling deep, i feel like something pinching or blocking my inside and breathing becomes a problem.. I have had this problem for more than 6 years now, but it only happend twice or thrice a year, but lately i m having them every 2 to 3 hrs..
Avatar m tn I've been having random breathing problems. I suddenly feel as if I'm not getting enough air, but I know I'm still breathing. I also feel a sudden pain in my chest. I'm thirteen years old, and my parents don't know what it is. Could someone please help?
Avatar n tn I'm 19 and I have been having bad chest pain, in my arm and my neck and have a hard time breathing
Avatar m tn When there is ischemia it usually begins with angina (chest pain, discomfort, etc.) with exertion and subsides almost immediately with rest. Breathing can be normal. You should get a stress test if you are experiencing angina. The test will view images of blood perfusion through heart tissues and should reveal coronary occlusion or dificit of blood flow. If there is ischemia, that condition can permanently damage heart cells.
Avatar m tn In recent days, I am facing breathing problem while talking. I am unable to talk continuously more than 1/2 minute. If I try to talk continuously, then I am exhaling more. Why this is happening?
Avatar f tn Nausea, vomiting, chest pain, passing out, stopping breathing -- these are all symptoms that need to be investigated much more in depth than a simple chest xray and some blood work - IMO. Especially with your hsuband's long term fight with high blood pressure and him not taking it recently due to the financial issue (which I'll cover in a minute), this really is not something that should be dismissed so quickly as either bronchitis or an anxiety attack.
6190896 tn?1380733030 sometimes when im normally breathing i stop breathing for 5 seconds and when i stop breathing i get really hard pain under my left boob and i dont stop breathing cause i want 2 no i stop breathing automatically its not in my hands what is that and this has been going with me for 5 years and my parents havent done anything and im 13 going into 14 years old plz help
Avatar m tn Hello my name is jordan and im 15 and im just here to tell you that any time i take a "deep" breath i get a pain in the middle of my chest yet it feels like its in my back. I play basketball and after i got done running i could hardley breath and the pain was defiently there. Do you have any idea what this could be??
Avatar m tn When I was at rest for almost like an hour/s, sitting while painting a poster, I felt sharp pain on my chest but was inconsistently transferring on different parts of my chest area. Last June 24 I had a breathing problem and little palpitations (but not as always) so I went to a pedia-cardiologist for a check up. Then the doctor gave two tests, 2D Echo and ECG test.
Avatar n tn last night i felt alot of pain in my left side of my chest and the pain increases with mov't and breathing so i thought this is anew problem coz the side is above the heart or may be the heart its self so that i need ur advice.....
979998 tn?1249549799 I have had a wide variety of symptoms for about a month now. They are inconsistent and random. I'm concerned that there is a problem with my heart, but I have now talked to 4 different doctors and none of them have found anything. My symptoms are: * Chest Pain- started out as a mild discomfort, but has turned into a pain after I felt a "pop" in my chest while laying down last night. Its in the center of my chest and lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.
686899 tn?1227042183 It is usually when I breath deeply, but sometimes even when I am breathing regularly. It feels very deep in my chest and is pretty consistent. Sometimes at night, my fiance says it feels like I am not breathing at all. I have had a sleep study done and it told me that my heart and lungs were being surpressed, but there were no reasons as to why.
Avatar m tn I get some pain in my chest and my breathing is laboured but surprsingly it all seems to get better towards the end of my workout, And i am doing all other tests with my doctor , lung and heart. but i have feeling it is my acid reflux and i have some sinus problems. I asked my doctor for a scope test down my stomach. please, If anyone heard of these symptoms or have them let me know, suggestions and info will be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Within a couple hours I was shaky, which sucked since I was at work. Later that day I started to have a bit of chest pain. Once I was able to relax it went away. Later I woke up at 5am and found it a bit hard to breathe, kind of like I couldn't catch my breath. Do these symptoms sound familiar to any other Zoloft users? Do these feelings go away?
Avatar f tn s for this annoying condition, and none have a clue.Started about two months ago,difficulty breathing while lying down at night.Could not lie on left side, felt like I was suffocating.Constant feeling of congestion at base of throat, coughing lots, but non productive.Have a 24/7 feeling like I am breathing through a straw.Went to Emergency ward a month ago and had many tests ,chest x ray,ecg, cbc, all tests came out negative for any problems.
Avatar m tn Chest pain, difficulty breathing, and abdominal distention are not normal and warrant medical attention. Your PCP would be an appropriate place to start and can run tests to determine the nature of your symptoms. Trying to self diagnose or have others diagnose you over a medical forum is no substitute for an actual doctorwo can examine you, run tests, and knows your medical history.