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Avatar f tn i have COPD and have had lung infections at least 4 times in this past year. I quit smoking 4 weeks ago and am feeling better already, but, I still have this pain to my upper back, pain appears to be from deep within. I sleep on a heating pad for releaf. what could be the cause? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Upper back pain, chest congestion, cough</a>.
Avatar n tn Its not that painful when Im sitting not doing anything. I have started to experience chest pain. I have chest pains almost everyday'. Im on WAFRIN since Im DVT. Zanele This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/202177'>What does backache have to do with my heart?</a>.
Avatar n tn Sometimes the pain starts in my chest and seems to go to my back and at other times it starts in the back and goes to the front. Working makes the pain worse and lasts longer. I take 2 Aleve an it helps a lot. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn Back was looked at, X-rayed and an MRI. Nothing earth shattering, heart is ok, back has some degenerative but I get back pain that seems to come through to the front and experience chest pains. (neck pain as well). This is not something that is recent, this has been going on for years, literally years. Sort of comes and goes but it's pretty persistent. Any thoughts on the matter? I also get shoulder pain on top of the shoulder especially when lifting my arm straight up.
Avatar m tn I have had chest pain since my ablation and now the pain is extending through my chest to my back. Any ideas on what could be causing this pain? My ablation was 3 months ago and I have had my rhythm under control, but now am experiencing the chest pain.
Avatar m tn Lately i have had this a couple of times when i am exerting my self i get a squeezing back pain that travels through my chest. Then i get a stabbing pain on my right side of chest. i suffer from benign pvc's so right now i am freaking out.
Avatar n tn Hello! I have been having a dull aching pain in my chest mainly left side, back pain and some occasional arm pain. I do have GERD and had my gallbladder out in 2003. I saw my doc and she thinks its just a flare up of GERDs but has set me up to have a stress echo. I am driving myself nuts wondering is the heart related, am i ignoring signs of a heart condition. My doc doesnt seem so worried but i have small children and cant help but wonder am i taking the right measures promptly.
Avatar n tn also sometimes when i breath heavy or take a deep breath..the pain is anywhere from right below my rib cage to the shoulder blade on my left side back!! Im only 17 and i had went to the dr and i had UTI took all my meds but im still having the problem..I sleep only on my left side so i thought it could be sleeping on it wrong..or just the anxiety that i suffer from..or maybe nerves considering i have been under alot of stress.. I just want answers so i can ease my mindd.
Avatar f tn iam haveing constricting pain in my middle back it only last a couple of minutes at a time but is constent it starts at middle of back and feels like iam being sqeezed around my ribs and to the front of my chest has anyone ever heard or felt this ?
Avatar m tn now, I have back pain between the shoulder blades and just under them, and pain in the centre of my chest permiating primarily to the right side of my chest. the pain seems to be where my lung is and deep breaths occasionly hurt. the pain in my chest feels like its in my ribs but its hard to tell, but my back pain feels deep, in my chest. any idea what the cause is? I've had an EKG (not sure if thats right but its the heart test) and its perfect.
Avatar n tn I am experiencing this intermittent pain that, the best way i can describe it, is that it is deep in my chest and I feel it in my back. but not on my surface back, like deep inside my chest towards the back. it is not heavy but light and it comes and goes and it is extremely annoying. I dont know what it is...the best way i can describe it is that it feels like that achy feeling you have in your back when you ate too much but feel something stuck in your upper back..
Avatar m tn The back pain seems to radiate to my sides,to the ribs.Its not really pain in the ribs...more like a cramping.I have poor posture,slouching very badly at the computer desk.I dont know if I have a disc herniation causing these problems...muscles ,ligaments etc...any help would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Pain from gallstones usually is in the upper right side of abdomen; and may spread to right upper back, chest, or right shoulder. You might also experience nausea; vomiting; or gas. Regardless, if you're having back, hip and thigh pain, you should see a Doctor to find out what's going on.
212161 tn?1599427282 am a 54 year old who had rods put in my back at age 35, been doing well but last 10 years lots headackes, shoulder ackes top of back pain right behind my chest. where my rods are at. now when I walk sometimes my left arm hurts and my chest feels strange, not really hurt but strange . I see a cardio dr but she don't seem to worry about it . I have lots nerve problems in top part of my back.
Avatar f tn Try not to sit on soft surfaces. You can try to stretch it out by lying on the floor and brining your knee up to your chest and holding for 10 seconds. Good luck to you, I know it's hard to live with.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the warm welcomes! I had a stressful week last week that I think set off 2 new symptoms and so it was nice to be able to come here and talk. I can talk to my sister about all this, but I am keeping it quiet with everyone else in my life. I don't know what to do about the chest pain. From MRI's I know that I do have mild to moderate cervical spondylosis and I am wondering if that's what is causing it.
Avatar f tn When my back hurts I lay on the floor on my back with my knees to my chest and relax for a while. Just make sure someone is around to help you get back up just in case you get stuck like a turtle. And massages are always nice.
Avatar m tn hi, im 22 I have just got over a cold and now when ever i cough or sneeze my lower back hurts really bad. The pain is in the lower part of my spine and if im walking i have to stop and hold onto something to keep from falling due to how painful it is. I was wondering what could cause this and if i should go see a doctor about it. I also have a weird noise sometimes in my breathing.
Avatar n tn Hello, I was wondering if anyone here deals with lower back pain due to anxiety? Ive been feeling throbbing pains in the lower back on the right for a couple days on and off. Went to the hospital today, took a urine test and they said it looked fine, said it might have a bit of trace of blood in it so were gonna send it to the lab to check for any infections.
Avatar f tn ve started sitting on my chair backwards, with the back against my chest and my legs straddling the seat. It seems to help a bit (although it kind of hurts my boobs, but not as much as my back) and it won't last for long, again because of my belly, but if you have an armless chair like mine, maybe give that a try? I know some floor exercises that help my back too, but they're not helping as much anymore.
Avatar f tn for the last 2 weeks I have had a bad cough and chest and back pain, it is not getting better and there seems to be no cough syrop or medicationt that will work. I keep getting dizzy as well not just while coughing. I really don't want to sit at a clinic to find out I have a bad cold, but I am getting concerned that it may be more then a cold. I have also been getting a fever off and on.
799959 tn?1239293294 When women were added to the cardiac research it was discovered that they do usually present with the same symptoms that men do when experiencing heart pain. Some never have chest pain, or only have right sided pain, or back pain or a bit of chest pressure but great fatigue. All sudden onset chest pain (either side) should be treated as serious until it is proven otherwise. How is your Mom doing?