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Avatar f tn I have been experiencing chest pain in my left breast along with back and shoulder pain. It can sometimes last for days on end and is very painful and scary. I have gone to the emergency room twice, the first time I was having a full blown anxiety attack. I was kept there overnight on a heart monitor after having an ekg done. When i saw the cardiologist in the am, he informed me that I have an irregular heartbeat but it was nothing to be alarmed about.
Avatar m tn Ive had a burning ,squeezing type pain along my spine for a few months that comes and goes.I did alot of repetitive lifting at my job.Within the last month I have been experiencing different problems with it as well.I moved and had to sleep on a mattress on the floor for awhile and noticed an ulnar nerve problem in my left arm. In my right arm,the nerves in my wrist seem to jump and pulsate.This only happens when I sleep and wakeup and become aware of it.Also a burning in my shoulder.
Avatar n tn Hello! I have been having a dull aching pain in my chest mainly left side, back pain and some occasional arm pain. I do have GERD and had my gallbladder out in 2003. I saw my doc and she thinks its just a flare up of GERDs but has set me up to have a stress echo. I am driving myself nuts wondering is the heart related, am i ignoring signs of a heart condition. My doc doesnt seem so worried but i have small children and cant help but wonder am i taking the right measures promptly.
Avatar f tn sometimes a stabbing pain) mainly in the centre of my chest, perhaps slightly to the left side. This pain is accompanied by burning and tightness in my left arm, and also some pain in my upper back as well. I do sometimes get palpitations as well. My symptoms tend to come on more when I'm exercising but they can occur at rest as well.
Avatar m tn - Localized chest pain on the right side of the body around the sternum and going through to my back. - Localized back pain in my right shoulder. This pain can be described as achy, dull, and occasionally burning in nature. This pain has been ongoing for at least 2 months. The pain is generally worse at night especially when lying on either side, it becomes more pronounced.
1534233 tn?1523388856 I noticed tonight the burning in mynshouder and back is made worse if I move my head left and right and particularlynif I touch my chin onto my chest. It makes my back feelmreally tight and thenit starts tomfeel like it's burning. Maybe my neck or spine?
691941 tn?1227473848 I am on this Forum because I'm looking for advice on the same thing. I have severe muscle spasms where my back locks up Hunched over every time I get up from Bed. It first started Each time I got up from lying down I would be in Pain unable to stand uporight. Slowly I would move until I can stand straight lasting several minutes. Now it's getting worse,, Everytime I am in Bed I get this Burning Low Back Pain. It feels like I'm carying heavy weights and there on Fire.
Avatar f tn I am 18 yrs old almost 19. Since the beginning of December I have been getting really bad back and chest pains and sometimes a burning feeling too. I haven't seen a doctor about it yet. I been telling my parents they just tell me that they will call. They still haven't though. Does anyone know what can cause it and how to make it go away. Please help me!
Avatar n tn After 2 days of taking it the burning stopped but I developed the worst upper back and chest pain. This was different from the first pain which was up and down. This new pain was across my upper back and chest. After 7 days I realized that this occured when I started the amitripyline and stopped taking the amitripyline and the pain went away. I thought I was cured. However the first burning pain has returned along with the sore throat.
Avatar n tn She is having severe throat burning sensation and sometimes chest also pain. Her BP is mormal and ECG also ok. she requrarly taking medicines for hypertension and choloestrol, but no relief from throat burning sensation. Two days back consulted a physcisian, he suggested her to take Crocin and Vepan. Could you please suggest so that i can come to know what is the exact cause for the pain. Thank you.
Avatar n tn My father has been diagnosed with herpes, the sores are gone now, but the pain throughout his back has become more and more severe, accompanied with burning sensation. Does the pain have got anything to do with something other than herpes? Or is it just one of its symptoms?
Avatar m tn No matter what work out I do it is very heavy and very high intensity work out and no chest pain. After the weight training I go back to the eliptical machine and do the same thing I did at the start and I get no pain. Is it possible I have a heart problem. This just started 3 weeks ago. I am baffled about this and worried. The next day I will do this again and start with elipticle again and the same thing will happen. I will get burning pain in my chest again.
Avatar n tn for the past 4 weeks I have been having some uncomfortable chest pains. went to the hospital and they told me that i have chest wall pain. then i started having abdominal pain, the hospital referred me to a GI. i can't eat anything without feeling like it's stuck in my chest. i have an appointment for an upper endoscopy. Now i'm having lower back pain and burning sensations all over my back. i have trouble sleeping and going to work, even sitting in my car from the pain.
Avatar n tn Hello, I was wondering if anyone here deals with lower back pain due to anxiety? Ive been feeling throbbing pains in the lower back on the right for a couple days on and off. Went to the hospital today, took a urine test and they said it looked fine, said it might have a bit of trace of blood in it so were gonna send it to the lab to check for any infections.
Avatar n tn I am having pain and burning in the upper right side of my back, below the shoulder but just above the mid section of my back with the same pain and burning shooting down the back side of my arm, it also pains me when I bend my head down for a while and turn from side to side it gets really stiff and painful, PLEASE HELP!!! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/296809'>Shoulder, Upper arm pain, upper mid back........pinched Nerve</a>.
Avatar m tn I had acid reflux one time and all the lower part of my ribs hurt and my chest was aching. It felt nothing like heartburn but my doctor put me on Somac I think it was? and I felt great within a few days. Go to your local GP he/she will be able to prescribe you some meds and you feel back to you old self in no time hopefully. Like I said I'm not an expert, but I went through something similar.
Avatar m tn I have had chest pain since my ablation and now the pain is extending through my chest to my back. Any ideas on what could be causing this pain? My ablation was 3 months ago and I have had my rhythm under control, but now am experiencing the chest pain.
1351082 tn?1479840132 I have had constant burning, tightness in my chest for six months now and it is progressively getting worse I also can feel my heart beating so hard all the time. I have had many tests ekgs, blood work, mammo, breast ultrasound, pulmonary ct scan, echo and a nuclear stress test all came back normal but I still continue to have this horrible feeling 24/7. It is located in the center to the left side of my chest. I have no idea what this is but it is making me crazy I feel it all the time.
Avatar m tn I am a 26 year old female and have had this burning sensation on the left side of my throat for a month and recently has went up into the back of my mouth and down into my chest, and in the upper portion of my arms. It is CONSTANT! My doctor took a look at my throat and said it looked irritated and did give me amoxicillon incase there was any bacterial infection, I have been on it for 6 days now.
Avatar n tn I had not been well for 3 years. Gradually got worse. Shortness of breath on exercise, pain and burning in chest. I have had 2 endoscopys done showing esphogitis/gastritis, sometimes spitting up blood in morning. Lungs burn, back burns. Now I can hardly eat anything acid even though I don't feel acidic it causes alot of pain in my chest and back shoulder blades. I had many x-rays over the years and they all showed nothing.
Avatar f tn But I will also feel what feels like fluid or something moving around back there some times when I move and then I get more pain. Not sure who I should go see?
Avatar m tn Sometimes too I experience an extrem neck pain that runs to my brain and I only feel the pain and burning sensation at the back of my neck. Please I want to know what this heal issue I am experiencing right now.