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Avatar n tn hi, I am a 34 year old male. I am having chest discomfort, actually more like upper back discomfort, it started about 2 month ago, it's never any pain, just discomfort at the center of my upper back, it also spread to rest of the back as well. the second symptoms is dizziness, i felt it whole day long. Sometimes i have trouble talking as well. I checked the website and seem like i have most symptoms of a heart attack...
Avatar n tn Its not that painful when Im sitting not doing anything. I have started to experience chest pain. I have chest pains almost everyday'. Im on WAFRIN since Im DVT. Zanele This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/202177'>What does backache have to do with my heart?</a>.
Avatar f tn For the past 9 months, I have been experiencing a discomforting pain on my right chest area. The pain is not in the whole chest area. It is centralized "between", my breast and shoulder blade. When I turn or bend on the right side, I experience a sharp stabbing pain. I find that my pain level would be a 10, if I am experiencing gas discomfort (from not eating on time, or ingesting a gas producing food) , but, my pain level would generally be on a pain scale of 4-6 (daily).
Avatar n tn I get a pain in my upper back that spreads around to my chest. Sometimes it lasts about 15 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes. It feels as if I have been stabbed in the back and it comes through my chest. It feels like it comes full circle around my upper body. I have a hard time talking, turn white, clamming and sometimes nauseous. I had every heart test about 3 years ago, but now they are becoming more frequent. What do you think is causing this pain?
Avatar n tn ex-smoker (quit before a year). I have a mild pressure in the left side of the chest and vibration at the back (exactly near the left back bone). Not aggrevating during exertion. Took all the test (ecg, 2d echo, stress) and almost two and half years back and everything came normal. Cholestrol levels are good, no diabetes. Gastroenterologist prescribed HP Kit after taking endoscopy. The pain got relieved for a few months (actually started in July 2009).
Avatar f tn The fi rst sign of such a strain is chest pain. It can come and go, but the pain will be sharp. It is aggravated by reaching for objects, coughing or breathing deep. And this kind of pain is frequently confused with heart pain. Frequently, costochondral pain is caused by a misalignment of the vertebra, called a subluxation. If the spine is misaligned, it no longer supports normal alignment of the rib cage.
Avatar m tn it first started about 2 months ago with chest heaviness and discomfort but no pain. Then it went to chest as well as the heaviness and the discomfort. Went to GPs they said chest infection and antibiotics didn't work and went back had an EKG and chest x ray and blood test . All cam normal expected EKG was abit abnormal so put through to a cardiologist waiting list. But pains has spread to arms back neck as well as breathlessness and breathing difficulties.
868555 tn?1240913586 At the moment now (12th april) I have been feeling bloated for the past hour or so, I also have a slight burning/discomfort in my chest, just next to where my heart is. The pain is also slightly stabby. I was given Gaviscon by a doctor on Friday for the indigestion and I took some just after tea. However There is still a burning/stabbing pain in my chest, and it moved form my ribs earlier. Also sometimes It feels like I have something wet at the back of my throat that isn't saliva.
Avatar m tn The tingling/numbing your getting is probably a pinched nerve and your chest pain can be something as simple as a allergy you might not know about also the chest pain could be inflamed lining in your lung especially if it hurts to breath. These are just some ideas that you can ask your doctor about also you can find reliable information about Soma on this federal web site. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
Avatar m tn everything you have written on here tells me that. True heart related chest pain is not located on one side or the other on the chest. Pain, if you are having it while resting or sitting in a chair, that is heart related would be caused by a very severe form of heart disease, which would have easily shown up on an EKG. The numbness could be a neck issue. Have you considered seeing a nuerologist? A gastroenterologist? You might want to consider seeing one or both of those two specialists.
Avatar n tn Hello, Many disorders produce chest pain or discomfort. Some (e.g., acute MI, unstable angina, thoracic aortic dissection, tension pneumothorax, esophageal rupture, pulmonary embolism) are immediately life threatening. Some (e.g., angina pectoris, pericarditis, myocarditis, pneumothorax, pneumonia, pancreatitis, various thoracic malignancies) are potentially life threatening.
Avatar f tn I think so too...
Avatar n tn Constant chest pain at your age is usually not cardiac.
Avatar n tn He seemed to imply that was the cause as the Nuclear Stress Test came back negative indicating non anginal chest pain....That's my understanding anyway. "See you in 6 months, call me if the pain gets any worse" Was my sendoff.
Avatar f tn So since December. 04,2013 I've been having se type of chest pain. I woke up in the middle of the morning sweating cold and my heart was racing very fast and I thought I was going to die. Along with this I turned pale, but no fainting or anything. I went to the hospital the following morning they did an x-ray on my right side which is where I said the pain was located as well as blood test and EKG.
Avatar n tn I also have discomfort with middle of chest. Ex. when I sleep on stomach and if I push myself up, middle of my chest is bothersome. The discomfort lasts about 15 seconds and goes away, it always happens when i lean frontwards or when I bend over to pick up something and while Im in motion to stand upright is when this discomfort happens. Any possible reasons why?
Avatar n tn Anyways after those I was fine till about nov, when i was layin on the couch watchin tv and i had a sharp pain in my chest. That created some chest discomfort for awhile, so eventually ended up goin to the ER in late Dec to get looked at. Did some blood tests and EKG everything was normal except by red blood cell level was high, but then I did another blood test few days later and it was normal so they said was probably due to dehydration.
Avatar n tn I sometimes get chest discomfort at different spots in my chest, best way to describe it is a gnawing feeling. This doesnt happen while exercising, and I have not experienced shortness of breath. I have had 2 EKG's and blood work done and my doctor says that everything appears normal. He diagnosed me with panic and anxiety disorder a number of years ago and tells me that, that is where my pain comes from. Anyone have opinions on whther this sounds cardiac in nature?
Avatar f tn Usually, with a heart condition there is chest pain (discomfort, etc.) with exertion that would be stable angina. If you have steady chest discomfort, that would/could be unstable angina. The problem f heart related is the heart cells are not getting enough oxygenated blood. If you have cardiomyopathy, that could/would indicate the cardiac output is not sufficient to supply oxygenated blood to heart cells. Worst case scenario, but you should get your condtion evaluated.
Avatar m tn Hello i am a 13 year old male. I get chest pain and get out of breath easily when i wake up, stand up, walk, or run. I have been to a pediatric cardiologist and i had an ekg an ultrasound and a stress test. they all came up normal. He says it has something to do with hormones or muscles. Your thoughts? And what can i do to make it better? Thanks alot.
Avatar m tn A couple weeks after that i started experiencing pretty daily for the most part panic attacks and nausea and shortness of breath. Eventually a slight chest and back pain pain/discomfort to top it off sometimes together or just one of those.
Avatar f tn Do get chest discomfort checked out. That is rule #1 after having a heart attack from those of us in the brother/sisterhood of heart attack survival.
Avatar f tn I am a 30 year old female. My problems started about a year ago. I was 8 months pregnant and constantly felt like I had pressure on my chest. The doctor told me it was normal and it was just the baby moving things around. Fast forward to after the baby was born. Things never got better. I have a constant ache that wraps from my middle back around to my ribs and sternum and is there 24/7. I have had every medical test known to man kind and yet doctors still can't find anything wrong.
1351082 tn?1479840132 One of the key indicators for atypical chest pain is a a pain that last for just a few seconds or several hours, weeks and months. Chances are pretty good you experiencing some other cause to your pain like a hot gallbladder (that was my case) or chronic costochondritis. This is most likely setting off an anxiety attack.