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Avatar f tn Hi hun im going through something similar with the lack of help from hubby as he works and also home bound and constant worrying. I got twins they are 4weeks now. However in not letting it get the better of me. I did get it really bad with my son 4yrs ago after his birth and i can tell you the depression didnt last long as i kept myself busy. But the anxiety n worrying came back in full force after couple of years.
Avatar n tn I currently have postpartum depression and anxiety and am taking medication for this. However, my ruminating thoughts are still haunting me and I wanted to know how I can help cope and heal. Ever since, my baby's birth, I've been having thoughts of being homeless and constantly worrying about this to the point it makes me physically ill and depressed. My psychiatrist says the medication should help with the thoughts and it has in intensity but these thoughts are still there.
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor and she told me it was more than likely postpartum depression but I have more of the anxiety symptoms. I was put on klonopin and 10mg of Celexa. I feel better but still not myself. It has just been a struggle trying to take care of her and deal with this. Is anyone else going through this or has been through it. I just want to feel like myself again. Thanks!
Avatar n tn My son was born in 3/00. I was 34 then. About 1 mo later, I felt myself getting depressed. I had 2 episodes of moderate depression about 10 yrs and 5 yrs previous. 1st episode was treated with Prozac, Xanax and brief therapy. 2nd episode was treated without drugs, but I was in therapy for almost 3 yrs. For this 3rd episode, I went to the ob/gyn first, who put me on small dose of Prozac and sent me to therapy.
Avatar n tn Mine started at 7 weeks post partum and have lasted approx. 5 weeks to date. I have experienced postpartum anxiety/some depression. Anti-depressants (Klonopin and Celexa) have helped alleviate some of these symptoms, but not completely. It's difficult to distinguish the difference between anxiety symptoms true neurological symptoms (I realize anxiety symptoms can cause neurological issues). Please let me know if you think these symptoms are normal postpartum.
Avatar f tn ** -random spots of pain **common with anxiety/depression** -not sleeping well ** def. anxiety related.** -my head feels off at times **anxiety for sure** -gravely feeling in throat sometimes,bitter tase in mouth sometimes **I get this too, and its a mixture of mucous I think, and sinus... and acid reflux can cause foul tast in mouth. And I think I've heard you can get a metalic type taste too when having anxiety?
Avatar n tn Could try this FDA List - its for Prozac, but Celexa (as are all SSRIs) is a clone of Prozac. SORRY about the messy format, as you can see there are two adverse effects to each line with the number of reports next to each of these.
Avatar f tn Has anyone tried Anticonvulants instead of SSRI's for Depression and Anxiety? I have dythymia and double depression with some anxiety (constant worry).
Avatar m tn I was given Celexa 8 months after my daughter was born for postpartum depression. 16 years later I am trying once again to come off it. I have seen my doctor who suggested a week in between dropping my dose but I asked for 2 weeks to make it more gradual. I've been off it for 3 weeks now. I went through a lot of physical symptoms - buzzing in my ears, dizziness, some nausea but those are subsiding. What isn't subsiding are the days where I feel quite depressed.
Avatar m tn Has there been any research done on OCD intrusive thoughts and postpartum depression? My daughter has been suffering with this for almost a year. She is on medication, sees a therapist, and a psychiatrist. The medication seems to only work for about 3 weeks at a time and then it has to be increased. She is physically and mentally worn out.
Avatar f tn Hi.ive had depression and anxiety that i went on citalapram for after the christchurch nz earthquakes.ive just movd 2brisbane australia.the doctor told me to go striaght of the citalapram when i got pregnant so im just wondering if any1 else has had to do this and if they have any natural remedies or tips to help me cope? I dont want to end up very depressed again.and i have to stay well for the pregnancy and my toddler. Btw the dr was very rude and just told me to deal with it.
Avatar f tn It suppose to be short term postpartum depression but it turned into long term anxiety. I have been many anti meds but it doesn't seem like it's getting better. Meds doesn't make u feel better but it takes little edge off. I really want to get of these meds but I am super scared because I think I might get worse . That's how docs are scaring me. These meds give lot of side effects and u suffer lot from these meds.
Avatar n tn I have taken paxil, prozac, and zoloft all in the past, and each one affected me differently. Zoloft was the worse for me, and prozac worked the best for me when i was treated for postpartum depression. I took paxil for panic attacks and that worked well, but I didn't like the additional 30lbs i gained while being on it. Prozac I lost weight.
Avatar n tn My doctor is wanting to put me on Zoloft for post partum depression, has anyone taken this drug? Did it help? Does it make you gain wait uncontrolably? I will take it if it will help, as for the weight gain i'm worried, any suggestions on how to keep the weight gain to a min? Or is it just the medacine going to add the weight no matter what?
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if anyone has been on birth control pills and have suffered from anxiety or depression issues? I have been on the pill for 11yrs now and cant take how I am feeling anymore. I went on the pill for irregular periods, but since then I have been feeling blah, libido has decreased severely, I have sinus problems- I found out I have no allergies- so I think it is related to axiety, I worry constantly about everything; I get so nervous I get light headed sometimes.
Avatar f tn I kept going to my PCD and she said I had postpartum depression (my son was 5 months old). I never had sad thoughts, cries, etc but would do anything to feel better so started taking celexa and after 30 days it was no different. I explain it like feeling like I have the flu ALL the time.
Avatar f tn So the symptoms started about 6 months postpartum. I have had issues with depression and am currently on Celexa 20 mg. But, I've been on that longer than the symptoms have been around. Some of my labs were a bit off or slightly low/high without being out of range. EX: b1, b6 on the low side but within range. Antithrombin III one point above the range limit, lymphocytes about 10 higher than range limit, serum IGg high side of limit but not over, and serum albumin 5 over range limit.
Avatar f tn I have been taking a Celexa for several years now I've been on it with my son who is now 3 I'm on now with this pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I, after many years, along w/ my doctor's approval weaned myself off of Paxil 20mg. I had been on it for postpartum depression and just came to rely on it. I weaned myself in March, very slowly.....but then very slowly, the symptoms all came back with anxiety worse than ever. I started on Zoloft, just the minimal dosage, but also knew how well the Paxil had worked for me and after a week on the zoloft and not feeling better I switched right over to the Paxil.
323238 tn?1223756954 I took celexa for postpartum depression. I was only on it 6mo's. It really helped me after both pregnancies and I didn't have any side effects. Good luck to you!!!!
Avatar f tn I also suffer from postpartum depression. I'm on Celexa 40mg. My son is nine months old. I have had the unwanted hair since i was 16 but just started missing periods without pregnancy two months ago. My ob put me on YAZ but its bringing my depression back. I talked to a nurse at a pysch ward at the hospital (she also has PCOS...very severe). Anyways, she said that YAZ is particularly not good for people who have depression.
Avatar n tn and nothing keeps me to sleep for more than a few hours. i'm taking celexa for anxie My cortisol (24 urine) is around 350 - very high. But a salivary cortisol and blood serum have pretty much ruled out cushing's syndrome.
Avatar m tn It's been working really nicely for the most part. Except for the fact that I just had a 2 month long depression spike that really f**ked with my life. When I went in to talk with a psych about it (I go to a clinic where you rarely see the same person twice), she upped my lithium to 1200. I was kind of upset because I knew summer months can affect your lithium levels, and I knew that lithium doesn't help with depression, but I gave it a try. It didn't help.
Avatar f tn Very shortly after she was born I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. I've never been through such a thing. My OB put me on 40mg of celexa. I was introduced to crystal meth shortly after I started taking the SSRI'S. Now it's just a struggle. When I stop the meth it takes me a week to feel like I can hold my eyes open. I know about the seritonin syndrome, but I bottom out and with two kids and I'm a stay at home mother, sleeping is just not an option.
Avatar f tn are any of you already mommies struggling with postpartum depression? I'm 4 months postpartum and severely struggling... It's not so much "depression" it's more of the severe rage and anger spells I get towards my boyfriend (mostly in the morning.) I've seen my doctor about it and she prescribed me celexa but it makes my anxiety worse and to be honest, I hate antidepressants. If anyone is struggling, do you have any tips for me at all?
Avatar f tn You must understand that there is no "BEST" medication for anxiety/panic. What is "best" is what works for YOU. And sometimes that takes some trial and error until you and your doctor find the right one or the right combination. If you read some posts on here, you will see that some people can tolerate a medication very well while someone else can't.
Avatar f tn I had postpartum depression severely an did not know my thyroid stopped working until my son was 5 months old so that was quite a combo. When they prescribed me the celexa and synthroid it was the first time I had ever taken daily pills and they made me normal.
Avatar f tn My OBGYN put me on celexa after my son was born. It helped alot! I am taking Lexapro now. Just started taking it in Oct. for anxiety. It's also helped me alot! Good luck!!
Avatar f tn I am currently 26 years old, and have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I was prescribed the anti depressant Celexa. Now, right now I have no plans of becoming pregnant, but I really do want to within the next 5 years. However, I am aware that I can not take Celexa while trying to conceive or during pregnancy. Does anyone know what my options will be when I want to conceive? Will I have to be weened off of the medicine, and stay off of it for the full 9 months?
Avatar f tn I'm seeing a phycologist for different situation and she told me I'm depressed and hv anxiety and I shud tell my ob right away to give me a smal dose of medication. Otherwise I will not get postpartum but go into a deep depression.