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Avatar m tn I was on Celexa and gained 40lbs in 6 months.. I'm sure we are all different, but Celexa made me gain weight too.
Avatar f tn It's not a wash-out period, it's the withdrawal. Celexa physiologically leaves your system within hours, but the brain doesn't adapt very well sometimes to not having the drug in the system and goes through a withdrawal. I can be significant or minor or non-existent, but to play it safe these meds are tapered down slowly to minimize any possible withdrawal. Actually, meds that wash out of the system more slowly, like Prozac, tend to have fewer withdrawal problems.
1325193 tn?1450127436 together and then I worked on the other issues, and still do. As far as the Celexa causing the weight gain? I do not have personal experience with it and even if I did, everyone is different so while you may gain weight, I may not. I see you asked about this in the anxiety community as well, maybe you can get some responses there too. Bear in mind, just as with this community, there are no doctors there and all we are sharing here is our personal experience, not medical advise.
Avatar n tn s do cause some weight gain. Generally, the symptoms from the withdrawal are over within two weeks but as I said they can be relieved some by tapering which means cutting dosage lower andlower.
Avatar m tn I was wondering how much weight gain anyone has experienced with celexa ? Or any of the other antidepresents?
Avatar m tn Hi: I have general anxiety with a tendency towards social anxiety. I used to have panic attacks but haven't had one in a couple years. I also suffer with depression. What drug has helped you? I am now taking Klonopin for the anxiety and Prozac for depression. I would like to cut the Klonopin or at least cut down (now taking 1 mg/day). The Prozac isn't helping my depression at all and I have given it months to work.
Avatar n tn I too normally suffer from anxiety and had the same side effects you experienced *(sexual,weight gain, etc) I am going for no meds in the future due to this type of BS. I don't have bettter advice for you, just know its normal withdrawl and will not last forever. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Wow... I just started taking Celexa a month ago for anxiety/depression. Not bipolar, not taking anything else... I haven't gained a pound. I've always been thin, so I'm hoping this helps me gain weight. :) How long were ya'll taking Celexa before ya'll started to gain weight? Thanks, - RJ.
Avatar f tn Well, the tapering off of Zoloft (and then on to Celexa) went very smoothly. No problems, except almost immediately I began to gain weight on CELEXA. Later on I began to have vivid & strange dreams and severe fatigue and lethargy. I still do. I was/am afraid to try yet another SSRI, for fear of more side-effects,so I've stayed on CELEXA for 7 years now. At this point though, I'm getting real tired of all this weight gain. It's making me Depressed.
Avatar f tn Does Celexa make you gain weight. I was just prescribed this medication, and am unsure what to think. Will it lift my apathetic mood? Will I gain weight from it? I would love to hear anyone's story regarding this medication.
527657 tn?1214051850 My daughter was just prescribed this and is very afaid of gaining weight does this one cause weight gain and what are some of the side effects anyone is experiencing?
Avatar f tn state of mind, and I feel like I have no mind. Not to mention all the weight I gain. I decided after consulting with a therapist that I should get off of them, so I quit, cold turkey. I know it's not the best way to go, but I've tried weaning myself off and it didn't work. It's been about a week and a half now, and the withdrawal symptoms are starting to go away, but I find myself being more emotional and just feeling really lonely now. Is that normal?
Avatar f tn I've been on Celexa for quite sometime, and it continues to work very well. If it reaches a point where it doesn't, consult with your doctor, I'm sure there is an alternative. I haven't gained any weight and it's my understanding the weight gain is not a side effect of this drug. I recently lost 40 lbs. I would not take this at night without consulting with your doctor first.
Avatar n tn I'm currently on Paxil and Xanax, and have been experiencing a complete loss of appetite most days. I started eating a few days ago, but I'm only on 10mg a day for the Paxil. It takes a while for stuff to kick in, but this med has made me lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks. When I was 14 (I'm now 25) I was put on Celexa, and I was on it for a couple of years. I remember the Dr. increased my dosage a few times, and eventually I felt like a zombie. And YES I did gain weight.
Avatar f tn My research has shown that quite a few people gain weight on SSRIs. Before I started taking Celexa, I read only information given on the medical sites. I believed the literature given out with the drug and started taking it. I wish I never started. Their clinical trials only show that short term use doesn't seem to cause weight gain. However, it seems that long term use has a rather high occurrence of weight gain.
Avatar n tn I had the same problem when I switched form celexa to wellbutrin. Wellbutrin did nothing for me. (BTW there isn't much difference between lexapro and celexa except celexa probably won't give you much weight gain) So when Wellbutrin didn't work I wen't on paxil and gained some weight but sexual side effects remained. Then I quit paxil and now take effexor with clonazepam. I feel OK so far but still too early to judge.
Avatar n tn Currently taking 30 mgs of Paxil because of severe GAD. Because of weight gain doctor has suggested switching to Zoloft. How do you think the doctor could switch. Does it work for most people in switching from one SSRI to another or do most people have significant side effects?
Avatar n tn Hi I have been on Celexa for 1 year and 3 months. Everytime I would miss a pill or two I could feel it in my mood and behavior. It has helped me tremendously, although emotionally I've felt numb, and sex does almost nothing for me. Well, I happened to forget to take Celexa for a few days and have not had my usual side effects, so I decided to go a few more days. Then came the headaches and the nausea.
Avatar f tn m on Celexa now but am wondering if maybe Lexapro would be better since anxiety is my biggest concern. Has anyone had suggest with Lexapro. Also does Lexapro cause weight gain like Celexa?
1325193 tn?1450127436 we are all differnt but i know a few people on celexa and only weight gain. it does increase ur appitite.. better than bein sick and anxious..
Avatar f tn Headache, diarrhea, shivers. I was taking it for mood stability but the weight gain has bothered me greatly and doc suggested 'maybe you don't need it now' so I'm trying to withdraw. Anyone with any experience with this and my question: what is considered 'gradual' when withdrawing gradually from Epival. I know you can't just go off as you can experience seizures but I've been dropping the dose for about three weeks... Anyone?
Avatar n tn Celexa is the earlier version of Lexapro. I would have tried the Lexapro but I couldn't afford it. lol I unfortunately cannot compare it to Lexapro. I enjoyed Celexa. I didn't have any problems with it. I didn't notice weight gain. I was on the birth control pill at the time too and I know that not only can the birth control pill cause weight gain, but so can most SSRI's. I figured I was screwed anyway.
Avatar f tn I am fixing to start working out again and trying to eat healthier. Does anyone know if celexa hinders weight loss with proper diet and exercise.