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362387 tn?1207277719 I was just taken off Zoloft after 7 years and put on Celexa 10mg to increase to 20mg. I think I have a built up a sensitivity to SSRI's. I was diagnosised with post-partum thyroiditis 3 months ago and now am hypothyroid. I take Synthyroid 25mcg every other day. If I take it every day I get horrible anxiety attacks. My symptoms include brain swimming sensation, dizzyness, lightheaded, confusion, feeling stupid.
352941 tn?1197499422 ) I went to my psychiatrist this morning because the Neurontin wasn't working. So he prescribed me Klonopin. I am now taking the Celexa and Klonopin. I have severe agoraphobia, emetophobia (fear of vomiting), anxiety and horrible panic attacks. My husbands leaving the Army and we are moving back home on Sunday, which is a 13 hour drive. After extensive research on Klonopin, I have found nothing but bad reviews on it from other people who have taken it.
Avatar f tn Now its 6 weeks later and I have started 10 mg of Celexa for the last 3 weeks and been taking .25 Klonopin at night. Sometimes the anxiety is getting so bad that I have to take a Xanax or Klonopin when I get home from work just to eat dinner. I want to exercise and eat normal but I have no energy and no appetite. Food makes me want to gag. I'm terribly worried about becoming addicted to benzo's but they are the only thing giving me any relief so that I can eat dinner.
Avatar n tn My question now is, can I take one of these low dose Xanax today? I started the Celexa last night and took 1 mg Klonopin to sleep. I just want to feel normal again.
222417 tn?1241567900 Hi Again. I was wondering if anyone on this board is on Celexa { Citalopram}. And could they tell me how it feels? I mean do you feel better? As I am supposed to start soon on this medication. Right now I am on Anafranil and klonopin. Dr has decided to try this medication to see if it will make me better because right now I am not. And also how long before I can take Celexa because I am still on Anafranil. I take 50mgs once a day in the night time.
Avatar m tn i switched from lexapro to celexa about 3 weeks ago due to insurance. i was on 20 mg of lex for a month and im on 40mg of celexa for 3 weeks along with .05 klonopin in the morning when my anxiety is at its highest. in my opinion i dont feel like the celexa even touches my anxiety thats why i take the klonopin with it in the morning! I dont know if maybe i need to give more time for the celexa to work even if i was on lexapro before it for 3 weeks?
Avatar n tn My big question is Ive researched Celexa on many websites and most mention it being used for depression and OCD-- but none have mentioned anxiety or specifically social phobia anywhere. Zoloft and Paxil information seem to mention anxiety and phobias in almost eveything Ive read. Is Celexa as useful for anxiety and social phobia?? Will it be as effective for my anxiety?
222417 tn?1241567900 My Dr now wants me to try Celexa instead of clomipramine but I can't take it for at least 10 days as he says there maybe interactions with Celexa and clomipramine.So I am to taper off Clomiprmine and then start with celexa.I have been on Clomipramine for 19 yrs now but it does not seem effective. I have been on Clonazepam for the same amount of time. Now my question is what is Celexa and what are its benefits?
Avatar n tn I went to she a psych and she put me on Celexa and Klonopin. I'm nervous to take Klonopin, I am used to taking Xanax. She really thinks this will help me (the Klonopin). I have a lump in my throat on and off and have a hard time getting a deep breath sometimes. I took a 1/4 of a Klonopin and it made my stomach feel weird. Can anyone give me the difference on how it makes you feel vs. the Xanax. I have a 4 year old in the house and I am afraid I will be knocked out if I take it.
1722607 tn?1335751458 I was prescribed Xanax by my first psychiatrist, and Klonopin by my second psychiatrist. They are similar drugs, but Xanax is stronger but doesn't last as long, Klonopin is more steady and lasts longer. I prefer Klonopin. I take .5mg at night to sleep, on an "as needed" basis (I have a mini crisis every few months and will take it 2 or 3 nights in a row). I would only take it during the day back when my anxiety was really really bad. One pill should last 12 hours.
Avatar n tn If you are taking Klonopin regularly and it reaches steady state and stays there, it provides relief around the clock.
1302779 tn?1287408629 05 of klonopin with 40 mg of celexa. was prescribed klonopin .05 3 x's a day. i actully cut the o5 in half cause in catious of the addictive quality. my anxiety is hightened in the morning and wanted to start .05 in the morning instead of cutting it in half. does anyone think .05 is a high dose just in the morning? i see many people take even more than that any input would be great!
Avatar n tn I have been suffering from anxiety for a while now, and anyways, I could be starting Klonpin this week. but im kinda worried... First off how effective is this drug for pretty servere anxiety? Also are the withdrawls bad? thats whats causing me to worry the most. Iv read that withdrawls can last for weeks causing even more anxiety, and ughh I dont know, I want to beat this, but im really worried that meds might make it wrose in the end.
Avatar f tn I was on 8mg xanax and 4mg klonopin a day. An addiction specialist said that benzodiazepines effect your memory and balance, and thats all he said about them. They didn't sound too dangerous to me. Those pills almost killed me!!!
Avatar m tn i have had problems with my anxiety being really bad this past year and he prescribed me on klonopin. so i take celexa 40 mg for depression and klonopin .5 mg 3 times a day and now im on a new med called vistaril 25 mg three times a day with the klonopin. is this safe? i feel like im taking too much? please help!!! thanks!
Avatar n tn He said I could just stop taking the Cymbalta 60 mg and Xanax .5 mg 2x a day and start the Celexa 10 mg and Klonopin 1 mg - 1/2 to 1 tablet twice daily as needed. I have been on xanax .5 mg for years. My concern is this...will I have withdrawals switching directly from the Cymbalta to the Celexa and switching from the Xanax to the Klonopin? Any input would greatly help - my Dr. seems to rush me out the door before I can ask all my questions!!! Thanks!!
Avatar f tn I would definitely give the 20mg at least 4-6 weeks, and take the Klonopin as prescribed and see how you do before upping the Celexa. If you haven't been working with a psych doc then I would switch to one. I would also ask your doctor "why" he wants you to up the dosage so quickly before giving it time to work. Celaxa is an excellent drug, but what works for one, may not another.
Avatar n tn So I asked the doctor if it is really necessary for me to be on celexa and I would like to come off of it and just take klonopin as i'm doing right now...he tells me no to take both...I'm going to try and take myself off of the celexa again i am just not sure on how to do it I know it has to be done gradually. Please tell me how to go about this?????
Avatar f tn 1) Is it typical and appropriate to prescribe daily doses of Klonopin, Lactical, Seroquel, AND Celexa (plus Xanax on an as needed basis)? 2) If so, would it be typical and appropriate for a patient who has never had a seizure, and has not been diagnosed with manic depression, schizophrenia, or any other psychosis? 3) Would the combination of these 4 (or 5) drugs be likely to cause a side effect of interference with thinking, memory, and speech?
Avatar f tn 1) Is it typical and appropriate to prescribe daily doses of Klonopin, Lamictal, Seroquel, AND Celexa? 2) If so, would it be appropriate for a patient who has never had a seizure, and has not been diagnosed with any psychosis? 3) Would the combination of these 4 drugs be likely to cause a side effect of interference with thinking, memory, and speech? A family member has been taking all 4 of these meds daily as prescribed this year.
1166402 tn?1303850656 I just started 20 mg of generic Celexa (3 days ago) and the doc also gave me Ambien and Klonopin (take .25mg) to relieve the anxiety until the Celexa kicks in. I wake up shaky/hot and kind of panicky. Which drug is this from drugs, or is it still the anxiety. I know this takes time, but I don't want to mess with any drugs that might be making the symptoms worse (i.e Klonopin or Ambien). I also don't want to become dependent on the Klonopin and ambien either.
655242 tn?1229476344 Should I come off the celexa? Is the celexa causing the thoughts or was coming off the celexa causing the thoughts? I have read online that others have had this happen and some have stopped taking the meds and others have just stuck with it and the thoughts have gone away. What do I do? HELP PLEASE!!!!
Avatar n tn Hi I have been taking Celexa medication from 10mg to 40mg..for a year. Its been about three weeks not that i stopped abruptly taking the medication. I have noticed that i have been very dizzy, visual disturbances, shakes and other few side effects. My question is ..is there anything you can suggest besides me telling my doctor i stopped the medication.. is there any thing i can do or anything to help out this withdrawl without going back on it.
Avatar n tn I started taking Celexa about a month ago ( 10mg) and I've noticed that occassionally my skin feels very hot esp.. on my arms. Does Celexa cause this and is this something that will eventually go away?
433485 tn?1321816990 I have been suffering from anxiety for years, My pdoc is changing my diagnosis to a mood disorder/bipolar 2. I am currently on 100 mg of seraquel at night and 1 mg of klonopin tid, 200 mg of lamictal, 100 mg of wellbutrin and now down to 40 mg of celexa, tapering slowing down from 80. eventually off of wellbutrin as that and celexa do seem to be doing anything for me ( we think).
Avatar n tn It doesn't really sound like a withdrawal to me, it may be more the underlying anxiety that was the cause of taking Celexa and Klonopin in the beginning, or it could still be the agitating effect of Celexa. YOu might try reducing that, the Celexa, for a few days, but certainly toughening it out is the best, and looking into your anxieties with a therapist is still the best way todeal with these issues.
997928 tn?1252447837 the psych gave me lamictal and celexa but I was having alot of medical problems and I thought it was the lamictal so i quit taking it. But it wasn't. And was just taking the celexa but I was gaining alot of weight , and I allready have issues with weight. I always think I can go off pills and that I don't need them, and then someone can say something that irritates me, and I get so pissed.
1131131 tn?1275112088 I practice lots of other ways of fighting agoraphobia (my diagnosis). When you say you reacted to Celexa and Zoloft, do you mean you had unacceptable side effects? I am guessing you did. There are many antidepressants that are designed for those of us for whom anxiety/panic is a primary symptom. Thanks for posting. Be patient. We all react in different ways to medication. Think everyone in this forum has a history of trial and error with meds.
Avatar n tn I have been on celexa for about 2 mo. and haven't noticed any weight gain. i was taking zoloft previous to celexa and gained about 30lbs. from what my dr. said there is less chance of weight gain with celexa, i sure hope so.i am still working on losing the weight from the zoloft, it isn't easy, just so i don't gain more.