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Avatar n tn What causes spitting blood sometimes? I have huge goiter and sometimes i spit up blood.
Avatar f tn There are many causes of coughing up blood. The bleeding is most likely benign, from one or more areas of chronic inflammation of your father’s airway, associated with his chronic lung disease (COPD). Being on oxygen can dry the airways and lead to bleeding in the nasal passages or upper airway. He should humidify his oxygen if possible. Blood in one's sputum does not necessarily originate in the lungs.
Avatar n tn There are too many causes of coughing up blood to list them all. It would be important to be sure that the blood is not originating in the nose, upper throat, sinuses or esophagus and then draining into the lungs. Any lesion or spot in the lung, capable of repeatedly causing you to cough up blood, would usually be evident on a High Resolution CT Scan of the lungs. If that has not been done, it should be.
Avatar n tn blood tinged sputum or frank blood. Some people who have hemoptysis (coughing up blood) are more prone to this while lying down. Either way, I strongly suggest you talk to your doc about this so that he or she can properly evaluate you as to causes etc..
Avatar f tn The major cause of coughing up blood is chronic bronchitis or bronchiectasis. Other possible causes of coughing up blood include COPD, lung cancer, tuberculosis, pulmonary embolism, pneumonia and lung abscess to name a few. Also, check to see if he is on blood thinners for heart disease, this could be causing the bleeding. I suggest he should go the ER, for immediate evaluation. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn Hi there, It is certainly possibly that this is a viral infection- that would be the most common cause, but the coughing up blood and weight loss makes this more concerning to me. I am not familiar with the rates of tuberculosis in Indonesia, but I think you should ask your doctor about this possiblity. You should have a chest xray and a TB test, in my opinion.
Avatar n tn for about 2months now I have had a cough, lots of mucus, wheezing, when I cough now i pee on myself which is embarrasing.
Avatar m tn i have COPD emphysema coughing blood i been to my GP he told me i can't do anything for you and camps in my lungs she said that is just a muscular .go to emergency This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Respiratory-Disorders/Coughing-Up-Blood-w-COPD/show/492779">Coughing Up Blood w/COPD?</a>.
250701 tn?1320978365 But, FWIW, the first 3 months I couldn't talk for more than a couple of minutes without coughing and the talking made it worse. The coughing is often caused by post nasal drip and there's a common sx called riba-cough. that's one reason I went out on medical leave. I (was) a teacher, too, and a vocal music teacher to boot. The coughing did go away after a couple of months but I think it's more coz I don't use the voice much than anything else.
Avatar m tn My son who is 12 is having episodes of coughing up blood every 60 days --it started in March of 2012 -- it sometimes starts with sharp pains in his right side (front) -- or sometimes he just coughs up blood -- the coughing up of blood lasts for about 20 mins -- he coughs up about 1/2 of a specimen container of blood -- he says it feels like there is something he needs to cough up -- he coughs -- not too hard - and then spits into a cup and it is blood.
Avatar m tn What are the causes of couphing up blood? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/202504'>Very High Tryglicerides (950 ) / Chest discomfort and high blood pressure</a>.
Avatar n tn which is initiated by the autonomic (the nerve controlling blood flow to the brain and heart. It causes temporary shut down of blood supply to the brain, which causes fainting. Allowing the body to relax enabling normal breathing. I have had it for years, suggest that when one starts bad coughing immediately pull off the road if driving, but be prepared to faint, putting yourself in a safe position.
2104473 tn?1354488097 The altered sputum could be due to an infection or it could be due to hemoptysis, which is coughing up blood, due to infections or inflammation of the lung. There could be superadded infection on the emphysema. The other causes could be due to Bronchitis or Cystic fibrosis. You will need to consult your doctor who may need to do a sputum culture and sensitivity to determine what antibiotic the organism is susceptible to. He may even ask for blood test and an X ray.
Avatar n tn I do wonder if this causes an lack of balance in his metabolism. I am diffidently going to purpose this line of thinking about metabolic endocrinology. I just left a post for another helpful person stating that he has now gotten some control of it with medications, but I want to know why and I am still in hope of finding a cause and a cure. I have no doubt that diet is a large part of the answer.
Avatar f tn Now I have been on 500 mg Cipro for 4 of 7 days prescribed but still am coughing up same type of blood mixture. Am I just not allowing the medicine to work long enough or should I be contacting my doctor?
Avatar f tn Epistaxis or persistent nose bleeding is indicative of systemic causes in absence of previous history of injury or surgery to nose.It can happen in coagulative disorders like Sickle cell anemia or von Williebrand's disease or Hemophelia,where coagulation pathway is abnormal and bleeding persists despite of measures taken.Situations like panic or nervousness/ anxiety,sneezing may also trigger nose bleed.
Avatar n tn aspirate, bacterial, viral or fungal pneumonia, bleeding disorders such as thrombocytopenia (low platelets), or other anemia disorders, or ingestion of rat poison, and other less common causes.
Avatar n tn The differential diagnosis should also include nonpulmonary causes of cough and shortness of breath. In older patients, congestive heart failure may cause cough, shortness of breath and wheezing. Symptoms are often worse at night. Reflux esophagitis with chronic aspiration can cause bronchial inflammation with cough and wheezing.17 Finally, bronchogenic tumors may produce a cough and obstructive symptoms.
Avatar n tn My 83-year-old mother was just diagnosed with bronchiectasis after a major episode of coughing up blood sent her to the ER. Diagnosis was made on the basis of a CT scan. She claims to have no other symptoms of bronchiectasis such as chronic cough or abnormal mucus production. Her pulmonologist believes this condition was caused by an infection in early childhood that permantently damaged her bronchial tubes.
Avatar f tn My husband has been throwing up blood not coughing up blood, sorry. Can you tell me what this could be?
Avatar m tn also you are right you don't want to self diagnose yourself, you're only going to drive yourself insane. I recently got really sick and was coughing up A LOT of flem and i ended up getting Oral candidiasis. What was your risk? Newborn babies. Diabetics with poorly controlled diabetes. As a side effect of medication, most commonly having taken antibiotics. Inhaled corticosteroids for treatment of lung conditions (e.g.
1380814 tn?1285969186 I tried to get my mom to take her to the vet but she didn't think it was anything to worry about. Lately she's been puking up nothing, like she dry-heaves and makes a coughing noise as she does it. But she's still her normal-self, hyper and energetic. She vomited today and there was blood in it, even though it was barely noticeable. Is this serious? She's a 2 year old Rottweiler-German Shepard mix. What are possible causes?
1380814 tn?1285969186 I tried to get my mom to take her to the vet but she didn't think it was anything to worry about. Lately she's been puking up nothing, like she dry-heaves and makes a coughing noise as she does it. But she's still her normal-self, hyper and energetic. She vomited today and there was blood in it, even though it was barely noticeable. Is this serious? She's a 2 year old Rottweiler-German Shepard mix. What are possible causes? Please only answer if you know what you're talking about.
Avatar m tn There are many other causes of chronic cough to investigate, but after allergies acid reflux is one of the leading causes. You could also try OTC reflux meds to see if the help at all. A proton pump inhibitor like omeprazole would be a good place to start. You can also try H2 blockers like Pepcid. Feel better.
Avatar f tn I&#39;m currently coughing up dried blood that looks like coffee grounds. I&#39;ve thrown up dried blood like this but never coughed it up like this.
Avatar m tn No, there aren't. This forum is made up of cat lovers and owners. Some of us have worked as vet techs or animal shelters. I did not say it was a death sentence. I said it is serious because it is an immune disease which makes him highly vulnerable to other illnesses and that the long term prognosis is not good. With intense management a cat can live up to 8-10 years, but that is not typical. Some cats with FeLV do succumb quickly, others do not.
Avatar f tn there are many causes for coughing up blood. She needs a full examination by a doctor to find the what is causing her episodes of hemoptysis. I hope she finds answers...