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15065362 tn?1438203687 Your period can return at any time after delivery regardless of if you're breastfeeding or not. I was only able to breastfeed for about a month and I didn't get my first period til 4 months postpartum. Some women won't get it back til they stop breastfeeding. Some will get it back right away. Hard to say as everyone is different.
Avatar n tn It is possible to get pregnant again before you have your period. Are you breastfeeding? You could very well already be pregnant if you have not had your first cycle and you are not breastfeeding. Have you taken a pregnancy test?
Avatar n tn The biggest factor is whether or not you are breastfeeding. You can get pregnant while breastfeeding; however, if your baby is less than six months old, you have not had a period, and your baby is taking only breast milk and not other foods or formula, breastfeeding can be around 98% effective as birth control. After six months, or if you have had a period, or if your baby is eating other foods or formula, breastfeeding cannot be relied on as a method of birth control.
Avatar f tn My period came back 7 weeks after I had my baby. It only lasted for 3 days. I breastfeed exclusively. I've read some people didn't get their period back until they stopped breastfeeding I wasn't so lucky lol.
Avatar f tn I am breastfeeding mom with my 4 months old daughter, the first day of my last period is last feb.2,2015 but until now march 6, my period is 4 days late. Anyway, on march 3, i had a brown discharge and the day after tommorow it is march 4, i had see on my undies a light brown discharge. What is that means?
268356 tn?1236002604 Yes, baby is born, he is now 7 weeks 5days old. Do most people get a period after birth of baby while breastfeeding? It seems to be alot heavier than normal too.
Avatar n tn hi.. i exclusively breastfeeding my baby, i got my first period when she was 4months old, it was heavy and lasted 5days.i started my period on october 25 and finished on october 30.. Then, my hustband and i have sex on november 1, (is it safe?) .... I got another period on nonember 26 but it lasted only 3 days and it was some kind of spotting..and then the next 2months was the same (december and january).
Avatar f tn Well, once you have your first period, you will have ovulated a couple of weeks before your period, possibly without even knowing it. So yes, you can get pregnant while breastfeeding. Pretty easily too because a lot of people think that you can't....
Avatar f tn Its happened to plenty of people.
395769 tn?1318449682 What is the earliest anyone's concieved after pregnancy I'm six weeks post partum and started having sex again after 5 weeks... i had stopped bleeding but after my 6 week check up I started barely spotting its dark on the pad but redish when I wipe..? could the exam have aggitated me? is my period returning this early? (i'm breastfeeding exclusively) or could it be implatational bleeding?
Avatar f tn I was on depo for about 2 1/2 years, I have been off of it for a year now and started to get my periods again last November, they have fairly regular with spotting in between. I entered in all my information of when is get my periods and how long, all my spotting etc in this app. Since November and they felt my periods were 48 days apart, yet I would spot fairly heavy for 2-3 days in between each 7 day period. Well my last cycle began on Feb 12 and lasted 5 days compared to usual 7.
Avatar f tn It's normal to start period and then stopped while fully breastfeeding? I am 10 days late period, my husband and i had an interccourse without using any contraceptives but he always did a pullout or withdrawal method? Help me please.
Avatar f tn In the class I am taking in college I was told that if u r breastfeeding u could possibly not get ur period the whole time ur breastfeeding but u still could get pregnant so if u test positive in couple weeks u could possibly be pregnant.
Avatar f tn I've got my period after 6 wks with all 3 of my c-sections!! But yours could be diff hun. If your nursing sometimes it won't come back right away, but that was never the case for me!?!
1486956 tn?1288682785 Depends on if she is breastfeeding or not, and her own body. If she is breastfeeding exclusivly, she might not get a period until the child is weaned. If she's not, it might return 4-6 weeks postpartum, but this isn't true for all women and some don't get one for months. Even once she does have a cycle, it could take months before it's regulated again and could come sporadically. In terms of when she can get pregnant again, it could happen at anytime.
5891248 tn?1406410864 I gain a lot of weight in my pregnancies but I lose it rather quite rapidly. I am back to my pre pregnancy size in 2 months, breastfeeding helps my uterus contract back to its previous size. Which helps a lot! My first pregnancy took about 3 months as I didn't move much, after the first cesarean it was a walk in the park for the rest of them. Due for my 7th cesarean delivery October the 17th and really hoping I have the same luck as my previous 6 births!!
Avatar m tn Is this strangeness just because of breastfeeding? Is it more common to spot during pregnancy if it is a second or third pregnancy? Shouldn't I show on a test by now?
Avatar n tn does the body produces ovum during pregnancy?why there is no monthly cycle during pregnancy?and is that the bleeding soon after delivery for a round 10-30days is related to menstruation?and what happens for menstruation while breast feeding?and if there's no production of egg during breast feed then why some people concieve during that peroid?please explain these things to me.
Avatar f tn my mom had her period almost throughout her whole pregnancy once
Avatar n tn t had a period in almost two years I am not sure if its Pregnancy symptoms or just the start of a period coming back. I have to note that I did spot about 5 days after I stopped breastfeeding for a few hours but absolutely nothing since then. I took a test 8 days ago and it was (-) but something is telling me maybe I should test again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn @Ollie0105 I started my period right after finishing post partum bleeding too. I was also breastfeeding and totally ready to not have a period for a while, so I feel your pain! @xojensen Just make sure to drink a lot and eat healthy and if you start to feel anemic talk with your doctor.
1566213 tn?1331000962 At 4 weeks I began birth control (pill) and have been taking it every day as prescribed. I was on the pill before pregnancy and would have a period during the last week of the month cycle. Well that week came and gone, but I had no period. Can breast feeding be a reason for this? I've read that breast feeding can cause you to not have a period right away. Any advice? Oh, I am still breast feeding. Not sure if I made it sound like I no longer do it.
Avatar n tn When did you get your first period? I have a 7 months old and still no period for me. I'm hoping to get pregnant asap as i'm a stay at home mom so I want to get them close.
Avatar f tn I always started my period around a year pp, except with my first since i got pregnant again at 11 months without ever getting it. After my second they started back completely regular, with my 3rd the first 2 were 6 weeks apart, then they all went to being completely regular again. I was breastfeeding still, but not very much.
Avatar n tn I gave birth on December 21, so my sweet girl is almost 2 months old. I haven't gotten my period yet. I stopped breast feeding, but I haven't gotten it. I'm getting worried. should I have started by now?