Heavy period after pregnancy

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Avatar f tn I gave birth 3 months ago and got my first period the second month after birth it lasted 5 days now 2 weeks later I have a heavy period.I have to change pad every 1-2 hours.I also have lower back pain and abdominal pain.Is this normal?
Avatar f tn I had my period 6 weeks after I had Liam. I had the Mirena put in that day and I havent had a period since. WAHOO!
Avatar f tn I have been having pregnancy symptoms and a few days late with my period. I know I will be taking a pregnancy test however either way I am wondering since my periods are still monthly, lasts 7 days and quite heavy if I am pregnant are my chances of carrying the baby full term a pretty good chance?
Avatar f tn Agree with the other post sounds like ur period was just 2 days late but after ur period u can try again. Just don't stress too much over it cause that can mess with ur cycle.
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm Abby... I'm 18 & over weight. I don't exactly know if I'm pregnant, but I just feel different... i just want to know how I can tell if I'm pregnant without going to the doctor or taking a test yet... i bled a little after I had sex & I thought it was my period, but I only bled the moment & it stopped. What does that mean? ? Anyway... if you're a bigger girl & are pregnant or were pregnant how did you tell?
Avatar f tn Just had an 8 week appt. Today. But as far as af after mc, mine were extremely heavy and clotty. How were ur periods before the pregnancy?
Avatar m tn I removed my IUD on January 31,2013 and Feb,March,April my period came on time,very heavy period,I had the IUD for 4 year and it was due to come out March of 2014,now we are in May and my period is late,it was due on May 9,2013..ye.me be concerned I took test it was negative...I know it too soon to be take the test..but is it common for you not have for several months after the iud and you not be pregnant?
Avatar f tn After my first baby I had postpartum bleeding on and off for about 3wks and then got my period back 3mths after that and the first period was as heavy as postpartum bleeding but only like 5 days. After that it was back to normal, just like before pregnancy. But every woman is different!
Avatar f tn 33 day cycle 5 days long! In October my period decided to last for 7 days, I completely skipped my period in November, and,this month my period lasted the 5 days but 2 days later Im spotting!?! At first it was really light pink but later on in the day its dark red and heavy?? What is goin on?? Am I pregnant?
8489354 tn?1405627762 This is my third pregnancy and after the other 2 my period were heavier but shorter. 3 days + 1 of spotting. Hope is the same for you!
Avatar f tn The first few days I had a bit of spotting but then yesterday I started bleeding quite heavily (like a heavy period) and had really badpains like those of a period including back pain and leg pain. This morning 5 days after surgery, I had quite a large clot. I know this is disgusting but I examined it and it was not all blood. Some was like an off white to grey color. Is this normal? Should I go back to the hospital?
Avatar n tn you would ovulate before you had a period and sometimes the brown discharge shows up around when you would have gotten your period. I would take another pregnancy test just in case using morning urine. It could also just be your body getting itself back to normal after the m/c and your period could be getting ready to show up. Good luck!
1015672 tn?1256232135 Had a m/c in April of 2008 and March of 2009. Now my husband and I are ttc. I had my first period in July after my 2009 m/c. I am having another period I believe but it seems to be very heavy and having some clots. I did take a pregnancy test about 3 days ago and came back negative. So I am hoping this is just a period and not a m/c. Not much cramping going on, just heavy bleeding. So basically Im just curious if there are a lot of women out there having difficulty ttc after m/c.
Avatar f tn I was on depo for about 2 1/2 years, I have been off of it for a year now and started to get my periods again last November, they have fairly regular with spotting in between. I entered in all my information of when is get my periods and how long, all my spotting etc in this app. Since November and they felt my periods were 48 days apart, yet I would spot fairly heavy for 2-3 days in between each 7 day period. Well my last cycle began on Feb 12 and lasted 5 days compared to usual 7.
9162452 tn?1423620819 That is usually what happens in any pregnancy after a tubal and as you probably know, an ectopic pregnancy is not viable and dangerous to the mother. If you believe you could be one of those very rare women, you need to take a pregnancy test and see your doctor pronto to make sure that you don't have an ectopic pregnancy. A pelvic exam would be helpful to determine what is going on in general. I had issues with my cycle due to a slow thyroid.
1062094 tn?1254634364 I thought it was my period but my doc said No, since i was exclusively breastfeeding, that was very unlikely. It lasted 5-6 days like a period, tho, and very heavy. Now, around 8 weeks, i started bleeding again but lasted only 1 day. The thing is, i think it can be off/on for a while, 6 weeks or even more, whether your birth was vag or c-section. Are you on any birth control? That could effect things, too. If you're worried. tho, call your doc. Good luck!
1260879 tn?1269746735 well i didnt think anything of it cause my period was due in 4 days which it cam but only lasted 3 days and was very light when it usually lasts 7 and its very heavy?? Well i should have had my period March 23,2010 and it didnt come until March 27,2010 and it was only light light spotting(bad cramps) and was only there in the morning and i have had nothing since then... could i be pregnant ..
Avatar f tn No severe cramps. I guess I jumped ahead by taking a pregnancy test. I should have waited until after my period. Well, I'll see in a couple days. My periods are usually heavy the first 2 days and right now it doesn't seem heavy.
Avatar f tn On this Tuesday, 5 days before my expected period and 11 days after my last ovulation and intercourse, which I guess I was 4w 2ds along I had pink spotting which has never happened to me before that so I assumed that was implant bleeding and my suspicion was confirmed by multiple sources on the internet. But the day after I had a normal period like flow, but it was brown.
Avatar f tn Was anybody's period extremely heavy and with bad cramping after their miscarriage. I also had a big clot .. is this normal?
Avatar f tn My period is usually full of clots and really heavy and I never have breast tenderness but since Jan.