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Avatar f tn I took 3 pregnancy test last night and they all came back positive but this morning I woke up with very heavy bleeding. Is this normal? Could they all have been a false positives? What is going on?
Avatar f tn I took a pregnancy test days before my period and it came out positive. Then, 2 days before my period I started spotting so I figured it was the implantation bleeding. But today It looks like I got my period! Has anyone gone through this? Btw. ..this would be my 4th child.
Avatar f tn i had just found out that i was pregnant and im wondering the same thing about periods while being pregnant well you can be pregnant with a period but it depends on how stronge your period is. if its a heavy period your probably wont be pregnant any other you could be. but don't get me wrong some bodys does have stronge periods and they are pregnant.
Avatar f tn I was supposed to get my period in the end of march but never got it, so I guess you can say i missed it, so i took a pregnancy test which came out positive, me and my husband was really happy!!...about a month later i got my period ( i guess thats what it is anyway) it was heavier than it ever was and now im scared to death, can anyone tell me what this could mean?? could i still be pregnant?
Avatar f tn Hey I'm 22 overweight and how I notice that I was pregnant I was always peeing and sweaty at work and also missed my period I was like 8 days late so I took a pregnancy test all came back positive and know I'm 31weeks with a little boy (:
Avatar f tn I did a pregnancy test on day 17 which was positive and another test on day 24, which was also positive. about the time of the first test I was bleeding, just spotting at first, almost like a period but not as heavy. I will be 4 weeks pregnant tomorrow but have continued to have sporodic spotting. Has anyone else experienced this with 2 positive pregnancy tests? I really didn't think that the 2nd test would be positive. I am off to see my GP tomorrow.
Avatar n tn Clinic told me to take a home pregnancy test anyway. I did so yesterday and it came back positive. Is it possible that I am pregnant??? Best of luck to all trying to conceive. My thoughts and hopes are with you.
Avatar f tn Then next day on morning woke up with heavy period hmm. So my mom and I went to private doctor to take blood test I want make sure 100% pregnant. I figure out myself try to research about heavy period while you are pregnant. Plus I asked many of my friends who experience this. Some of them never experience only brown spot something like that. So I need your good advice so I'm here relax myself and put my feet up.
Avatar f tn after a missed period,I went for blood test and it was confirmed I am pregnant. hours later my period started. could it be a false positive?pls what could have gone wrong?
Avatar n tn I took three pregnancy tests and all came out negative.The day before yesterday I started my period. The nausea went away. My dilema is usually the first to second day of my period is somewhat heavy but not horrible. Last night and up until about 12 this afternoon it was very heavy with a lot of the clot type things. It tapered off until about 8 tonight and I am still getting the clot like things. Could this actually be a miscarriage even though I was getting negative tests?
1855970 tn?1325827213 Hello, You need to rule out this bleeding which can be period bleeding or miscarriage bleeding. You can confirm it by getting your HCG levels checked.In case of pregnancy loss,the value of HCG will return to a non-pregnant range(<5 mIU /L) about 4 - 6 weeks after a pregnancy loss. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn you should go to your primary doc and request a blood pregnancy test ....I know some relative that their test came out negativas,but with the blood test came out positive..dont lose your hope ..just go a take bllod test.....let ua know ....
1113709 tn?1261422650 At Seven weeks after my miscarriage I began to spot and assumed that I was getting my period again however it stopped after two days. From my research online I understand that many woman get a false positive home pregnancy test after a miscarriage since it can take 4-6 weeks for the horomone levels to return to normal. It is now eight weeks since my miscarriage and the test is still positive. Is it still possible to get a false positive after eight weeks?
Avatar n tn Well, I took the pregnancy test and it came up positive. I called my midwife and I got blood drawn to check my hormone levels checked and will have to have it drawn again on friday to see what the levels are. She's pretty sure that I miscarried so I have an appt to see her to make sure that everything's well.
Avatar m tn What about if a "Virgin Girl"l took HCG Urine Pregnancy Test and the test result come POSITIVE? It means that she's pregnant huh?
Avatar n tn I finally went to my doctor and took a pregnancy test there. It was positive so he had me do a blood test. My HCG levels were 950, which is consistent with a pregnancy of five weeks. I go back in the morning to get another blood test. If it is high enough, I will go in for an ultrasound, otherwise if it goes down or is about the same, that will show that I've miscarried. Not sure whether to be hopeful or not.
Avatar f tn This would cause the pregnancy test to show neither a positive or negative result. I have had this happen to me in the past and as i suffer from bad cramps on my period and heavy bleeding it was easy for me conguse the two.
Avatar f tn Have you missed your period yet? Some women don't get a positive until one or even two weeks after a missed period.
Avatar f tn Hi, My period was due for 4 days last week and i did a home pregnancy test and it came out positive. But soon after that evening i had a bleeding and turns out heavy. and that night i were heaving a cramp and feel a strecth on my tummy.. I took a digital pregnancy test while bleeding and it turns out 'not pregnant'..and the bleeding last for 5 days.. 3 days heavy and 2 days very light.. could it be a chemical pregnancy? im still having those slight cramps, backache and fatigue till now..
Avatar n tn The best thing to do would be to go to the doctor or the ER and tell them you had a positive pregnancy test,the date of your last menstrual period, and that you experienced some heavy bleeding.. They will want to check your beta HCG levels and this test should be repeated in 48 hours. If the number is double then the pregnancy is still viable... If it is decreasing or showing minimal change, it could be a miscarriage.
Avatar f tn i can only say through my own experience no test showed positive for me in the end i had a scan witch showed i was 3 plus months pregnant every pregnancy and person is differnt. if i was you i would tell your gp everything and then they can do tests. good luck and let us no how you get on.
Avatar n tn needles to say i took a pregnancy test but it came back negative. i took the prego test on 8/18 and still no period! what is going on?
Avatar f tn I had a pregnancy test and it said POSITIVE and I took two more they said POSITIVE and this morning I woke up and I'm bleeding ?. A light flow ( No heavy ) Please Help !!.
Avatar f tn i jus feel thm heavy but they are not sore or tender,yeah i hv missed my periods...i had got it 2 months back and i was fasting whole last month and also im underweight...im 35kgs and im 23 yr old....