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Avatar f tn m 22 overweight and how I notice that I was pregnant I was always peeing and sweaty at work and also missed my period I was like 8 days late so I took a pregnancy test all came back positive and know I'm 31weeks with a little boy (:
Avatar f tn This would cause the pregnancy test to show neither a positive or negative result. I have had this happen to me in the past and as i suffer from bad cramps on my period and heavy bleeding it was easy for me conguse the two.
Avatar f tn Have you missed your period yet? Some women don't get a positive until one or even two weeks after a missed period.
Avatar f tn I took a pregnancy test days before my period and it came out positive. Then, 2 days before my period I started spotting so I figured it was the implantation bleeding. But today It looks like I got my period! Has anyone gone through this? Btw. ..this would be my 4th child.
Avatar f tn I had a pregnancy test and it said POSITIVE and I took two more they said POSITIVE and this morning I woke up and I'm bleeding ?. A light flow ( No heavy ) Please Help !!.
Avatar f tn i jus feel thm heavy but they are not sore or tender,yeah i hv missed my periods...i had got it 2 months back and i was fasting whole last month and also im underweight...im 35kgs and im 23 yr old....
Avatar f tn I took 3 pregnancy test last night and they all came back positive but this morning I woke up with very heavy bleeding. Is this normal? Could they all have been a false positives? What is going on?
Avatar f tn i had just found out that i was pregnant and im wondering the same thing about periods while being pregnant well you can be pregnant with a period but it depends on how stronge your period is. if its a heavy period your probably wont be pregnant any other you could be. but don't get me wrong some bodys does have stronge periods and they are pregnant.
Avatar f tn after a missed period,I went for blood test and it was confirmed I am pregnant. hours later my period started. could it be a false positive?pls what could have gone wrong?
Avatar f tn Then next day on morning woke up with heavy period hmm. So my mom and I went to private doctor to take blood test I want make sure 100% pregnant. I figure out myself try to research about heavy period while you are pregnant. Plus I asked many of my friends who experience this. Some of them never experience only brown spot something like that. So I need your good advice so I'm here relax myself and put my feet up.
Avatar f tn After 1 month and 18 days of my monthly period I did pregnancy test and it was positive but within an hour of that test my period had started in that case did I pregnant?
Avatar f tn I was supposed to get my period in the end of march but never got it, so I guess you can say i missed it, so i took a pregnancy test which came out positive, me and my husband was really happy!!...about a month later i got my period ( i guess thats what it is anyway) it was heavier than it ever was and now im scared to death, can anyone tell me what this could mean?? could i still be pregnant?
1270043 tn?1320699188 im taking another test in the morning.
Avatar f tn Spotting is usually normal in early pregnancy but it you have more than just spotting and it comes with cramps it may be a chemical pregnancy. My advice to you is wait a Couple days then take another pregnancy test if it's still positive and you are still bleeding make an appointment and see what's going on.
Avatar n tn Missed period, nausea, tender breasts, mild cramps, and a positive pregnancy test lol
1260879 tn?1269746735 Well my period ended up showing up the next day and its heavy but today its a little lighter , can i still be pregnant?
Avatar f tn I had my period on the 4th Jan, and I took a test and it's come back positive. The only reason why I tested is because I had a dream I tested positive and because I had diarrhoea. This happened in my last pregnancy, which unfortunately ended in a miscarriage. Now using the app it says I'd be 1 week 4 days. Now I know that's not possible to get a positive test that early on. Would I have been pregnant whilst I was having my 'period'?
Avatar f tn I am a regular 28 day cycle, i would test again but the fact you are now 13days late a test would have shown positive by now, i would see a doc if another test comes back negative
Avatar f tn My last period was on April 21st and this month it should be May17th. but I observed a light spotting on yesterday no heavy flow. I took two home pregnancy test and two were negative. Still now, No heavy flow is observed. I don't know what is happening. Can anyone help me? Am I pregnant? then why tests were negative? Or HCG will take some time to accumulate in Urine?
Avatar f tn s already March 25th and my period is still MIA. I took 2 pregnancy test like a week ago, but they were both negative. What throws me off is that Ive been cramping for the last 2-3 weeks but my period never comes. I also have been having headaches, nausea,  and a few days ago I actually vomited, but thought it was bcuz of my headache. I'M also super sleepy and tired lately, so I'M all confused. Has anybody gone or is going thru something like this? Any info is greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I took a pregnancy test last night and it came back positive. It was digital. This morning I woke up with heavy bleeding like a period. Does that happen.
Avatar m tn Hi I have taken two pregnancy test they both were positive I feel like I have butterflies in my stomach I'm also cramping and about start my period could the test be wrong?
Avatar f tn My cousin had bleeding for the first 3 months and a positive pregnancy test. Her doctor put her on Progesterone hormone supplement and it all stopped. She has a beautiful little girl and for her second the Doctor put her on Progesterone after ever O to help with implantation. Good luck.
Avatar f tn So I took a home clear blue pregnancy test after being 4 days late on my period, it came out digital reading "pregnant" I took another later that day, same thing "pregnant". 3 days later I started to spot, then seemed to turn into a regular but not heavy period. I had blood work done yesterday, now its the waiting time, Now IM confused, if the 2 tests were wrong or can I have a period while pregnant?!
Avatar n tn I have a friend of mine that is currently going through the exact same thing. She got a positive pregnancy test 3 weeks ago. Betas were fine - but she then started to bleed. They did an internal and found that she had a huge clot that was bleeding. They removed the clot and her pregnancy is still in tact. Call your doctor ASAP! And yes, it could be that you may have had multiples and one dropped off. There are a number of reasons why you are bleeding.
Avatar f tn I took a pregnancy and it came out positive. Three days later my period came. Can I still be pregnant after a heavy menstruation.
521640 tn?1277407862 Can I be happy at thinking that this is a new pregnancy and not just hormones left over from the miscarriage two months ago? I did do a pregnancy test after the miscarriage and it came back negative.
3735525 tn?1348106848 The tender and growth of my breasts, felling extra tired, nauseous, the whole nine yards. I took a at-home pregnancy test and it showed a faint positive line. The next day I took another one and the line was darker. Two days later I started to spot and continued to spot for three days and had very mild cramping. The bleeding stopped yesturday do I went to my doctor. Her test came back negative. This morning I took another home test and it also came back negative.