Heavy period pregnancy symptoms

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Avatar f tn Got it a day after I missed my period. Last month, my period was short and not a normal heavy flow. But now, I'm spotting. Nothing heavy or anything like my normal periods. Light cramping and light spotting.
Avatar f tn It is also possible that you could be pregnant and still get your periods, Your symptoms are very similar to pregnancy symptoms but also similar to period symptoms. Only way to really find out is taking the test. Good luck and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Then my period came like 4 days and not that heavy compared last few months. After my period we made love again and he cummed to me everytime we made it. My concerns are, on the 2bd week of may I started having white discharge , as well as lower abdomen cramps, and lower back pain. On the third week of may, the cramps were gone. But I still feel very sleepy everytime I finish my meal.
Avatar f tn Then my period came like 4 days and not that heavy compared last few months. After my period we made love again and he cummed to me everytime we made it. My concerns are, on the 2bd week of may I started having white discharge , as well as lower abdomen cramps, and lower back pain. On the third week of may, the cramps were gone. But I still feel very sleepy everytime I finish my meal.
Avatar m tn Hello...the only way to know for sure what is happening in your body is to visit your doctor. Symptoms of pregnancy aren't the same for everyone and often mirrors symptoms of a period. Also, sometimes our brain is very devious in conspiring with our body to produce certain symptoms because we have planted the idea -- this might be why are having these pregnancy symptoms. However, you cannot know for sure until you visit your health care provider.
Avatar f tn Some common early pregnancy symptoms are sore breast/nipples, nausea, lower back ache, menstral like cramps, flu like symptoms and feeling very fatigued. Theese are just a few of the more common ones and every pregnant woman will experience different symptoms or maybe none at all. Usualy a woman will start to experience pregnancy symptoms about the 6-8 weeks along. Also some woman can experience them as early has 2-3 weeks into their pregnancy and some woman will never experience them at all.
Avatar f tn Well this month my period came a few days early again and was very short again, not as heavy but still had one day of real heavy flow. That was almost 2 weeks ago and a few days ago I went to the bathroom and noticed brown discharge, probably about a teaspoon worth, only the one time though. I woke up yesterday with pressure and cramping in my abdomen and its not severe but I can feel it still.
Avatar f tn m 22 overweight and how I notice that I was pregnant I was always peeing and sweaty at work and also missed my period I was like 8 days late so I took a pregnancy test all came back positive and know I'm 31weeks with a little boy (:
Avatar f tn I don't know if these are symptoms of pregnancy. But for the past eleven days I have been waking up between 4-5am every morning, also i have been suffering from swelling/aches all over my body including my joints. And it feels like my breasts are crushing me when I lay on my back and I have also been feeling out of breath a lot more and tired through out the day.I also have had a lot more saliva to the point where its feels like I'm vomiting it all out.
Avatar f tn hi im 18 and im ususally a heavy bleeder on my period,but this time i had sex on the first day of my period and it was heavy and then the next day was heavy then the last three days were light but heavy enough for me to need a pad...now ive been feeling ill: nausea and faint.....is this normal???
Avatar f tn so me and my boyfriend are TTC and we had unprotected sex throughout the whole month. today i woke up and there was some brown discharge in my panties, and then i noticed some blood/brown discharge on the toilet paper. i put a tampon in and i was having mild cramps throughout the day. the bleeding was kind of heavy. but i'm not due for my period for 4-5 more days. could this be implantation bleeding? i haven't had any pregnancy symptoms other than mild nausea and fatigue.
Avatar f tn I'm hoping I can still be pregnant my period isn't that heavy so I'm hoping it goes away and I'm still having symptoms
Avatar f tn I gave birth 3 months ago and got my first period the second month after birth it lasted 5 days now 2 weeks later I have a heavy period.I have to change pad every 1-2 hours.I also have lower back pain and abdominal pain.Is this normal?
Avatar n tn Some spotting is also normal at that stage, just not heavy bleeding. I also had no symptoms at all, only missed periods.
Avatar f tn so my story is tht I had sex one day before my period and I didn't get my period the next day.. I got it 2 days late for four days with one spotting.g in between those. days . I never get spotting.. well.. I took 3 pregnancy tests. and they all came out negative also, my period was shorter and wasn't as heavy as usual ( 7days/ heavy!!!) I also have been having pregnancy symptoms such as fatigue.gas.headache.lower back pain.mood swings. and crampy..
Avatar m tn my g/f has also benn complaining of having a very heavy period and im wondering now if that would be a symptom of an std, please and thanks for info
Avatar f tn I normally have heavy and long periods 5 days ago I started what I thought was a period but think it was implantation bleed instead as 1st day was Brown 2nd day was a little red mixed with mucous 3rd Pink mixed 4th just creamy and still on 5 today is just creamy I did a test but in afternoon that was neg I do feel very sicky buthhaven't been sick small headaches constipation but nothing else, did I test to early and have anyone else been thru this would be great if I was as been trying for
Avatar f tn my breasts also were swollen up than what i experience during regular periods. i was quite sure all these were pregnancy symptoms, b'cos i always have very mild PMS and regular periods...i took a home pregnancy test on 31st morning and it was negative.. but then little later in the morning on 31st March bleeding started, and the flow was heavy, dark red and sometimes mild clots.. i still have the bleeding today.. i do not have nausea and fatigue for last 2 days..
Avatar f tn right now though im on my period, the first 2 days were really light with hardly any cramps (didnt need to take tylenol or anything) and now its the 3rd day and its really heavy (well, heavy for me, so heavier than it normally is even the first day or two) but i still have no cramps... is it normal that its heavier on the 3rd day? and is it normal that i usually have cramps but this time i hardly feel them even though my period is heavier?
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 47 and i having problems like yours. For the 2-3cycles my bleeding period last for 22days.I was worried and went to my Gyne.I told him all my symptoms and was controlled,had paptest plus transvaginal ultransound and found out that my uterine wall is 27mm thick. Endometrial hyperplasia is the right term for uterine thickening.hearing those complicated medical terms..I went panicking and had crying crisis. My fear is too high coz my mom died of breast cancer.
Avatar f tn My first pregnancy the day after BD my boobs just felt heavy and I new something was up. With the second I my first symptom was heartburn (I never had heartburn except when pregnant so I knew the test would be positive.
Avatar f tn I'm having period type of symptoms and it's my initial period day today. Not heavy pain, slight twinges and raw type of feeling in uterus. Hot flushes and it feels like the "period type" of pains or bleeding wants to start, but nothing yet. I've been waiting for it all day hoping it stays away and it's just hormones and my body that's still used to having a period but it's not coming. I do have slight spotting, light brownish, off and on, comes and goes.
Avatar f tn How long and heavy was it.? I still had a period once after i had gotten pregnant.
Avatar n tn Missed period, nausea, tender breasts, mild cramps, and a positive pregnancy test lol