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Avatar n tn And this has never happened, because I usually only get it for no more then 5 days. And its been getting heavier by the day. Today I had to change my tampon every hour this morning, and I get lots of blood clots. Is this normal? What should I do?
Avatar f tn right now though im on my period, the first 2 days were really light with hardly any cramps (didnt need to take tylenol or anything) and now its the 3rd day and its really heavy (well, heavy for me, so heavier than it normally is even the first day or two) but i still have no cramps... is it normal that its heavier on the 3rd day? and is it normal that i usually have cramps but this time i hardly feel them even though my period is heavier?
Avatar m tn my g/f has also benn complaining of having a very heavy period and im wondering now if that would be a symptom of an std, please and thanks for info
1588477 tn?1296968694 headaches,bloading,cramps everywhere,sick to my stomach,really heavy flow,irritability,mood swings, and food cravings. Till the end of my period then my flow gets light and I have no bloading,not sick,barely cramps,just the mood swings and headaches and back aches.
Avatar m tn Hi, my period started out last Monday, it was light on Monday and then on tuesday and wednesday it was super light, like it wasn't even there it was brown also. On Thursday it picked up, and today it was brown in the morning. I just checked and it acted like it was getting heavy? I usually have 7 day really heavy periods and there is no possibility I'm pregnant. I'm a lesbian and only active with her. Why is my period like this?
Avatar n tn ok i started my period last thursday late night of friday morning, and my blood is brownish and im not as heavy, but on my last period i was very heavy and it was red. (is this normal). also whenever i go to bed a wear a pad and when i wake up there is nothing on it but when i put a tampon in and take it out later there is blood on it. i was wondering if i am ok, and is it normal.
Avatar m tn If this becomes a regular occurrence then you should consult your doctor. I would perhaps keep a diary of your period and the bleeding as well.
Avatar f tn hi im 18 and im ususally a heavy bleeder on my period,but this time i had sex on the first day of my period and it was heavy and then the next day was heavy then the last three days were light but heavy enough for me to need a pad...now ive been feeling ill: nausea and faint.....is this normal???
Avatar n tn If you haven't gotten a positive pregnancy test, and you are bleeding heavy or like a normal period, then no, you are probably not pregnant.
Avatar m tn Hi, my period started out last Monday, it was light on Monday and then on tuesday and wednesday it was super light, like it wasn't even there it was brown also. On Thursday it picked up, and today it was brown in the morning. I just checked and it acted like it was getting heavy? I usually have 7 day really heavy periods and there is no possibility I'm pregnant. I'm a lesbian and only active with her. Why is my period like this?
Avatar f tn however this time was 1 day heavy and 1 day medium and then the rest of the days were so light all i needed was a pantie liner. the one day it was heavy only started when i came home from work at 6, the rest of the day was light. and horrible cramps on the left side, and that was on march 5. i have my doc appointment the end of this month march 30 [the earliest i could get] but i just want to get a feel of what u guys think.
1020232 tn?1251494896 I went to the bathroom last night and i was bleeding like i was getting my period well then i changed my tampoon and there was only a little blood well then i put a new one in and then this morning i took it out and i was not bleeding at all!!! But then I started bleeding again but not real heavy! Um I had sex sunday the 23rd. I have had cramps for a while but now just got my period.
4268628 tn?1375044776 I stopped bleeding for a couole days then out of no where bright red blood. Startwd light then got heavy. Stopped 2 days later then a week after no blood bam! Its back. Confusing times!
Avatar f tn Then the bleeding stopped and no signs of my regular period. What could that be? I am always regular with my period and it is always heavy. I took 2 urine pregnancy test and a blood test they all came back negetive for pregnancy. I am now 3 weeks late. What's going on with me??
Avatar n tn Even twice in a month and been just fine. Then I did start to bleed like a period then it stopped then it would start again then stop on and off every few days or so I'm not going to the doctor until August 30 th so what could this mean ?
Avatar n tn I'm on day 4 of my period and have a heavy flow, with cramps:( usually by day 4 my period is qite light and i don't have anymore cramps:( Dose anyone else have this?
Avatar n tn though the test was negative and though i ve got my periods i feel my breasts are bit heavy (but there is no change in colour ),and i also i had vommitting (twice)on friday(19th) that is the day before i got period symptoms..and my input of food is increased than normal.on 4th day of my periods there was a slight bleeding and the colur was normal ...i again took hpt test(after 72 hours) it was negative again..what should i do to get normal periods???
Avatar f tn I know it can be a scary thought but its vital that you take a test especially since you missed your period for two months and then had a very unusual light period. Once you take the test you can go from there on what you'll need to do. If you aren't pregnant then it might've been from stress but I would probably go to the doctor and ask what it could've been from.
Avatar f tn I had a chemical pregnancy before mine started off as spotting then moved in to a full blown period with cramps I knew I had lost it
Avatar f tn i started having my period when i was 11 and after 2 years my period was regular..well about a year and half ago when i was 16 my period just stopped...the doctors have no idea what it is...my blood work comes up normal and i have not had any dramiatic loss or gain in my weight... and nothing has happened that has been me really stressed and i am not extremely active like dances...so my question is do you know why my period has stopped?
Avatar n tn After coming off birth control, I too, had very light periods where i would only need to use a pantyliner - no need for heavy pads or tampons. It turns out that my uterus had stopped producing enough of a lining for a fertilized egg to implant. We have now been trying for a couple of years to get pregnant. If I'm not pregnant by November then we will be moving on to injectibles. Hopefully the shots will help my lining to thicken up. If not, I'm not sure what we are gonna do!
Avatar f tn My husband and I have been TTC for 3 months and I have been off of the pill for 4 months. I am supposed to get my period tomorrow (Friday) or Saturday. I have been spotting for a couple of days and I felt like I was going to get my AF heavy last night like it usually happens. But there was no blood, but I still felt a little crampy. Usually my cramps hurt sooo bad, so I should be glad these aren't killer. I did get some really dark blood spots (almost black) this afternoon...
Avatar m tn No, there is nothing that you can do. You are far too young for any hormone medications to delay periods. If your period is normally on time, you may be lacking in iron and have anaemia. If you feel tired all the time despite having plenty of sleep, anaemia may be the reason why. It can cause missed periods and also heavy bleeds. Keep a written record of your periods and your mood swings.
569254 tn?1267376244 I am with Kele... 9 weeks and no period in sight either. But, I am breastfeeding and I think that it is pretty common to not get a period if you breastfeed. I also know that I could be one of those "unlucky" people and get a period even though I am breastfeeding.
Avatar n tn I wouldn't worry about it as long as it's just spotting, but if it's heavy bleeding for that long, then I would call the doctor and see what they say.
Avatar f tn I then when I was 20, had 1 child. Then 2 years later I had my periods so heavy and continuously back to back that I became very Anemic and weak that I almost died. My OBGYN had to do a (almost) complete Hysterectomy, leaving only my Cervix and one ovary and vaginal entry. I was 22 then. My doctor had told me that during my surgery that he had got out all of the endometriosis that he could find and that I should not have endometriosis ever again.
Avatar f tn I am eighteen years old and I have only have my period 4 times in my life. May I add they were not considered regular from what I've heard. They were not heavy and closer to black that any color with little to no odor. I am concerned this may interfere with fertility later on in life or just the fact that it isn't healthy compared to other women I have heard from. What could this be and how could I treat it?
Avatar f tn I know that many women experience spotting early in pregnancy due to egg implantation, and then again around the time that their period is supposed to come because the embryo splits into two, creating the baby and the placenta. I would take a pregnancy test if I were you, just to be sure.
Avatar n tn I'm 24 years old.my last period was on 18th oct 2010. till now i havent got my periods.i had sex( he just touched my vagina but didnt penetrate) on 23rd october. and i was expecting my period on 14th nov which didnt happen.and i got something like spotting on 19th and 21st and then again on 28th.i've taken 7 hpts all have come negative( with morning urine sample).my period date is almost due now.i had some vomiting for 2 or 3 days a week ago.sometimes i get period like symptoms.
Avatar f tn And its not heavy bleeding its just like when your at the end of your period or about to finish it light but I still use a pad just in case . and I have pain like cramps from my belly button down.