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Avatar f tn There is nothing wrong with bottlefeeding but breast is best. Even if you struggle to breastfeed you can always express your milk into a bottle, it's full of antibodies and has huge benefits. I breastfed for a month and struggled but expressed for a while after. We ended up using formula from the age of 3 months to a year but I do wish I could've breastfed longer, and will try harder this time. There's nothing wrong with formula.
Avatar f tn t breastfeed, but breast milk is better for baby and you. Look up its benefits, its pretty incredible! Just off the top of my head, breastfeeding reduces your babies chances of obesity, ear infections, allergies , sickness in general, and can raise IQ points. It also lowers your chances of ever getting cancer, and makes losing baby weight a lot easier. Plus its practically free and always available without having to worry about mixing bottles!
4864455 tn?1361501129 From what i know she could continue breast feeding, breast milk is constantly producing, as soon as she stops smoking her breast milk should clear up. The baby still benefits more from breast milk if she is smoking. Formula is ok but the baby doesn't get antibodies and such. Best thing for both however is for her to quit until no longer feeding.
Avatar f tn Breast milk is always the right temperature, it's made for your baby, their poops should smell less, baby will be healthier and happier (because your body made baby and the right milk for that specific baby), breast feeding gets you back to pre pregnancy weight faster and a thousand other things!
Avatar n tn Formula provides perfectly adequate nutrition but does not have all the immunity benefits of breast milk. Breast feeding also reduces the future risks of some cancers for mom. But you have to be really committed, the first 4 - 6 weeks are hard work but then after that it gets much easier, find a breastfeeding class in your area so you can prepare as best as you can. That said formula or breastfeeding the first six weeks of any newborns life is very demanding.
9442948 tn?1406816451 Is it the same thing? Either way baby is getting breast milk right? I want to pump so my husband can feed baby also but i want the benefits from breast feeding also, For example will pumping still shrink my uterus size & help lose weight like breast feeding does? And will baby still get the vitamins from it?
6692462 tn?1409257870 My fiancé is obsessed with my boobs and jokes that he gonna try my breast milk straight from the source.... Would you let your significant other try it? And if not why?
Avatar f tn I'm 38 weeks turning 39 next week on Monday and also getting induce someday next week. I haven't gotten any breast milk come out yet, why?? I really really want to breast feed my little one && I'm scared milk won't come out is there anything I can help myself with to produce it ? Anything I need to eat or do ?
Avatar f tn Everyone says the first 2 or so weeks are very painful for mama. But, breast milk helps with brain development and building a strong immune system. My doctor it is one of the absolute most important things you can do for your baby. Plus, it helps with bonding! I am praying I have no problems bf!
1027005 tn?1300050172 Hi, I just had my baby girl Kaydence Lynn two weeks ago on May 4th I have been feeding her formula since birth because I never started to produce breast milk until this past 4 or 5 days, my boobs have gotten really full but only leak a little I was wondering if it was possible to switch my baby to breast feeding after her being on formula thus far.
Avatar f tn After every feeding, clean your nipples and let it dry and put nipple cream bc you can develop an infection and it hurts bad. Best of luck, dont give up bc breast milk is for your baby.
5793136 tn?1375294504 It does pass through the breast milk but my lactation consultant said the benefits of breastfeeding still worth it because through breast milk the baby gets all of your immunities and fights off germs and is less likely to get sick. But not smoking is best most definitely. And if you smoked while pregnant the baby is already addicted sadly.
4981292 tn?1381256805 It's better to feed straight from your breast. Pumping the milk and bottle feeding makes the milk lose a lot of it's nutrients. And I'm pretty sure you would still lose weight.
Avatar f tn Breastmilk is alot healthier for the baby and you. Look it up, there are so many benefits.
Avatar f tn Breast feeding is best. You really can't compare the two, there are so many nutrients in breast milk. Formula companies can't even come close to creating anything that can compare.
10476455 tn?1423121400 You can still have a glass of wine. One glass won't harm your baby .. You can even drink one glass while pregnant and it wouldn't harm baby.(I'm not recommending it though lol) but yeah, your breasts will sag whether you breast feed or not. I breast feed and my little one is now 5 weeks and honestly my breasts aren't even saggy. They still look the same before I got pregnant.
327668 tn?1224792350 Mothers around the world have been using it obscurely as a natural way to increase breast milk, mothers produce copious amounts of highly nutritious milk for their infants. The term given an herb or food that increases the flow or production of breast milk is galactogogue. Moringa has been clinically proven to increase the production of breast milk whether it is consumed before or after the birth of a baby.
9964830 tn?1422448835 are you mommies going to be breast feeding or formula? I know breast is best but I was curious to why u mommies are choosing either one? I tried to breast feed with my first one but only lasted 4 months! I really want to breast feed again but Dont want to be upset if I can't.
Avatar f tn You should google the benefits of breast feeding. There are so many, but the reason I'm doing it is because it's natural and empowering. The benefits I like are: fewer ear infections, less gas, constipation, and diarrhea. Less risk of allergies, asthma, SIDS, and other health issues. Breastfed babies have been shown to have high IQs and better brain development. The benefits for mom are weight loss, less risk of breast cancer, less bleeding after natural birth. This is just some!!
Avatar f tn Your boyfriend is right as to breastfed babies get sick less bc breast milk has stuff in it that formula can never imitate but just bc your baby gets sick a lot doesnt mean that its bc you didnt breast feed. If you want your baby on a bottle you can always just pump. Even giving your baby breast milk for a short period of time will be very beneficial. It is always worth a try and if it doesnt work well at least you tried instead of dismissing it all together.
Avatar f tn I love breast feeding! I am currently breast feeding my third child. I'm not going to lie the first 4-6 weeks can be difficult but once you get past that point I think it is so easy. There are also many benefits for mom and baby.
Avatar f tn I really salute the women that breast feed because it is a huge commitment and a full time job. Not me, I never wanted to. Tried for like a week and wasn't ok with it. Formula is perfectly healthy, of course your own milk is best but babies grow just as strong and healthy and have for many years. This is my second and I couldn't imagine trying to breastfeed with a toddler running around. Do what makes you comfortable and what fits your lifestyle!
Avatar f tn When I took care of my little cousins I felt veryy uneasy about giving them.wjole.milk bleh its nasty and does nothing for you. I notcied my cousins had a hard time digesting it as well. In society we are led to believe thaf milk is good for you but all the vitamins you find in it can be found in other healthier milk. I started to give my cousins NESTLE NIDO POWDER MILK and they loved it. .
Avatar f tn ll breastfeed exclusively until I go back to work and than I pump so the baby can still get the benefits of the breast milk. WAY cheaper than having to buy formula. Especially now that you can get a free pump from your insurance due to the changes in insurance laws from obama care (or whatever the politically correct name is). Plus I read you might be able to take off cost of nursing supplies on taxes (you have to spend a certain amount on them). Can't do any of that with formula.