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Avatar f tn t eat ghee so my baby is suffering. Please share your thoughts and experiences. Does the breast milk is really affected by what mother eats?
Avatar f tn I posted this question on the breastfeeding forum as well but something tells me that I'll get an answer quicker here :) This may sound really weird but the minute I give DS the breast, I feel gas bubbles swimming in his tummy. His latch is pretty good so I don't understand where the gas bubbles are coming from. Is it from my milk?? Where could it be coming from and why are we so gassy??? I eliminated almost everything from my diet.
Avatar f tn Also pick up cocyntal in the colic section of the pharmacy. Its herbal and works better than gripe water or ovol. Baby madsage helps.
Avatar n tn Instead, buying goat milk from whole food to feed your baby if your breast milk is not enough. Goat milk is like the our breast milk and our baby can digest well without worrying the allergy. Remember to provide the baby VITA B12 because goat milk has no b12 which is vital to produce blood. Another thing is to feed him something to prevent constipation because goatmilk has higher percentage of protein than breast milk. You can Google the information to get more details.
5913031 tn?1382391190 But sometimes supplement with formula if we go out in town. She does great with the formula but always gets a belly ache after breast milk... Anyone know how to help them with a belly ache???? What is gripe water used for and is she old enough for it ???
9663463 tn?1407525554 t been able to supply enough breast milk so I have been giving her mostly formula (enfamil for newborn) which has now gave her gas so I've been giving her little remedies gas drops for relief which I think has made her constipated. I don't know what to do I feel so bad. Also, I know this is a pregnancy group.. Does anyone know a group I can go to now she is born?
Avatar f tn As for the soreness from breastfeeding, if you keep at it- it will go away after a couple weeks. Some babies are sensitive to the changes between breast milk and formula. See if any of that helps. There is also a great breastfeeding group on here for support. Things like letting your nipple air dry after feeding will help the pain go away quicker. They just have to toughen up.
Avatar n tn My daughter did that a little while when we bought her home. She had gas. Take her too the doc just too be safe.
4981292 tn?1381256805 It's better to feed straight from your breast. Pumping the milk and bottle feeding makes the milk lose a lot of it's nutrients. And I'm pretty sure you would still lose weight.
Avatar f tn The more the baby nurses the more milk you will produce. If your supplementing her after you you nurse you should pump both sides for 10-15 minutes after - even if you are not getting any milk when you pump. The stimulation of pumping will eventually increase your milk supply. If you don't then you will maintain the same milk supply that you have. Or just let her nurse for 15-20 mins each side, even if you think she isn't getting enough that too will increase the milk supply.
Avatar f tn hi i am new mom to a 1 week 5day old newborn she was born with a tongue tie so she doesn't latch on correctly. So i pump and feed her that way only i don't feel like im producing enough breast milk so i use formula. similac advance to be exact. Now she's gassy and fussy and constipated. i stopped with the similac and tried only breast milk but i dont have enough and was afraid she wasn't getting enough to eat. What should i do change her formula to something else.
Avatar f tn Oh ok ur switching his milk. His tummy has to get used to the switch so he will get fussy and constipated and gassy until his tummy gets used to the breast milk. I was strictly breastfeeding and was wanting to stop but I didn't like how formula messed his tummy up so I just kept with the breastfeeding.
Avatar m tn As I stated before, suggest giving your child the daily amounts of food that I wrote in the previous answer. If you are giving him milk as breast milk, then give it in the amounts stated. Your child is underweight and needs to grow. Food is the only way he will grow. The problem with his eye maybe only a muscular issue not diet related.
Avatar f tn Is the Nestle milk powder you are talking about formulated for babies, or is it simply powdered milk (the kind made for grown-ups to drink)? Be sure he is on a proper baby's formula along with as much breast milk as you can get him to take. I also agree about the two-hour feeding schedule. A baby's stomach is tiny, and he will fill it fast and it will empty fast, and then he is running on empty! That would make anyone cry. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Milk comes in after you have the baby. Colostrum sometimes can be seen it you try to express anything earlier but it's mostly a clearish kind of color. As far as kicks sometimes it depends on your size. I know I was a little bigger when I started this pregnancy than the one with my daughter and I felt this one a little later. You might be able to feel flutters by now but they'll feel more like gas and might not recognize them if you're a ftm.
Avatar f tn and his gas is horrible. I pump cause he falls asleep at the breast. But he has horrible horrible gas I watch what I eat.but does the food I eat really affect the breast milk. I really only want to eat a all fruit and veggie diet cause I really don't know what is really safe for me to eat if food does really affect my milk. And what can I do to help my baby. He is always crying and all I want is my baby to be happy.
Avatar n tn Though I pump and bottle feed vs from the breast ( this will not change) he is having painful gas and very fussy though seems to be more at night. I have to hold him upright to help pass gas every night and to help him fall asleep. He also wakes up due to this. Suggestions please?!
Avatar f tn Hi moms, I'm a FTM and I'm breast feeding. I was wondering if anyone could give me tips on what not to eat for the fact that it'll upset my baby girls tummy or else give her really bad gas. And anymore tipsbon breast feeding would e wonderful! As it turns out I'm the only one in my family to breast feed, so therefore I don't really have anyone to talk to. Thanks in advance.
1936550 tn?1348360208 I may not know a lot about breast feeding. But I've read that there is hind milk? My question is that if I pump does the hind milk come out? And how long should I pump? And also is it possible to know the difference between hind milk and the first milk(don't know the name)? Sorry if I am confusing you ladies.
368461 tn?1291515587 I have found that when he feeds directly from the breast he tends to be more gassy than if we bottle feed him breast milk or formula. I have also heard the thing about the dairy in the diet. I cut out straight milk and have moved over to soy milk right now. I haven't cut anything else out. I think these first few months are just spent trying to figure out what combination works best. I have a feeling though that we will never know and all babies just grow out of this stage.
Avatar f tn Always burp your baby no matter breast milk or formula.
Avatar f tn By this time, your child has a regular eating pattern or schedule already so you could start pumping milk 30 minutes or an hour before her feeding time so that you wont have to refrigerate your breast milk anymore. Breat milk is indeed hot and you might end up seeing one breast bigger than the other. All of these are normal.
688845 tn?1325182236 He gets both. Mostly breast milk but I've had to supplement as well.