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Avatar f tn i burp hin every 1-2oz-he eats up to 6 at a time- to help decrease the gas but it doesnt seem to help much he is on Gerber smart start gentle and a tiny bit of breast milk a day any ideas that could help?
Avatar f tn My mother in law says I don't eat ghee so my baby is suffering. Please share your thoughts and experiences. Does the breast milk is really affected by what mother eats?
250155 tn?1485299539 I have had my breast milk come out smelling like garlic and onions before, so that is pretty convincing evidence that something is passed along. Anyway, sometimes they will simply swallow air during feeds and that will give them gas, other times it is diet-based. I found beans, lots of dairy, and normal gas-producing veggies made it worse for both of us. I didn't alter my diet too much at times, I would just be mindful and have gas-x on hand for the baby.
659471 tn?1229463290 Any food that could affect you will affect your baby through your breast milk. Try to refrain from eating anything that could cause gas (broccoli, beans, etc). I had absolutely no problem with anything with my second baby, but my first was so gassy that I had to eat a very bland diet. Make sure you still take you prenatal vitamins (or postnatal sold in health food stores) and drink lots and lots of water. If in doubt...don't eat it.
Avatar f tn I posted this question on the breastfeeding forum as well but something tells me that I'll get an answer quicker here :) This may sound really weird but the minute I give DS the breast, I feel gas bubbles swimming in his tummy. His latch is pretty good so I don't understand where the gas bubbles are coming from. Is it from my milk?? Where could it be coming from and why are we so gassy??? I eliminated almost everything from my diet.
4981292 tn?1381260405 It's better to feed straight from your breast. Pumping the milk and bottle feeding makes the milk lose a lot of it's nutrients. And I'm pretty sure you would still lose weight.
249534 tn?1189759430 That is in breast milk that isn't in formula? Why do they say that breast milk is so much better? Is it still okay for my babies to be formula fed, will they miss out on something that they really need? Thanks ladies!
Avatar f tn So my boyfriends roommate told me that if you drink one beer a day it will help with the production of breast milk..he has a son and said thats what the nurse told his chids mother while breastfeeding...dont really know if i should believe it and would like some insight. i am currently trying to breastfeed my 1 week old daughter but im having a little bit of difficulty beacsue she was 4 weeks preterm.
Avatar f tn She wasn't fussy, grew well, and still passes gas when she takes breast milk at 8 months. It still makes me laugh. I would say if ds doesn't get upset by the gas bubbles, don't stress about adjusting your diet. Best wishes!
Avatar f tn Drink lots of water. Like a gallon a day. Fenugreek is supposed to help but I've never taken it but i asked my doctor about it and she said its fine once the baby is born. The main thing is to feed on demand anytime they want to eat. The first few weeks are hard but it gets easier. Congratulations and good luck!!
1164701 tn?1262966664 Things we have tried- swaddling/not swaddling, pacifier/no pacifier, side sleeping/back sleeping/tummy sleeping, laying flat/sleeping at an angle, bed time bath/no bedtime bath, soy formula/just breast milk... My son recently started on solid foods about 1 months ago (when he was 5 months old), prior to starting solids we were getting up with him most nights 2-4 times during the night. Since we have started solids, some nights (maybe 2 times a week) he will go to bed and sleep from 7:30-2:00.
676912 tn?1332816151 She's been nursing for at least an hour at night the last couple nights, spitting up more and more gassy than normal so I bought her some gas drops today and I'm gonna see how the weekend goes and call the dr to see if it's reflux if she's not doing better with it Monday...BUT I was curious if she's nursing so much because she needs more now than when she would nurse for twenty minutes, or if it's just that my supply is lower than her demand right now...
Avatar n tn They say at 7 weeks the average weight is 9 3/4 pounds. They also suggest that the baby get breast milk or formula only until she is eating solid foods, for that sodium/electrolyte dropping reason.
377493 tn?1356505749 In talking to both my mother and mil, they both said that in addition to breast milk I need to give him water in a bottle as well? Is that true? It didn't make a lot of sense to me as women have been breastfeeding since the beginning of time, and bottles certainly weren't available back then. Is this something I need to make sure I am doing, or will he stay properly hydrated with just breastmilk. Thanks so much for the info!!
Avatar f tn Also pick up cocyntal in the colic section of the pharmacy. Its herbal and works better than gripe water or ovol. Baby madsage helps.
Avatar n tn Instead, buying goat milk from whole food to feed your baby if your breast milk is not enough. Goat milk is like the our breast milk and our baby can digest well without worrying the allergy. Remember to provide the baby VITA B12 because goat milk has no b12 which is vital to produce blood. Another thing is to feed him something to prevent constipation because goatmilk has higher percentage of protein than breast milk. You can Google the information to get more details.
Avatar f tn If not, it could be the brand of formula you're using (I'm assuming that's what's in the bottle) so you can switch to a gentler one. If you're giving breast milk, she could be sensitive to something you're eating.
Avatar n tn I don't want to give up nursing my baby, but he is highly sensitive to cow's milk protein. For six weeks, I've tried very hard to maintain a milk-free diet. His symptoms did improve somewhat, but he still has bouts of painful cramps, gas, etc. If I make one mistake, knowingly or not, with my diet, he pays for it for days. After a few days and nights of lots of agitation and very little sleep (for either of us), I stopped nursing him and have been giving him Nutramigen only.
193609 tn?1292183893 They told me they were going to take him off breast milk and put him on a milk free prescription formula called Neocate to see if he gets better. Has anyone has their child taken of breastmilk and put on hypoallergenic formula??? I hardly consume dairy products, but his dad had a milk allergy as an infant and they say it is genetic. If anyone has experience with this, please let me know!!!
823825 tn?1265075031 Well the other thing to dirnk is 16-20oz of water 20 min before your breast feed. This helps your let down and makes more milk. I had to do that when my baby was in the NICU and I pumped every other feed. The oatmeal is a good thing too as other poster said. Fennel has been used for centuries but doea not has as god effect as the Fenugreek or mother's milk tea! The best resource with video's is to llook up Jack Newman who is the leading BF dr.
915370 tn?1243164680 To illustrate where this is, if you put a finger on your right nipple (breast) and move over 1.5 inches, that is where there is discomfort. To best describe the discomfort.... it is like having that sharp pain after bad hiccups... yet if gas leaves one of two entry ways (I burp or ...... eherm) then I feel slightly better, however even as I speak the pain persists. I am wondering if it is something of concern. -To note, I have had quite a few panic attacks (GAD, Depression) in the past 1.
147172 tn?1226761778 Hi all. I want to share with you fellow breast feeding moms out there how to keep your milk supply up, if interested. You can take 2 natural herbs, which are perfectly safe for both you and your baby. They are Brewer's Yeast and Fenugrrek. I take 1 500 mg capsule of Fenugreek a day and you can take anywhere between 4 and 12 tablets of Brewer's Yeast, also 500 mg a day along with your pre-natal vitamins.
175662 tn?1282217256 Immortal, I wouldn't drink the Monsters. Definitely not something that baby should be getting through breast milk. I do drink my cup or two of coffee per day though...shame on me. I miss my energy drinks though. I loved Rockstar before I became prego. I drank one about 2 weeks ago because I craved it so bad. Then I felt guilty as heck! I won't be doing that again!
Avatar f tn I have been breast pumping for 3 weeks now, an today all of a sudden I have this really bad pain in my right breasts it hurts to the touch, it hurts to bend over an hurts to lay on dat side an to move my right arm I tried to pump thinking it was that, I took gas x an Motrin an even took a warm shower but nope still pain. Wat should I do any suggestions???
Avatar f tn I mean, would my baby not be getting enough milk? I thought that the milk is made on demand, because so far it does seem to be, and I've yet to experience a low supply of milk so I am not sure what this would be like... If I were pumping and my milk supply had been effected does that mean I wouldn't be able to draw ou t as much as usual? Does this mean if I'm nursing, he may not be taking in as much as usual? this kind of worries me and it's all so confusing right now...
Avatar n tn My mom told me, when I wanted to dry up my breast milk was to bind me. I guess this is what they did when she had kids and her mom had kids. She took a stretchy peice of material and very very tightly wrapped it around my breasts and then pinned the back. I wore this for about a week and it helped. I bathed everyday instead of showering so I wouldnt have to take it off. We did change it a couple of times b/c it will start to smell and sweat.