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2177836 tn?1355173877 Im receiving wic and they only provide similac, I also breast feed so he takes both, I wanna breast feed 100percent but he has trouble latching on. My question is which one do u ladies think is better between the 2 formulas?
2189208 tn?1339572701 Breast milk, hands down. If u do the research of what goes into generic formula, u will puke. These cows r hooked up to milking machines, milked all day, they get sores with blood and puss all going into the milk. then its prossessed and chemically treated and it ends up in your baby bottle. I know some women cant produce milk or wahtever, i would try organic brands, at least they r more regulated.
Avatar f tn My theory is, if breast milk is so much better for a baby than formula, then why do you need to feed a every 2 to 3 hours on breast milk and every 3 to 4 hours on formula? Breast milk is natural, so it can be deemed as "better" and easier on the babys tummy, but formula has a garenteed amount of vitamins and minerals in every serving and as a mommy, i want to make sure my baby is getting all the needed vitamins and minerals in every feeding.
Avatar f tn I'm all about breast feeding and plan to do it as long as I can. My first and only kid is 14 years old and I had to start giving her formula at 6 months cause I couldn't produce enough milk but it's been so long and formulas have changed. So my question is if I can't breast feed until the age of one, what formulas would you mommies recommend I use?
Avatar f tn All the big branda like Gerber, Similac, and Enfamil all make formulas for supplementing moms which have a little extra vitamin D (since vitamin D isn't in breast milk)/and they are made to be closest to breast milk. I personally will be supplementing with Gerber good start for supplementing. I work in pediatrics and formula wise most babies do very well on Gerber products even if they were unable to tolerate other brands.
Avatar f tn my grandaughter love it and I drink that too..he dont like the enfamil because its not sweet like breast milk..and enfamil taste very plain..
279473 tn?1222140763 My mother has given me some grief about even giving the baby a bottle with breast milk in it!! Go figure! anyway, it's your decision. I would not look at you any different and you will NOT be a bad mother for bottle feeding.
Avatar f tn It's mostly trial and error. With my son I used enfamil a.r. since he had a reflux disorder and breast milk wasn't staying in his tummy.with my daughter I supplemented with targets store brand of similac I found it rather humorous that it was the cheap stuff that worked the best with her. They're all pretty similar nutritionally speaking.
223372 tn?1240920676 since dd was so small, we had to supplement the first few days until my milk came in. she got similac in the hospital and did ok on it. after that she had breast milk for almost 8 months. there was a short while when dd was on both breast milk and formula. at first, she did much better on Nestle Good Start than the others (enfamil and similac). after a month on formula she was able to take anything well, including generic. it saved us tons of money.
773214 tn?1295135069 Are you comparing the smell to breast milk vs the liquid formula? With our son we only used the powder stuff, my guess is it would smell about the same as the liquid stuff.
9041091 tn?1410417329 Breast milk actually!! When I have had to use formula, it has been organic (Babies R Us Organic Brand).
Avatar f tn My hospital offers enfamil prosobee or similac advance. Similac was too hard on my daughters stomach and we figured out she was lactose intolerant. ...She's on enfamil prosobee. It really depends on your baby.
Avatar f tn another thing is, has anybody gave both breast milk, and formula? i plan on storing and things like that, but suppose my supply doesnt come as expected, and i have to feed him formula also? any bf advice would be appreciated!
Avatar f tn The enfamil story was prooved that the infants that died was not caused by the formula. There was babies that died but the bacterial infections they got were NOT from the formula. You can google it..
551604 tn?1333983135 Thank you guys. I switched her formula from Enfamil to Good Start. She is doing much better and when she has the breast milk she no longer fusses. I'm so happy. I think it was the enfamil that was making her do all those things. After I give her breast milk I give her 1 or 2oz of the formula.
Avatar f tn Im both breast and bottle feeding too. In the hospital they gave her similac for supplementation (green one). And gave us a bunch of it when we left. She seems to like it and doesnt have any issues switching back and forth between it and breast milk.
7290973 tn?1403777469 I used gentleease enfamil newborns(breastfed mostly in the beginning but feed him that when my milk came in the first two days bc my books hurt so much :/)and he threw up so switched to similac sensitive tummies that made him constipated now he is on similar alimentum and it's the best expensive but it works...
Avatar f tn Breast milk! The best thing you can give your baby! Even if you have to use formula,do as much breast milk as you can.
Avatar f tn It depends on your baby. Me personally I pump my breast milk and that's what I fees my baby. Its very rare not to make enough milk. But if you're going to formula feed. I formula fed my first. Try signing up for wic if you're in the us they'll give you free formula. Enfamil is what they usually give some give similac. And those two brands are really good.
Avatar f tn t producing enough to feed her only breast milk anyhow so we just went full time with formula. She had a traumatic birth and a lot of allergies so finding a formula for her was a little tricky but finally tried Good Start sensitive and it worked perfectly.
7381903 tn?1391464888 Breast milk is always recommend but I didnt breast feed for personal reasons and at first we used similac formula. Then switched to walmart brand. It was the exact same and alot cheaper. Our son was healthy and doctor said it was ok.
Avatar f tn I wanted to breast feed my daughter but couldn't. They gave us the orange label Gerber. But she wouldn't eat it. Turns out she needed soy. But I used Gerber for her. If you use Wic I think they switched contracts so they don't do Gerber but I'm not 100% sure.
Avatar f tn Which is the closet to breast milk? I plan to breastfeed but there's only so much I can pump so what's the best formula to use?
317245 tn?1258737545 At first I had breast milk supply issues, so I supplemented with enfamil. Once my milk came in, I continued to supplement the night bottle with formula. My doctor said that formula is regulated by the governement. I checked out Parent's Choice, by Wal-Mart, and found that (if I remember right) it was made by the makers of Advil. DD was on Parent's Choice from 6 months to 1 yo.
Avatar n tn We had problems with my son taking a bottle until dr suggested using Playtex bottles and enfamil newborn (apparently closest tasting to breast milk). After that no problems at all.
344397 tn?1235577228 When i switched from breast milk to formula, dd actually did better on this than enfamil. (it was called Nestle Good Start, but i think it's the same exact thing- just marketed differently in different parts of the country). how long has she been on it? how old is she? we loved the stuff. after a month or so of being on formula, she was able to take any kind of formula.