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2177836 tn?1355177477 Im receiving wic and they only provide similac, I also breast feed so he takes both, I wanna breast feed 100percent but he has trouble latching on. My question is which one do u ladies think is better between the 2 formulas?
2189208 tn?1339576301 Breast milk, hands down. If u do the research of what goes into generic formula, u will puke. These cows r hooked up to milking machines, milked all day, they get sores with blood and puss all going into the milk. then its prossessed and chemically treated and it ends up in your baby bottle. I know some women cant produce milk or wahtever, i would try organic brands, at least they r more regulated.
279473 tn?1222144363 My mother has given me some grief about even giving the baby a bottle with breast milk in it!! Go figure! anyway, it's your decision. I would not look at you any different and you will NOT be a bad mother for bottle feeding.
Avatar n tn It doesn't sound like you have a colicky baby unless she swallows a lot of air, and maybe she won't do that with a bottle vs. the breast? And the Good Start has an easy-to-digest kind of protein in it; I went to it after Enfamil made my son wail and arch his back in pain. I'd try a milk-based formula before a soy-based formula...there are some questions about whether the estrogenic effect of soy is harmful for babies.
189192 tn?1261345228 Well i had figured they would be the ones to prepare it, but i guess I could prepare it myself. I have a lot of breast milk in the freezer. I could mix it with that until it runs out also. yeah i'm really just so happy he will feed from a bottle, i'll give him whatever he wants.
118074 tn?1228332603 like you i wonder about brand vs generic and even similac vs enfamil. i acked dr when ds was 1st born, she said the brand or generic version did not matter. so i used the samples i recvd and then used walmart brand. also if your baby is using milk based sams has a huge canister of formula for $20-$25, we had to use soy.
Avatar n tn I have been freezing breast milk since day one and have about a month supply built up for this reason exactly. So if worse comes to worst, she will have at least been exclusively breast fed for 5 months. Thank you to everyone else about your comments as well. I will give the generic formula a try and hopefully dd will do great with it.
773214 tn?1295138669 Are you comparing the smell to breast milk vs the liquid formula? With our son we only used the powder stuff, my guess is it would smell about the same as the liquid stuff.
Avatar f tn another thing is, has anybody gave both breast milk, and formula? i plan on storing and things like that, but suppose my supply doesnt come as expected, and i have to feed him formula also? any bf advice would be appreciated!
562884 tn?1279635934 anyhow i know this was off topic, but thought i would vent a bit about bottles vs also i picked up a couple of AVENT pacifiers....
Avatar f tn After you mix your formula, let it sit for a few minutes As long as your baby is doing well on the formula, I don't think it matters how it tastes to us. I tasted my breast milk, gerber, enfamil, and similac. Similac tasted the best to me but it was still gross IMO. LOL!
6934157 tn?1387161256 My wic gives Similac in tx so that's what I used with my 2 oldest with my youngest he was in the nicu for breathing issues so he used enfamil gentle ease that's what they recommended
Avatar f tn she said it didn't matter if i offered breast milk first at a feed and finished with formula, or if i did a full feed of breast milk one time and then a full feed of formula the next time. she did say don't mix them in the same bottle though. i tried the formula before bed thing and it did not work for us. she was still up every 2 hours like clockwork!!! in fact, she seems hungrier at night than during the day.
232328 tn?1207093671 My daughter was diagnosed with reflux, and it was so bad I could not breast feed her. my breast milk was so thin she could not keep it down. Her Doctor put her on Enfamil AR Lipil, and I swear by that. After I put her on it she was perfect. She never even spit up!! The already made stuff is better than the powder though.
188576 tn?1287722662 She only spits up through her nose on occassion with her choking and that's always random. Yes it's from the breast milk or formula, but never really through her mouth. And when she usually chokes its on her own spit. He just didn't get it. So tomorrow I have to take her back in for her 2 month checkup and so I am going to mention it again. After reading several posts from others I believe she does have reflux and thats what is causing her to choke.
1222635 tn?1366399886 The breast is made different, obviously, and nursing for comfort often times does not give the baby milk. I am guessing she is taking in the food because she finds sucking comforting as well as being able to be close to you at the same time. I am guessing she is crying in pain from cramping that can happen from overfeeding. We all know how it feels to be overfull and its not comfortable. True reflux is actually rare in babies, especially at such a young age.
961574 tn?1520651703 Today was pretty good and easy for me - almost no nausea, moderate breast soreness, only very, very sleepy and lazy;-) TAGLAS: If it's vaginal, you should be able to see at least something by now - maybe gestational sac? Good luck, my friend!!!