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Avatar f tn He had ffeeding tube then bottle with my breast milk. I was able to nurse once a day. Now home for 2 weeks and nursing is not happening probably because he had the bottle. I use a breast shield for the latch but he latches and just sits there. I am pumping and making a ton so that is not the problem. i had no trouble with my other 2 but they were not preemies. my doctor just says keep trying he should not even be here yet. Any suggestions I can try?
Avatar f tn When my pump broke I called the manufacturer and they sent me a new one. But if you pump while you nurse you get more milk. Then when one side slows down switch sides until you have enough milk. Baby is better at pulling the milk down than the pump.
189192 tn?1261341628 Originally the right breast (one not being used) was the fuller breast producing the most milk. The reason it is drying up is because Jacob won't nurse off of that side and I didn't pump as often as I should have. I did call the lactation nurse at the hospital. She said to try some other positions and to drain some out before trying to feed.
483853 tn?1208538379 My right breast just never produced and none of my three could ever latch on it. Doc suspects a benign mass affecting the ducts ( the thought is if it were malignant it would have caused problems sometime in the last 6.5 years) But the boys all thrived (95th percentile) on just the left. But it is double duty and my body adjusted enough to never have to offer a drop of formula and barely any solids during the first year.
Avatar f tn Is there a a specific time that your breast start to leak breast milk or does it happen at different times depending on the woman? If so when did y'all start noticing your breast leaking?
1080032 tn?1326414386 After pumping can I leave my breast milk sitting out if my daughter will be eating 2hrs later? I don't have a bottle Warner so I would hate to put it in the fridge.
741877 tn?1265950200 The best way to build your supply is to continue to let baby nurse at your breast as long as THEY want to nurse. So get comfy and grab your Boppy and put in a movie marathon. You do not need to supplement with formula. This does not sound like a supply issue but what is termed "cluster feeding". Baby needs to nurse at LEAST 15 minutes on each side at this age so wake baby up (tickle their feet, undress him, change his diaper, etc.) and keep him at the breast.
Avatar f tn s just as smart and independent as a breast fed baby. But, if I pump milk for this baby, does that relieve the pain in the breasts after birth? I'm really not looking forward to it.
480331 tn?1310403529 I have found that my right breast is the most plentiful with breastmilk, so I usually pump from my right breast several times a day. My left breast can't compare, but I nurse my baby from my left breast. When I try to pump from my left breast I never seem to get more than 2oz at a time. Does anyone else share this experience?
296340 tn?1336164001 also make sure that the bottle nipple is slow flow like a newborn nipple as breast feed babies ahve to suck harder to nurse then bottle feed. If doing both you use that nipple the whole time no matter of age. Medela has them in bogger sizes fo rthat reason.
4217862 tn?1351206843 I am a first time mom and was very excited about breast feeding. I nursed my daughter for the first 4 days after her birth, but then she was diagnosed with jaundice and I had to start supplimenting 1oz of breast using a bottle so we knew she was getting enough. Pumping ended being so convinient, and my nipples hurt so much from nursing, I just decided to pump all her meals.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies the first 2 weeks afte ei gaved birth I had plenty of milk I would leak all day & night & I didnt have to pump i would just put bottles under my breast & I have plenty of milk but now I dont do you guys know whats good to produce more milk ? I drink plenty of water & also eat alot of oatmeal i really want to produce since everytime my daughter latches on it hurts me really bad please help ladies !!!
Avatar f tn The more the baby nurses the more milk you will produce. If your supplementing her after you you nurse you should pump both sides for 10-15 minutes after - even if you are not getting any milk when you pump. The stimulation of pumping will eventually increase your milk supply. If you don't then you will maintain the same milk supply that you have. Or just let her nurse for 15-20 mins each side, even if you think she isn't getting enough that too will increase the milk supply.
Avatar f tn The best thing to do would be to continue nursing like you are so your supple doesn't dwindle. Do warm compresses in between to see if it will release. That should help. I had a blocked milk duct when I was nursing my son and the warm compresses helped to relieve it. I had a friend who got so bad on one breast but stuck with it even though it was extremely painful and did warm compresses and it eventually cleared up.
Avatar f tn You will nurse the baby the first month every 2 hours timed from beginning of one feed to the beginning of another and the baby will nurse for about 20-30 minutes per breast. The baby will have several growth spurts during the first six months were it will seem like the baby isn't getting enough milk when actually the baby is trying to up Your milk supply to meet their growing appetite.
5154295 tn?1372284196 ) and the more your baby needs the more you will produce..
1657254 tn?1327098055 Only problem is he only wants to nurse from the left breast. When we Try to go to the right he just fusses and pulls back wants nothing to do with it. Go back to he left and he latches much easier. Any suggestions on what I can do to get him to nurse on the right as well?? I have a little more history about my nursing experience on my previous post "nursing strike". Any suggestions would be so appreciated!
Avatar f tn and today i gave it too him but its very watery. is that normal for breast milk. he usually has milk run out of the corner of his mouth a little bit and its very white but when i gave him the bottle that had been in the fridge it was more clear and watery. i feel like its not as good as if i just feed him from my breast.
11110919 tn?1420209467 So I'm currently experiencing a very tender and sore breast. I can feel a lump and after googling have come to the conclusion it's a possible blocked milk duct. When searching how to unblock it, it's telling me to nurse my baby to flush the blockage out. Well I'm 27 weeks pregnant so nursing my baby is impossible. Has anyone had this whilst pregnant and managed to unblock it? It's absolute agony!
Avatar f tn The engorgement from my milk coming in made them hot and hard. Every time I went to nurse my dd the milk would squirt out like a fire hydrant and she would get milk all over her. I was leaking literally 24/7 and I thought it would never end. Because they were so full and hard it made latching so difficult. My nipples just seemed so large for her tiny mouth. In those early days the only way she would open wide enough was when she was crying.