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2011481 tn?1374262667 So I am EBF my third baby right now and he is just over 3 weeks old. When I had my first baby, the health nurse who had helped me breastfeeding told me that I HAD to offer both breasts to him. So I did. When he was 3 weeks old we moved to another province which meant a new health nurse visit to check up on him. When we talking about BF, she said NOT to offer both breasts, but only one. So I did that until he was no longer BF and I also did that with my second.
Avatar n tn Today my breast is aching and when I reach home I breast feed my daughter and after that I saw a green patch on my breast pad after I squeeze the milk that comes out is green color I'm so scared. Got any news? Did u go check up? What did they tel you?
676912 tn?1332812551 I have always had too much and after my milk came in good later around a month just nursed from one side with my first three and the problem was solved for the most part. Now with my last one he had the green stools and cried to eat:( PUMPING IS A NO NO!!!! If you pump it will make things woorse and abbies can stop wanting to nurse altogether! Try feeding from one side at a time for each feed from now on, your body will adjust and it may take a day or two for the green poo's to stop.
Avatar f tn What can help me produce more breast milk? My boobs are small and I'm anemic so things are slow or just not working out?
Avatar n tn The green color can be caused by jaundice and also by formula that is fortified with iron. But generally no problem is indicated. If she is on iron-fortified formula, it could be causing some constipation. Overall, due to the dimiished feedings you should have the doctor see her.
736293 tn?1316517842 I had my daughter 2 1/2 weeks ago and have been nursing the whole time and pumping after my baby is done eating. I have been freezing all the milk I pump and i noticed that the milk from when we first came home is orange in color. I would assume that it is because it was still mainly colostrum at that point, so should i get rid of this milk or will it be ok to feed to my daughter at a later time?
Avatar f tn Everybody has different opinions on which formula is closest to breast milk. I know Similac has a green can I think that is for supplementing. Which is just what you would be doing. In all honesty though formula is formula. I personally will be using Gerber Good Start because that is was WIC in my area supplies. Just look around online at the different types of formula there is and see which one you like best.
Avatar n tn Please help, im a first time mum. My little boy is 1o weeks old. I was breastfeeding for a month then he went on to formula (s26 gold). All was good, he had I think normal bowels, once or twice a day, dark greenish color, not too hard or soft. But last night he started having very watery mustard yellow poo, three times yesterday and once this morning. My friends husband is a pharmacist, he said my little boys poo was dark green meant he has too much iron?
Avatar m tn Usually, even if the liquid is colored yellow, greenish, gray, or brown instead of being purely clear or white, the liquid is “actually milk” that can be of any consistency that has been made by the breast. Breast discharge can be caused by a wide range of disorders,most are not worrisome, but if you are having this problem,I would suggest seeing your doctor and ask for some type of tests,particularly if the discharge is unilateral.
646779 tn?1281996041 s a good point if I really get ahead of her. Adding my milk to other milk - is that reheating it in your opinion?
Avatar f tn I try not to eat onions when breastfeeding it has always given my babies tummy aches And it smells gross if your pumping so I'm sure that it doesn't taste very good. If I don't eat enough when I'm breastfeeding my supply decrease so do skip meals and eat healthy snacks along with plunty of water.
Avatar f tn I have a question . My son is 1 month and its been 3 times already he has trouble pooping I'm not breast feeding. He takes enfamil newborn . What can I do to help him poop ?
403153 tn?1297254495 My daughter is 3 weeks old. I`m braestfeeding her. I have noticed a green colored stool and I think she is hungry. I`m very worried for my milk supply. I feed her every 2 hours. What can I do to improve my milk production? Do I need to pump after feeding her?
Avatar n tn Now she is stressed due to low breast milk production. Any tried and tested home remedies for increasing breast milk ???
Avatar f tn hi, my daughter is 6 weeks old...she is having a green peditrition said to give her honey in light warm water.. i do that..the stool will b normal after that... but when the honey digest or she again take feed...then again the colour of stoll changed in green... do tell me what to do... This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/999786'>Is green poop in my baby normal</a>.
Avatar m tn just re-read your note "If he was allergic to milk he would have diarrhea and increased gas after consuming dairy products. "... you know I quite often noted my son had constant gas issue before. He also had diarrhea during breast feeding.... i was reading few days ago that milk protein drank by mother can affect their children. One a second note... we notice a big different in behaviour between our first and second son.
1461017 tn?1285812782 I am 42 yr women I am experiencing pain on both my breast the right more than the left. On the left breast I have black fluid coming out and on the left gray to dark brown. I have no insurance. Should I go to the ER. In 2005 I had a partial Hysterectomy. I really don't know what to do..
1898060 tn?1336423105 My sons is green as well, and only poops about once a day. if that.
Avatar f tn t eat ghee so my baby is suffering. Please share your thoughts and experiences. Does the breast milk is really affected by what mother eats?
1907180 tn?1329450777 Hot showers or warm compresses and massaging your breast that is blocked is what I was told when I had a blocked duct.
Avatar f tn I just wanted him to get the colostrum and i wanted to quit before my milk came in. I didnt plan to bf very long so i dont want to keep feeding and actually produce milk and have it be even more painful. I know to put cold packs on my boobs for 20 min 4x a day and avoid warm water on them in the shower. Any other tips??? How long should it take to quit producing considering i didnt feed for very long?
1123156 tn?1338863369 Make sure you are offering him formula after every meal. Formula or breast milk gives babies all they need, so as long as he is taking in that he should be fine. You should talk to your doctor about discontinuing the foods that give him diarrhea until he is older.
Avatar f tn his is yellowish, greeny, brown and still very runny.
Avatar m tn Now waiting for the last 4 months to see a specialist to find out the cause for these unwanted discharge. My prolactin is HIGH 27.9. That is high my doctor said. You please Make an appointment tomorrow or as soon as possible and see your doctor. IT IS BETTER TO BE SAFE THAN SORRY. Please take care and let us know how you are doing.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 2weeks 5days and she has crusty green boogers on her right eye and inside wet green boogers what can i do to make it clear up im nursering and heard breast milk works but any suggestions would help thanks?
Avatar f tn Mushroom soup chicken breast and greenbeans u add 2 cans mushroom soup 1 can green beans cover the bottom of 13x9in pan with chicken breast mix two cans soup with garlic salt pepper and 1 to 2 cans milk ur choice and green beans pore over chicken bake at 375 for an hour serve over rice