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Avatar f tn What can help me produce more breast milk? My boobs are small and I'm anemic so things are slow or just not working out?
Avatar f tn My mother in law says I don't eat ghee so my baby is suffering. Please share your thoughts and experiences. Does the breast milk is really affected by what mother eats?
Avatar f tn I try not to eat onions when breastfeeding it has always given my babies tummy aches And it smells gross if your pumping so I'm sure that it doesn't taste very good. If I don't eat enough when I'm breastfeeding my supply decrease so do skip meals and eat healthy snacks along with plunty of water.
Avatar m tn Usually, even if the liquid is colored yellow, greenish, gray, or brown instead of being purely clear or white, the liquid is “actually milk” that can be of any consistency that has been made by the breast. Breast discharge can be caused by a wide range of disorders,most are not worrisome, but if you are having this problem,I would suggest seeing your doctor and ask for some type of tests,particularly if the discharge is unilateral.
Avatar m tn Its hormones, elevated prolactin levels , blocked ducts etc..but the question why is it green is never answered. Do you or would you buy green milk in the stores just because your doctor said it is normal? i wouldn't. why are they told its normal. some doctors have not even seen this symptom before. I talked to a woman whos doctor has taken samples on slides. Doctors who are very surprised in what they see.
Avatar n tn I am 31 year old woman with light-dark green discharge from my right nipple when squeezed. My breast is slightly tender. Can feel a small soft, like a pea size mass beside nipple. I am getting this checked this week. I have felt very emotional for the last 1 month. Should I be worried?
736293 tn?1316521442 I had my daughter 2 1/2 weeks ago and have been nursing the whole time and pumping after my baby is done eating. I have been freezing all the milk I pump and i noticed that the milk from when we first came home is orange in color. I would assume that it is because it was still mainly colostrum at that point, so should i get rid of this milk or will it be ok to feed to my daughter at a later time?
659471 tn?1229463290 my lactation consultant told me that there is no definite evidence that foods you eat affect the baby, and in most cases it shouldn't be a problem. But, she also said it can't hurt to try and eliminate certain foods to see if they do affect the baby. This can be especially true in some cases with dairy. That being said, many people do notice that their baby is sensitive to certain foods. I personally never experienced this- i was lucky.
Avatar f tn My second son would not take a bottle and only would nurse which was difficult at times once we past the newborn stage. A bottle is a nice thing to be able to offer to your child. (whether breast milk or formula).
Avatar f tn most important is to try not to eat empty calories.... food does change some taste in the breast milk I tested it on my husband because my baby seemed less interested in nursing and more interested after eating some foods. I learned to recognize what she did and did not like. It will not make baby starve just make them not want to continue to nurse once full. Nobody can tell you what your baby will for sure like and not like all babies have different taste. Good luck...
Avatar m tn MY 41 YEAROLD DAUGHTER HAS A LUMP IN HER R. BREAST AND GREEN FLUID COMING OUT. IS THERE ANY MAJOR CAUSE OF CONCERN? SHE HAD CANCER IN SAME BREAST ABOUT 20 YEARS AGO. THANKS This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Breast-Cancer/green-fluid/show/1045803">green fluid</a>.
Avatar n tn dark green discharge coming from both breast when squeezed This discussion is related to <a href=''>green sticky discharge</a>.
Avatar n tn Today my breast is aching and when I reach home I breast feed my daughter and after that I saw a green patch on my breast pad after I squeeze the milk that comes out is green color I'm so scared. Got any news? Did u go check up? What did they tel you?
676912 tn?1332816151 The baby gets the foremilk and not the fattening, thicker hind milk. I had this problem a few times and my son had the green poop with it. I had to pump first, then nurse sometimes when I was very engorged. Have you tried pumping at all? If your milk looks thin, this may be it. Too much foremilk.
1898060 tn?1336426705 My sons is green as well, and only poops about once a day. if that.
Avatar n tn The green color can be caused by jaundice and also by formula that is fortified with iron. But generally no problem is indicated. If she is on iron-fortified formula, it could be causing some constipation. Overall, due to the dimiished feedings you should have the doctor see her.
Avatar n tn I have taken my own family members out of the hospital when termainally ill. I watched them milk a great insurance policy for all it was the detriment of my loved one. They ordered anything and everything the insurance would cover, even though it caused great physical pain to someone that was TERMINAL! It quite frankly made me sick to my stomach. Don't let the "law" fool you. If you enter a hospital without money or insurance, you will be treated like a ...
Avatar m tn I have had green breast discharge for several years now,only when squeezed. I have also have discomfort/ pain under my nipple and underarm. I have never had this checked out because after breastfeeding for 6 years (4kids) straight i just assumed it was leftover milk fluids. That was 6 years ago when I stopped breastfeeding. I have had breast exams by the doctor and they didn't feel anything. Is this something I should have a mammogram for?
Avatar n tn If the tests show fibrocystic changes as the underlying cause, no further treatment is necessary. Breast cancer Nipple discharge is rarely a sign of breast cancer, but it's possible that discharge may indicate cancer is present within a duct (intraductal breast cancer) or outside the duct (invasive breast cancer). See your doctor promptly for evaluation if your discharge is bloody, spontaneous and occurs in only one breast.
Avatar f tn Only on the day I visited doctor it was around 37.2 and went on for a week. But not it is almost 36.5. My BP is 140/80. I had no so called ARS fever ie very high fever with muscle pain. I stopped my gym for 3 weeks to see whether I can get any muscle pain but I did not get any as that I the muscle pains by lifting weights. I couldn’t identify the swollen lymph nodes though I googled almost everything to identify the swollen lymph nodes. And there was a drastic shift in climate too.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have recently had 3 ultrasounds, 1 mammogram and 1 MRI as a result of general thickening and "awareness" of breast, accompanied by sticky green exudate (right breast). Exudate sent to pathology twice and both came back as Galactorrhoae My last child was born 2.5 years ago. Although I stopped breast feeding about 1.5 years ago I still have very low level bilateral milk production. MRI identified a 3.
Avatar f tn With the ziploc bags I'd be worried about them busting which is my concern with the plastic ones designed for breast milk. And I hate the idea of throwing all those bags away. Glass is sturdier, reuseable, and less money in the long run.
8377023 tn?1399512760 My mom is going to stay with me the first week of after baby is born and she is going to teach me to make the green shakes so i dont have a problem producing milk for my little one.
646779 tn?1281999641 But that's a good point if I really get ahead of her. Adding my milk to other milk - is that reheating it in your opinion?
167 tn?1374177417 about 12 oz (6 out of each breast) but I noticed that the milk from my left breast was blue! I was alarmed and thought something might have been in the bottle to make it that color. It looked really thin, too. I pumped more and then it was the usual white/creamy looking milk. I realize after doing some research that it was foremilk, but I'm thinking I should maybe just dump that blue milk bottle and not give it to him since it's mostly water anyhow? Have any of you seen blue milk when you pump?
Avatar n tn I am only 21 weeks pregnant and I am already seeing breast milk. Is it normal? I asked one person and they said you weren't suposed to until your 8th month. Anyone got any ideas? Please get back to me asap!
Avatar f tn I dont know if i am in the right forum or not but i need to get some opnions about sometthing. my left breast has been leaking what i thought was milk but i really dont know what it was/is. its been leaking for like oh i dont know about 8-10 yrs now. my breasts hurt real bad, esp when i wear bras and even sports bras. a few months ago my right breast started to hurt to the point that i have several places that when my dr lightly touched i about came off the bed.
Avatar f tn Dear all But the rash on my feet and buttock is still there. Also my jaw is hurting but I really don't know whether the actual pain is from lymph nodes or not.