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166219 tn?1267487238 mom dropped dead 2 days later and the dad wanted to follow the moms desire to give her lil one breast the lil guy received donated breast milk and did GREAT he actually went home this past Monday weighing a HUGE 6lbs....yes i cried my eyes out Saraya is still pukin ALOT and if we decide to go to strictly formula we have a freezer full of breat milk.
Avatar f tn My metabolism was through the roof when I was nursing, I ate all the time and was always super thirsty. You could also contact the HMBA (I think it is) - it's a human milk bank that combines breast milk from multiple women, dehydrates it and I think might send it over seas. I contacted them with an excess supply but they couldn't use mine as I took baby aspirin. Are you freezing the milk flat? that helped save a ton of room for me.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone is selling their breast milk to a milk bank? Where? How do u get started? How much money do you get? Nd do you enjoy it?
Avatar f tn So I work in a milk bank which includes mixing breast milk for the the infants in the hospital. Two weeks ago I accidentally splashed breast milk on my face. I immediately washed it off. I was wanting to the chances of hiv transmission. Thank you I am freaking out a little because I started to develop a rash on my arms. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I am not sure about the piercings and implants but I know that the hospital where I delivered was looking into starting a breast milk bank. Talk to the hospital and your doctor. You should take a tour of the hospital where she is going to deliver just so you know your way around and can ask questions. There are lactation nurses on staff at most hospital maternity wards.
691990 tn?1290115247 I have just finished the donor applications prior to the Haiti quake through a HMBANA bank in California. (I live in ND but the bank in CA will do shipments...I believe there is one in Colorado that will ship as well). The donor process is very easy with just a short phone survey, one forum with health questions, doctors signature for you and baby and a small blood draw. They take shipments of 100 - 200 oz and will take milk as old as 5 months. Thanks ladies!! http://www.salem-news.
2057826 tn?1334617184 Thank u ladies:)) eased my worries..hopefully I will breastfeed better this time around then...didn't produce too well w my other 2.
Avatar f tn It was terrifying. You can pump a few times a day and donate your milk to the hospital or a breast milk bank.
Avatar f tn are you sure , after one abortion in 1st month . women will get breast milk ???? my lover geting breast milk . while i do sex for 4 times only. and tasted the milk . the color of milk is coconut color and salty in taste.
140844 tn?1204941653 Breast milk is good left out until the next feeding.. they say it can stay at room his tempature up to 10hrs.. but if my baby does not finish i give him the remainder at his next feeding or put it back in thhe fridge till next feeding . This is NOT the same for formula as it must be discarded after 1 hr.. but NOT tell your dh to put it back in the fridge. P.S. heat the breast milk only in warm water Never put it in the microwave.. it will lose all it benefits!
Avatar f tn Have you checked to see if your state has a milk bank? Many times the milk bank will provide all that is nessicary for the required testing and pay for all shipping. Also, I highly recommend Eats on Feets. Breastmilk also has MANY uses outside of being used for food. It can be used on cuts, scrapes, burns ect to encourage healing (it works wonders), as well as for contact solution, acne treatment, and moisturizer.
3530672 tn?1370038043 Does anyone donate there milk to helping hands milk bank or any milk bank? They provide the milk to premie babies in the nicu. I've sent some in. If you have an abundance it might be something you would like to do. Also the one I send to donates a $1 to Susan g komen foundation for every ounce donated. I was just curious if anyone else did this?
1511290 tn?1322732486 You can look into obtaining breastmilk from a milk bank or from mother-to-mother milk sharing groups like Eats on Feets until you get your milk flowing. There are many mothers who are more than willing to donate their milk. We need more mothers in this world with your level of dedication to their children.
422823 tn?1229736847 Never combine the cold milk with warm breast milk, so each time you will have to store one bottle (or the breast milk bags are good too)....once the milk is cold you can combine them. track, sorry! After I put the milk away I would wash the plastic nipple attachments and the other bottle. I used hot soapy water, then just set out to dry. At the end of the day you can steam everything. The tubing I would steam once a week, as no milk ever gets into that part.
Avatar f tn Did you ask if there's a milk bank near you? Depending on where you live that could be an option. Also, don't stress if you end up having to switch to formula. I believe in breast milk and you should try to up your volume and formula is ok too. It's not the devil that some people make it out to be. Just make sure those babies are fed momma. You'll get to take them home soon. Hang in there. Don't beat yourself up.
Avatar f tn The only thing about having a preemie is that when your baby is born your milk may not come in right away since your body isn't ready as in full term. If it doesn't I would look into a milk bank and see about donor milk since br east milk is what's going to best for baby right now.
Avatar f tn Mothers milk capsules helped me. Take 2 each time. But if you skip a feeding/pump you are training your body to produce less milk. Your body will only make as much as your baby needs and the only way it knows that is by the amount of times you pump.
Avatar f tn Just wondered if she was breast fed or if u tried a milk bank to see if that would help....just a thought. I pray u find answers.
Avatar f tn I don't have any experience with breast feeding. However here in California wic will give you a Madela double electric breast pump if you work or go to school 20hrs per week. Otherwise they will give a single manual pump.
Avatar f tn So I've heard of women selling their breast milk to moms who can not breast feed. And I know I can breastfeed as of now because I did with my first. But I was thinking, that if for some reason I end up not being able to, would I consider buying someone else's breastmilk.... And so far, I can not wrap my mind around that! I mean, I just can't. The program is supposed to thoroughly check the women selling their breastmilk and you get the background info on the woman and everything.
148588 tn?1465778809 ll take a track dozer in low gear to level them. The particle board mansions that many bank execs live in will be flattened by the first good wind and rain storm.
Avatar f tn I've been trying to do some research on it all, bc I'm a firm believer in providing breast milk for my baby. However I'm at a lost on what kind of pump to use and what bottles to use. I plan to breast feed that first 4-6 weeks. Then start pumping in between meals since I will be going back to college in the Fall. So what do you recommend manual pump vs. electric, what brand, what bottles did you prefer to use pump in one bottles, your basic bottle or bottle with drop in bags.
Avatar f tn I called my OB/GYN and the nurse did not seemed concerned at all. I had blood drawn last week since I am donating breast milk to a milk bank and everything came back fine from that test, but of course I still don't know what to think. Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions! Thanks!
8526246 tn?1405601876 I am not breastfeeding due to gonna go back to work and baby not being able to be in workplace plus my first son I tried he would never latch on nor would he take breast milk front the bottle so I had to switch and did formula not that I don't want to this time but my work is not bf friendly /baby friendly nor has a daycare on site and it's a good paying job I am going back to I quit due to not being able to do the physical labor once I hit 7 months but he is rehiring me after my six we
Avatar f tn I plan to breastfeed but I was told to always have some formula in the house in i'm working and there isn't enough breast milk to feed the baby. What are some good organic formula out there? Any advise on this?
Avatar f tn ll just have to store the extra milk or give it to a milk bank.